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MGD – Global Model Of Data

Contextualizao the Global Model of Data – MGD appeared of the necessity of a transversal vision of the information used for Macroprocesso de Planejamento, Budget and Finances, carried through for the Ministry of the Planning This model it is a map integrated and dynamic of all the data that compose represented the Estruturantes Systems of the Federal Government in high level and from a simple and objective notation, of easy understanding and assimilation, with intention to support systems of decision taking. Estruturantes systems the central nucleus of administrative management of the Federal Government also understands a set of called systems of information Systems of Gesto Administrativa (SGA) or Estruturantes Systems of Government. Each one of these systems is responsible for a process of governmental management, as planning, elaboration and accompaniment of the budget, administration of human resources, governmental allocation of positions to the structures of the Federal Government, purchases, accompaniment of the programs and action of the Government and financial and countable administration, among others. Lack of integration between systems the integration enters these systems does not occur e, thus, each one operates separately, limiting its efficiency and the administrative management of better quality, considering itself it premise that the administrative management of the Federal Government would be more efficient case these systems was integrated, extending the context vision and making possible one better control of the information generated and treated for these systems. Creation of a Transversal model the MGD appears as solution for the problem of the lack of integration of data in Macroprocesso Planning Budget and Finances? MPOF, proposal for the Committee of Macroprocesso Budgetary-Financier, composition for representatives of the Ministry of the Planning, Budget and Management? MPOG and of the Treasury department – MF. The Federal Service of Processing of Dados (SERPRO) was the percursor in the construction of this model counting on participation of the MPOG and the MF, that already had had its shaped data.

Selling Products

On the matter it contributes to us, that exists clients more profitable than others. To think the trade as a flat increase of clients is a serious error. In many occasions 10 excellent clients can be more valuable that 100. It is fundamental, that the companies base their strategies of trade under criteria of most profitable focusing and segmentation since this way are the profiles of more suitable clients and. Another important aspect is To sell product, without including/understanding and to respond to the real needs of the consumers, on it comments to us, that the development of any product at present, is not born from a supply criterion, is born from a demand criterion, that is to say, the new products are due to develop with base in the preferences of the consumers. This reality generates the necessity that the companies must think constantly about the needs of their clients and the forms in which better their needs can be solved. Additionally, no policy of trade must forget the economic, social surroundings and of competition that confronts.

By all means, there are other errors that must be considered and be avoided that they arise, for example all concerning which must be the publicity adapted in the present reality, at a time at which the information systems, computer science, intenert provide new openings, reaches in many aspects. As well as, the establishment, selection of the channels of more effective, effective, profitable distribution, considering the new ones openings that have occurred thanks to Intenert, to mention some. The systems of markets must be totally identified with the needs, demands, behavior of the consumer in order to guarantee satisfaction, identification, fidelity. Like in addition, we suggest a modern redefinition of the functions of markets where the new topics that the marketing research has developed and to never neglect the relevance and reach are involved that is derived from knowing how to use the investigation of markets suitably, among others. * Notes of chair of Marketing research, program of postgraduate of management of the Quality and productivity, virtual classroom, Area of Postgraduate of Phases, university of Carabobo. Original author and source of the article.

OAI Management

It is for that reason that is developed east analysis of the recognized cuatros software in the Web more, to present the possibility that exists to interchange the information among them, through the metadatos, interchangeable formats and communication protocols as they are them: OAI and Z39.50. When technological solutions for the information units consider and it is easy to lose itself in means of the variety, by ignorance of the tool or the deficiency of functions of the same. When they are spoken of contained integrated systems of management, like solutions to automate the units of information and the processes that involve so much the office staff as the technicians, we must involve all the levels of the units, to ensure the automatization success and thus to be able to create networks cooperators specialized in areas of the human knowledge, since it will allow to integrate in a scientist-social community and to diminish the call technological dependency, as well as the isolation among them. interchange and the document recovery through the information systems, will have to be limited the agents authorized and defined in the policies and/or rules approved by a committee for the interoperability of metadatos for the document management with the intention of facilitating the interchange and the recovery of documents that the process regulates. In addition to make use of a mechanism to locate and to document to the access or modifications realised on the metadatos.

Also, the metadatos are an inseparable part of the document management, that has diverse functions and objectives, the metadatos are defined as data that describe the context, content and structure of documents. The metadatos are structured or semistructured information that it makes possible the creation, registry, classification, access, conservation and disposition of documents throughout the time and within a same dominion or between different dominions. The dominions represent an area of the intellectual speech and the social activity or the organization developed by an own group or limited of individuals that share certain values and knowledge.

Comparative Advantages

We were speaking of the different productive bets from the Huila and of a whole listed from projects and necessary basic works of infaestructura for the development of the agenda, which are even in diapers. In relation to the agro-industry, says the document in mention, the proposal of Internal Agenda of the Huila recognizes the necessity to increase the yields and the areas of production. This necessarily does not mean to extend the agricultural border; it is possible to be obtained by means of the earth reconversion dedicated to other activities, of programs of irrigation and adjustment of grounds and the substantial increase of the productivity. The Productive Bet contemplates the lines of special coffees, cacao, tobacco and fruit trees of export, mainly those of climate fried moderate and tempering (granadilla, lulo, maracuy, cholupa, dwell, tomato of tree and grape). In order to add value to him to these agricultural activities it must glided to adopt technological procedures and to incorporate transformation processes. Specifically in the description of bet of the agro-industrial sector enunciated like the intention to turn to the Huila into the first technological basic agro-industrial producer into special, fruit coffees, cacao and tobacco, becomes an extensive analysis on Comparative Advantages and Competitive Advantages of our region, to conclude in a good amount of needs for the effective development of this specific bet eg: to foment the empresarismo, forming enterprise leaders, promoting the asociatividad between small producers, doing institutional support to the management, generating wheels of businesses and alliances to accede to the international markets; to conform and to implant differentiated sustainable technological packages for all the agro-industrial process: production, harvests and poscosecha; to establish a georreferenciado integral information system for the Productive Bet that facilitates the decision making; to implant a policy of stimuli to the investigation, the development and the innovation with incentives to the automation throughout all the chain productive; to innovate and to diversify products of the cacao, the fruits and the coffee to take care of the demand with international standards; to identify the present and potential barriers for the fruits in the matter of sanitary and phytosanitary measures, with the purpose of to guarantee the effective access to the international markets; to facilitate to the producers the obtaining of certifications of agricultural good quality and practice; to improve the investigation in biotechnology for the improvement of the productivity in agreement with the regional conditions and the international requirements; to implement the network of technical cooperation for the access in vegetal biotechnology and animal to guarantee access to vegetal material, improved seeds and others; to deepen on trazabilidad (process that allow to make a detailed pursuit of a product from the origin of its raw materials to its final consumption) and standards of innocuity of products; to reach origin certificates after the fruit trees, especially after chulupa; to advance towards the environmental sustainability, conserving the ecosystems strategists, handling the hydrographic river basins, reforestation, rotation of cultures, use of grounds in agreement with its vocation, modernization of the techniques of cultures; to establish organic product projects in special, fruit coffees, cacao and tobacco, which implies to decontaminate grounds and to select to seeds and organic fertilizers; to equip with productive equipment: systems of risk, plants of processing and commercialization, supervisory and clonales beneficiaderos of coffee, gardens for production of cacao seed, control center of quality and plant for treatments quarantine-requiring for the fruit trees; to develop a plan of good you practice agricultural (GPA) for all the producers of the Productive Bet; and to promote the plantations of commercial forests with emphasis in the provision of raw materials for the agricultural process, like the wood to make tutorial and packings, with the purpose of to diminish costs and of mitigating the indiscriminate cutting of forests.