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Genuine Interest Work

They also need to understand why that goal is worth to them. Being Open Minded: Are you open minded? Do you stop and listen to feedback from your group and others with whom you work? “He quickly put into practice those good ideas? If your goal is to be a self-centered, followers will lose their enthusiasm. Accentuate the strengths and contributions of each one with whom you do business. Without hesitation Mikkel Svane explained all about the problem. When you put one of the ideas from your group or members to work quickly they will feel more involved and be more willing to continue to offer ways to improve within your business with an open mind you will bring many new ideas, fresh and innovative in your organization . Source: Kai-Fu Lee. A good leader always remains open to new ideas.

Do you work under a relaxed atmosphere you? Is the atmosphere where your group and partners are making them feel comfortable and have fun while doing business with you? Nobody wants to feel the pressure and stress of a job. Take time for fun and allows people around you do the same. Genuine Interest. Do we judge people immediately, or you take the time to know them and respect their differences? Take time to familiarize yourself with your group of partners to discover more about their interests and concerns. Genuine Interest. Do you take the time to laugh and say hello, or ask how they have fared during the day? Are you passionate about people you work with? People care more for you, for your business and your ideas when you show that you sincerely care about them.

Open Communication Successful leaders take specific actions to achieve results within your business. Do you take these actions you? Think about what area you can improve and make a concentrated effort to do so. It takes time and take an interest selflessly, stop and think of others first. Effective leaders respect both the process leading to the persons involved. They know enough to come to side issues. That is not facing them directly to people or argue with them. They avoid embarrass people or put them in compromising positions. They listen before they make up their mind, and they know which is better than to suggest or criticize. They ask questions instead of making statements. They ask instead of enforcing. Your team can sometimes resemble an extended family. “Take the time to work on your personal relationships and maintain open communication … so why not work on your relationships in your business the same way? Do not expect others know what you’re thinking … you must communicate effectively with its consortium all the time. Open communication is the key to any great relationship! Great leaders do not demand respect, they earn them with effective leadership skills. Great leaders continue to learn and improve those skills all the time. Are you a great leader?


Napoleon Bonaparte: Well analyzed, freedom policy is a fable imagined by Governments to numb to their constituencies. Imagine this situation strange and curious reader. You live in a country where anything can happen but increasingly occur facts that surprise him more and more. But it not only surprised because everything that happens is going on contravia of logic, common sense and standards, but that on more than one occasion has felt annoyance, nuisance, rejection, powerlessness and distrust. Nuisance by repetitive of injustices; hassle because nobody does anything to change the rest all lights is wrong; I reject because tolerance against what is bad has been exhausted; impotence because we must be mocked again and again without being able to react and distrust towards all the institutions still towards the legally constituted. But let’s imagine.

Imagine that there are elections but you feel that you should not participate because he recalled that all the candidates promise and promise and never meet. But the campaign is put interesting, you seen posters everywhere, hears the voices of the candidates by the radio, sees them on television and seen the posters in different places. Access to finally go to a meeting and one of the candidates later visit and you decide to give him a new chance to democracy and his confidence cracked. Then you take interest, and after reading the program of all the candidates, choose one of them, joins your campaign and supports you with unconditional loyalty and conviction to foolproof. She goes with him to visit potential voters, helps you prepare their speeches, helps raise funds, has one to another discussion with activists from other campaigns and attends debates in which candidates presented their ideas and obtains those of others with enthusiasm. Its candidate adds more and more points and thus is reflected in more serious surveys. If all goes as expected, it will be the undisputed winner of the race.