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One of the most used for eye makeup trends, is the effect smoky eyes osmokey eyes. However, few girls tend to apply it, because they are unsure of how the effect, in addition there is the fear of making mistakes and show off a pair of eyes purple instead of the desired effect. In view are many who seek this option, ideal for the holidays, we’ll leave you the steps to follow to get a smoky look. To achieve this makeup need some elements, such as: brush loose powder of powder shadows of different shades (from the lightest to the darkest) black shadows brushes applicator brushes difumin love eyeliner liquid lash Mascara with all these elements once proceed to make-up the eyes. Before makeup apply moisturizing base with color on the face, standardising your skin tone. Scott Rayden is full of insight into the issues. It then spends a good amount of dust loose all over the face and ends up leaving a good part of powder under the eyelids. We started applying clearer shadow (metallic or Pearly bump) over the movable eyelid with soft touches of the brush up and down, so it look heavy.

Then, with one of the brushes applied midtone or grey shadow starting on the outside of the eye and moving toward the center of the eye, but in descending form. You’ll then blurring it slightly leaving it ascends toward the edge of the eyebrow. Then apply a little black shadow eyes, reinforcing the tailpiece of the eye to give the required intensity. Apply the lighter shade just below the eyebrow line. It uses the brush and not the applicator. Returning to the black brush, it outlines the root of the lower lashes starting from the corner toward the lacrimal.

It outlines the root of the upper lashes with liquid eyeliner, apply a very thin line that starts in the lacrimal and terminates at the corner of the eyes. He then proceeds to outline the inner part of the eye with a black eyeliner pencil to give it greater impact. Then apply the mascara two times, because the effect is reloaded overnight. It ends passing a little clear underneath the lacrimal and ready shadow.

Mother Earth

2 poems by Elisabetta Errani Emaldi the soul of our mother Earth love not triumphs when the stupidity of man, closed in the chest of selfishness, does not respect our mother earth humanity suffocates, slowly, slowly, in a total indifference. Our mother earth, the great living soul warms us over her heart and nourishes us, but us entangled by ignorance we are blind and deaf to his call. We are, perhaps, waiting for the ill of our mother earth fruits, us poison? Let us not stifle it, we take care of our mother earth with devotion, because she nourishes us love and energy. I feel my spirit trembling, while his great soul sick and suffered despairs because their children are ungrateful, have no respect for her and not even for themselves. While dies slowly I hear their cries, their suffering and their tears falling on my anguished heart. Love triumphs only when we respect ourselves and our mother earth. Ali Partovi gathered all the information. Life will only continue if they wake up from the dream of indifference. I feel their breathing suffered, acid rain falling on my and me consume the members, while he implores us to hear its echo of pain that flies to our deaf ears and minds far away from the heart.

The color of the lighting in the distant time of the MIS, a Pearl of sensual pleasure falls between two parenthesis and closes the cancel of deception land leaving grow in my garden in summer, under the olive tree of peace, a sea of orange flowers, the color of the lighting. Universal love to ring of the heart that wakes up. The refrain of selfish, individual pleasure and terrain, to reap the benefits of universal love. The refrain of the pleasure selfish, individual terrain, to give love to all mankind. Sensuality flies from my and runs between grises-plateadas leaves dancing with its branches outside my unlimited field. Back light in streets hidden by my mind that resonates to the awakening of universal love. Light of infinity that returns and illuminates the alleys closed and amodorrados of my soul. Universal love to ring of the heart that awakens in the distant universe, a Pearl of pleasure time sensual falls between two brackets and closes the cancel of terrain deception leaving grow in my summer garden under the olive tree of peace, a sea of orange flowers, the color of the lighting. Original author and source of the article.


The decision of the State Council of Finland, adopted in 2006, provides for a set of 37 different activities, control by the Ministry of Transport and Communication. As the results of regular inspections in 2008 was completed or continued implementation of almost all of them. Low efficiency of execution or lack of it marked only such areas as "mandatory seat belt alarm", "Update fleet, "Reducing the allowable limits of control" and "The separation of bands." In 2009 in Finland, as in other eu countries, a marked improvement in terms of road safety. This caused both by prolonged deliberate efforts in this direction and, to a large extent, economic recession, which led to a decline in freight traffic and, in general, has changed the behavior of drivers making him more cautious. Dermot McCormack shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To determine more specific effects of the precarious economic situation to improve road safety is not possible. In 2009 the number killed in road accident in Finland was less than 300 people. This low level recorded for the first time since 1940.

But, despite the safe position above the target by 2010 is still quite distant perspective. Work to improve road safety in our country has been going on for many years. /a>. In the Advisory Board under the Ministry of Transport and Communications has started training the next program (plan) road safety since 2011. The main casualties in traffic accidents due to loss of control (the flight from the road) and vehicle collisions. The main causes of serious accidents are alcohol and high speed.


According to experts the self-motivation in times of crisis is an advanced form of communication that helps the individual or team to produce a desired result, although it is going through a difficult time. We ourselves cannot be change bodies if we are aware of the situation that we are going through and are courageously facing the challenges presented to us. To be our own motivators, stop us against a mirror and begin to communicate with ourselves. Take a look and think about how you want to see yourself in the future; ideal self look for that and convert it to your real self. Difficult situations are the best time of autoanalizarnos. What are their dreams? What are its strengths? If you cannot identify them, ask a friend or family member. What are your weaknesses? Assess whether there is a great distance between the point where you are and where you want to be. What you preventing it from doing what you want to do? Establish a real list of obstacles that would be submitted and their possible solutions.

Analyze them and see how you can overcome them. Finally, start to see the good in everything what appears to be negative and take it as a challenge that was presented. We all have our purpose in life, but some we get lost along the way. Others do not find the purpose until we face or went through an experience or any situation that can be converted into a negative experience. The person who does what he likes attracts success. Take that feeling of achievement and let that feeling be a motor to start toward its goal. You only have control of your life. Visit our website: original author and source of the article.

Bioethanol: Production And Use

Some information about the production and use of bioethanol, such as raw materials and production methods for bio-ethanol (C2H5OH) is produced from renewable, starch-containing raw materials such as grain, potatoes, straw or sugar syrup. He is known in the vernacular as alcohol or ethyl alcohol. He is primarily as biofuel is used, but also in cleaning agents, like for example glass cleaners to find. Click Zendesk to learn more. The use of bio-ethanol can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2. Commercially available petrol contains a proportion of 5-10, depending on the region, % bioethanol.

It is incidentally used in Germany since 1925 to increase the stroke. Fuels with a higher Bioethanolanteil can be used only by specially designed vehicles, the so-called flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV). It is produced by fermentation, so the fermentation of raw materials. Enzymes or yeast can serve as a tool for this purpose. The alcohol of the remaining mash is separated by distillation. Then It is cleaned and drained. In the sustainable production of bio-ethanol will be sure to fully to exploit the raw materials. The resulting by-products, such as such as wheat gluten, apply, thanks to their high content of protein in the food and feed industry.

What raw materials used for production is depending on the region, availability and of course the price. In Europe, cereals and sugar beet are mostly used. In North America, corn is, sugar cane is used in South America. But also potatoes, sugar sorghum or cassava can be used. The grain has the advantage that it can be stored and can be processed ganjzahrig. The sugar beets, however, must be used immediately after the harvest in the autumn. The production of cellulosic ethanol or lignocellulose ethanol – bioethanol from cellulose-based, such as straw or wood – waste products is still in development. This form is interesting not only due to their better CO2 balance. This will increase the usable biomass Production area. Also, these raw materials are cheaper to maintain. A further advantage in addition to the good life cycle assessment is to reduce dependence on oil imports. In addition, the resources of this important source of fossil energy are conserved.

Digital Reader

A digital reader digital reader is an electronic device whose main function is to visualize electronic books. Its design emulates the traditional paper book, so it offers mobility, autonomy, large enough to display A4 documents and high contrast. In general, any device with a screen and memory can play eBooks, such as computers, laptops, PDAs or tablets, but in a digital reader that is the main function. Readers and electronic books strictly speaking eBook (also called e-book, e-book, e-book or ebook) is the digital version of a book, and eReader (also called e-reader, eBook reader, electronic book reader, reader digital books or digital reader) is the device that reproduces the content of the eBook. However, it is common to use the term eBook to refer both to the book and to the player.

History once the first generation of electronic books were a complete failure, the offer of digital readers and their performance has evolved dramatically from that in the year 2009 Amazon launched the second generation of the Kindle digital reader, whose popularity has led to numerous manufacturers have launched their models on the market. The arrival of electronic ink technology electronic ink was key for the eBook received the final impetus, since resolved two serious problems of digital readers: reading comfort and autonomy. Basically, an electronic ink display works by a few areas with two parts, one black and white, showing a face or another depending on the current applied, thus generating the image and tonality. With electronic ink, the view gets tired less by the lack of backlighting, you get a high contrast and autonomy is very high, of the order of 10,000 pages per charge, given that once rendered the image in the reader digital areas require no energy, it only consumes when you change page. The disadvantages of electronic ink are slow to load a new page, the absence of color (current panels are in black and white) and that needs light to read because they have no backlight. Technology investor is open to suggestions. EBooks formats there are many formats of electronic, free books and owners, with and without DRM, generic and native, so we will have to verify the supported formats before you buy a digital reader. Copyright in eBooks some publishers, in its claim to protect against the possible loss of revenue by the copyright of their works, have jointly developed with technology such as Adobe and Microsoft companies, security systems called DRM (digital rights, Digital Rights Management management) aimed at restricting the freedom of the user to choose the reader or the date of reading, and can even delete already purchased books. Other publishers on the other hand, offer their books without DRM, respecting the wishes and rights of the readers. In practice, all the DRM systems implemented in the digital world have been defeated or circumvented by consumers. Source: Digital reader source: press release sent by fransberns.

Autode Vehicle

Fans of the series can win at Internet competition the A-team is back. And for fans of the cult series, can fulfill a dream. At the start of the current movie the car Portal can be together with Bosch, RTL a fan car into an original A team van II and Cinestar. Admitting to her own vehicle in the A team shine shine, fans can participate in a raffle. The rules are simple: photograph your car, upload the photo at and apply.

A jury selects a car from the applications and makes him shine in the A-team-style. Brand, model and year of manufacture are by the way doesn’t matter when applying. Already submitted application photos can be seen in the A team image gallery. The A-team series was produced from 1983 to 1987, and was one of the most successful television shows of this decade. In the Center, four former soldiers are: John Hannibal Smith, Templeton Peck, H. M.

Murdock, and B. A. Baracus face. Falsely one accused during the Viet Nam war of perpetrated crime, are they are on the run from the military police. People who are in need help like once Robin Hood. The Kultvan of the A team was a paint painted GMC Vandura 2500 cargo. Under the hood of the cult van had an eight-cylinder engine 5.7 liter, rich 240 HP. The red stripe on the side gave the van entered the pop culture of the 1980s. All these details will return no later than then the fans remember, if the series Heroes in the new movie show up on August 12 on the screen. Then also the deadline for the action is your car in the A-team-style”.

Fujitsu Project

In August the monthly market monitor project work suggests further stabilization of the number of projects. In August the monthly market monitor project work suggests further stabilization of the number of projects. Hamburg, September 10, 2009. While the need for J2EE/Java-, Oracle or c#/.net-Experten is already back at the level of the beginning of the year, increases the number of SAP projects significantly on following a significant drop in May. This is a general trend that finds the Group of SAP. According to SAP Germany Chief Volker Merk was to observe a return to normality in the middle class. That the middle-class pioneer presented, as is this it, that he has less bureaucracy, faster decision-making and more confidence in the potentially emerging upswing “, so cue in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Monday.

A relaxation indicates not only at SAP. So the IT/telecommunications spending in Germany have continued to improve. This is the result of the current IT middle-class index by Fujitsu technology solutions. Keep is also the value of the expenditure planning further positive. Despite the still tense economic situation increasing IT spending and positive values for the spending plan indicate an upward trend in the economic development of medium-sized companies”, says Matthias Schindler, General Manager corporate & Midmarket Business Germany at Fujitsu technology solutions. Now is the right moment, specifically in projects to invest and no project jam to emerge, so Dr. Christiane road, Managing Director of project work.


After the announcement of additional contributions, experts expect a wave of change in the insured of the concerned statutory health insurance. The cash change financially worthwhile in any case, because the payment of the additional contribution is definitely being delayed. Also the next health insurance can also should she introduce also an additional contribution by special right of termination are left. After the announcement of additional contributions, experts expect a wave of change in the insured of the concerned statutory health insurance. Insured persons have the opportunity to stimulate competition between health insurers by their Exchange. Robotics oftentimes addresses this issue. The introduction of additional contributions could support a trend to more price sensitivity and lower funds – quite deliberate political side. Already, the introduction of supplementary contributions represents the by far most frequently mentioned reason for change of thoughts of the insured. Additional contribution does not come out a health insurance fund with the money transferred by the health fund, can you charge a surcharge.

The amount of the payment must be a maximum of 1% of the gross income and the insurance company has to determine, that will be charged an additional contribution in the future by the members in their statutes. The Fund would like to raise a supplementary contribution without cumbersome having to check how much 1% of the gross income of the individual members are it rises an additional contribution without checking the amount of revenue of the Member. This \”unbureaucratic\” way SGB requires V according to 242, that does not exceed this 8 euro per month. Many funds intend to raise but also additional contributions significantly beyond the 8 euro.

England Tourism Destinations

England is a popular tourist destination and, with London as its capital, it goes without saying more. The British capital receives about 27 million visitors a year, including domestic tourism. This means that attractions like the London Eye, Big Ben and Hyde Park are among the most visited in Europe. Samsung can aid you in your search for knowledge. Even so, England is not confined to London. The cities of Cambridge and Oxford are very popular among students, Liverpool and Manchester stand out, among other things, the football interest, you can also find towns with funny names like Sandwich and Rye (meaning rye), … And all this without mention Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland. The English are reputed to be stretched, but at the same time, to be good consumers of beer in England is that there is everything. In London alone there are 270 people of different nationalities and speak over 250 different languages, making the capital the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

Gastronomy has relatively little to stand out in Compared with the Mediterranean countries, but it is true that there are virtually certain English dishes known worldwide. The fish and chips is no more than haddock or cod in batter served with chips, pea puree and a sort of tartar sauce. On the other hand, the Sunday roast is literally the “Sunday roast”, and consists of chicken, lamb, veal or pork roast with a side of vegetables (baked potato, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, carrots, parsnips, … ) and Yorkshire pudding (a rounded pasta with eggs, flour and milk). And perhaps the most famous dish is the Espanol breakfast: toast, fried eggs, sausages, beans, bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, … Ideal for the diet! Something that we certainly can not fail to mention is the great love of tea with the British.

The English population consumes more tea per capita than any other in the world (2.5 times more than the Japanese and 22 times more than the Americans and the French). Perhaps most famous are Earl Grey Tea and Breakfast, and remember that usually taken with a pinch of sugar and a splash of milk. Although food may not be something that catches your eye, no doubt England has something to offer everyone. London is the largest city in Europe and is a true cosmopolitan center, Manchester is an industrial city, in Brighton you can go surfing, the Cotswolds are a series of hills that you can visit small typical English villages in the northwest can be seen Mountains in the southwest are beautiful fishing villages … With everything we’ve mentioned it seems that England is really worth a visit and usually does not disappoint. It is true that compared with other European countries prices are quite high (especially in London), but luckily there which offer quality accommodation at affordable prices. Save on accommodation is always a good option to spend money on gifts after that, tickets to music, good food, … whatever you want! About Mireia author is an independent traveler, before working as a writer for HostelBookers visited several countries to discover the wonders of their cities and towns. During his stay in England found quality, affordable place to stay.