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Game Server Administrators

Fans of computer games – more than half of computer users. On each of them has their own play themes, and everyone – your gaming preference. Still, though, is that good old game suddenly bored, and interest in it gradually fades away. Everything is already known, been explored and studied all everywhere. In such cases, to help us come to cheat. What is the cheat? These are programs that allow some to transform the well-known game infusing into it new opportunities and giving the player new features, giving it at times sverhvozmozhnostyami.

Write cheats are the same programmers as well as those that create the games themselves. They differ only in the ease of use and external interface. Consider this issue an example. Cheats for Counter-Strike game turn into a truly fascinating event. Suppose it becomes possible to accelerate almost fifty times, and not only speeds up the movement but also the speed of shots from all weapons available in game. Chita also provide visibility through the walls, highlighting the enemy, and the fact that the enemy's hands. Some very original even realizes cheats such a joke as "avtoubeganie" from flying into the player grenades. Cheats for CS today represent a particular headache administrators of game servers. Since many of the rules of game, even almost all – cheats are forbidden to use on the web server, their use of it is not less interesting and less rare. At present, we can safely say that the number of cheaters on game servers is around 5% of the total players. It is assumed that this percentage in the future will only increase.

Technological Era

We live in an era of progress in the realm of mobile phones, personal computers and plasma televisions. We are so accustomed to communicating via SMS and the Internet, that next to your name on an important document and we want to put "smiley". We talk like robots, the words "hello, how are you" and "excellent, like himself," it's time to make long-dedicated keys on our computers. What to say, I'm a fan of this myself so "easy" communication. Until recently, then I laughed at people who in our time writing letters. Until recently … I met a man, modern man, my coeval.

A month later he was taken into the army. But for the time being there, he wrote me a single sms. He explained it very simply: "How can I express my feelings and mood by SMS? Without hearing your voice, I can not believe that you have everything well, even if you will place thousands of "smiling" I brackets at the end of phrases. " And I thought … How many times people have written to me by SMS and the Internet, they have all the good, and really need my support? How many times, I do not suspect that I leave people in trouble? I pondered over the fact that modern means of communication force us to reduce supply, reduce them to a minimum and, hence, to minimize our feelings and emotions, to adjust them to two or three sentences.

The army banned many phone calls, and I and my friend decided to rather audacious act of our time – we decided to write another letter. But it was not the message "a la SMS," it was long and heartfelt letter, with pictures in the margins, with poems and photographs, with dried flowers and scented pages. How much can be learned about a new person! I realized that a clean sheet has a magical quality – it opens the door to the human soul. No one urged by thee, no one interrupts, and your thoughts, sometimes smoothly and quietly, and sometimes with the speed of a comet fall on the page. The letter is not only a dialogue with another person, but this conversation with himself. In SMS and the Internet, of course, has its advantages. It's quick and easy communication opportunity to stay in touch. And it's nice to hear the sound of incoming sms on the phone or see 20 unread messages in e-mail. But I realized, it can not compare with the joy, when it comes to the long-awaited letter. When I lower arm in a mailbox, feel for the envelope and hear the joy of my heart starts to beat faster …

International Communication

For many people the Earth's talk about the globalization of English is not something abstract. Many of the issues and to date remain open. For example, whether the English language? this is the best language for international communication? And is not he a threat to the diversity of national cultures and languages? And there are other languages are suitable for communication in the global community? Interesting fact. Term in relation to the English language is used only in English? Anywhere else! This underlines the uniqueness of the English language. It should be noted that the international English language differs from British English and, in fact, he did not is the national language in any country. And, as if it may sound paradoxical, but English is segregated from the rest of the English world. By virtue of the fact that they speak a universal language, they have no need to teach others foreign languages. But multilingualism is also the essence of Europe.

Urgency in a single world language comes from the ancient times. Immediately recall the Tower of Babel, or attempts to create a single world language? Esperanto. As shown history, such attempts are doomed to failure. Now let's take a closer look at English. In fact, in the world there are three types of English. English as a native English language, as well as any another language reflects culture, outlook and thinking of its speakers. British, Americans, Canadians, Australians? for them English is the mother tongue and that it unites them, but because of dialects, he distinguishes these nations from each other. It's no secret that English, as well as French, Spanish and Portuguese is not homogeneous.

All four of these languages have been exported outside of Europe in different geographical areas Land during the colonial conquests, and thus were doomed to transformation. English as a foreign language under this category refers to local variations of English in countries where it is native to absolute minority of privileged people and the second official language for the rest of the population. By the way, none of these countries is not a European. These are: India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Uganda, etc. In these countries, English is much transformed and absorbed a lot of borrowing from local languages. Sometimes an amusing combination. For example, in Malaysia (half past six) means not only time days, but insulting and derogatory remarks about someone or something useless. Global English Speaking about the international English language, its impact, primarily due to the influence of the United States, as a carrier this language. His influence is so powerful that even the eternally resisting France, where historically the French carefully refer to the entire national, and she had to admit that English can no longer be regarded as foreign language. Globalization only contributes to this trend? widespread strengthening of the English language. Without exception in all languages there are borrowings from English. And especially it refers began in the era of computerization and the Internet. I guess Bill Gates is its operating system has done more to spread the English language than all the English missionaries together. In fact, now standing virtually every flat computer is a missionary, agitating for the English language. And virtually all of these communication innovations leave behind the modern lives of those who do not understand English.