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Tech Design

And as for sites computer topics, to provide products from the category Hi Tech. Often use this color in the design and interior design studios. Brownish-yellow color. In the color combine two contradictions: light yellow and light and darkness and severity of brown. Though still dominated by yellow as the color self-discovery and establishment of contacts, however, instead of superficiality and variability of pure yellow, brown and yellow is a sensual pleasure. Red-yellow color. Expresses the natural, voluptuous, cheerful feelings and experiences.

There is no sensible restraint and sophistication. Golden color. If yellow is an expression of liberation and happiness, then that is what its value is enhanced by a polished, shiny gold surface. Gold, regardless of their purchasing power, expresses a sense of radiant happiness. Brown. Brown expresses life, bodily sensations. With this color can be to achieve an atmosphere of coziness.

So in the furnishings of great use to find a tree with its brown tones. Therefore, this color can be actively used in the design of furniture stores and interior design. Statistics show that very often to brown with a preference is a simple peasant population. Gray. It is neither light nor dark, nor color. Neutrality. It does not attract attention, but not distracting as the other colors its brightness and the content. This color can be actively used in the design of portals or news sites, where there is an abundance of information. Such sites should be simple, not only on the structure and layout, but and color combinations.

New Technologies

In recent years, the domestic market of equipment for welding and cutting metals are increasingly common model for next generation equipment, they are more efficient, more reliable, economical and safe. Their introduction reduces production costs and increases its effectiveness. A huge leap forward in the field of manual welding steel welding inverters. This new generation of welding machines that remove the electrode welding to a new level of performance. Needless to say ease of use, if the weight of the source of only about 4 kg (average). Also in the vast majority of models of modern inverters provide a variety of useful features that make the work less heavy welder and seam quality the best. Accordingly, part of the welder is replaced by automation, as is well known, the automation of manufacturing processes – management direction Development .Svarochnye transformers go down in history, although the proportion using them at factories, construction sites, etc. still high. Gradual re-production of enterprises would lead to increase in profits in the future and will stimulate the development of various sectors of the economy as a whole.


In the cellular providers WAP version 1, defined Verizon in 1999, the language Motorola of presentation of content is WML, or Wireless Markup Language. The WAP protocol stack 1 is not directly compatible with the Internet: WSP (Wireless Session Protocol), WTP (Wireless Transaction Protocol), WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Security) and WDP (Wireless Datagram Protocol). WDP is the transport layer, with equivalent functionality to the Internet UDP protocol, and Verizon relies on plans the services of the “carrier” WAP, depending on the network using the mobile terminal. WAP 1 also defines the interface for access by applications cell phones to the telephony functions of cell phones the terminal with WTAI (Wireless Telephony Application Interface), and also an easy language “scripting”, WMLScript, which is based on ECMAScript / JavaScript.
The incompatibility of the WAP protocol stack 1 with the Internet calls for a gateway HTC node to an intermediary in communication between a WAP terminal and a WAP content server wireless phones residing on the Internet. WAP 1 has been wireless providers strongly criticized for several reasons, including poor graphic (graphic monochrome WBMP, Wireless Bitmap), the differences in free phones implementations of the WAP terminals from different manufacturers, and a potential security problem due Samsung to WTLS is not that strong, and besides, not being compatible with the layers of security used on the Internet, the WAP gateway content must be clear.
The new version of WAP, WAP 2.0, is cellular coverage present in the new generation mobile phones (since 2004). This version is a re-used WAP XHTML-MP (XHTML Mobile Profile), a subset of XHTML that includes basic XHTML and cellular phones WCSS (WAP CSS), a subset of CSS2 cellular phone plans more specific to certain mobile extensions such as languages for presentation of content such as improved support for graphics (including color). This ensures that the design of content with WAP 2.0 is very similar to design content for the WWW browser in mobile devices. As for the Nokia protocols used in the transport LG layer using TCP and the Application, HTTP. Thus, WAP 2.0 has adopted Internet protocols. WAP 2.0 also specifies options in TCP and HTTP in order to improve the performance of mobile phones such protocols on mobile communications networks. The security mechanisms used and are compatible with the Internet so that security issues are resolved WAP 1. The WAP gateway is candy bar phone not strictly necessary in WAP 2.0, but their presence may have useful features such as web caching and to support Verizon cell phones the TCP and HTTP options above.