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Managing Director Ingolf Gottstein

Team advertising label supports Mainfranken-racing in the formula student 2011 automotive industry professional, the agency team promotional label + technical, food and sports, supported again in 2011 the main Frankish racing team in the formula student. Speaking candidly David S. Levine told us the story. Cooperation in the field of advertising and marketing was already on the Essen motor show (EMS) 2009 for the current season and has been agreed for 2011. The support directly related to our commitment to the automotive industry stands for us”, says Managing Director Ingolf Gottstein of the company team advertising label. Here we serve manufacturers, suppliers, importers, as well as some teams are. As it is obvious, to promote young talent, especially since our agency also sees itself as a team. It is amazing with what motivation are the students of the FH Schweinfurt/Wurzburg at the thing. Since us much fun, to provide a major support of course!” The formula student is an international competition where are students in team work the constructive such as business challenges, which are found in such a complex project. For this the prototype of a race car has to be developed and produced and used.

Construction, manufacturing, and project finance applies to master it. The participating students can gain valuable insights for their later professional development under real-world conditions. The Mainfranken-racing team founded in 2006 and his fourth race car, the MFFour this year has already produced, used. In the race of the formula student Spain 2010 took a sensational third place the team of the Unterfrankischen. Business enterprises, which is support the formula student in general or specifically the Mainfranken-racing team can imagine, get at team promotional label interesting ideas and concept proposals, which are of course free of charge within this framework. The agency team promotional label serves customers from the automotive and supplier industry, mechanical engineering and technology as well as sports and food. Numerous Brand owners have trusted for years on the competence of the company founded in 2001 with headquarters in the Villa fire, Monchengladbach. Specifically, the Web 2.0, social media marketing, press, include PR and event, as well as some magazine formats to the Agency, a private publishing company is also affiliated to the disciplines of stem. Contact: Ingolf Gottstein E-mail: Tel: 02161 / 304-1183 fax: 02161 / 304-1540 URL:

Social Day Exchange

Launch of long-term social commitment in support of childhood Hamburg, July 31, 2013. pilot Hamburg moves. After 14 years in the Besides, the agency refers to its new home in the new r 12 in Rotherbaum on August 2. Therefore the agency work must but not rest for a day while the pilots: numerous Agency employees will donate their work day to a charity. In recent months, Peter Asaro has been very successful. The choice fell while on the Hamburg Foundation childhood”. For them, the Hamburg pilots on this Social Day Exchange”their desks against wheelbarrow, spades and brushes, to beautify gardens and schoolyard of elementary school Lammersieth. Donated moving day is the start of a longer-term commitment to the Foundation of his childhood.

This promotes the opportunities of disadvantaged Hamburg children for nine years. For the owner-managed agency pilot is entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Also the communication agency feels especially connected to its headquarters. Together with the renowned Foundation and whose founder Hannelore Lay are socially weaker asked girls and boys from the Hanseatic City helps to create a solid basis for their (Professional) future. In addition to artisanal activities at the elementary school, such as creating a herb spiral or beautify the Schulhofs, agency staff will teach students Social day in interactive media training in dealing with the new media. Here, the pilots can bring their expertise and bring benefits and possibilities of the media closer to children.

They are focus in special content on the Internet and digital media, child-friendly on the opportunities but also the risks in the world to attract wide Web. It won’t stay at this unique usage, because the aim of the partnership between the pilot and the Hamburg-based Foundation is a long-term commitment for the well-being of disadvantaged children. “Further actions are planned: with the initiative of learning kids” pilot Hamburg opens already this fall “for a children business day” the doors to the new premises in the new Raven road and invites students to sniff Agency air and become acquainted with the exciting world of work of pilots.

Smartphone Solutions

Telematics solutions for freight forwarders and logistics companies under the slogan of FREE-matics 1 fleet, 1 system the Nufatron AG will be presenting at the transport logistic-2013 (Hall B2, stand 629) practice-oriented application solutions for multi-vendor telematics use, regardless of truck brand or selected scheduling software. The Swiss specialist shows the newest members of the TRANSPO-drive system family in the development and manufacture of board computer-aided logistics telematics systems. Process optimization and cost reduction no matter which name carries the scheduling software. Sizes of the industry can be operated with the TRANSPO drive on-board computer and telematic systems as well as enterprise ERP solutions. Their industry-optimized usage reduced, for example, empty reduces downtime and optimized routes, what better can keep the vehicle fleet. Communication, route, driving behaviour and management tasks are co-ordinated, causing more costs and planning security is increased. Individual processes are perfectly illustrated in the mobile order management and gather the information for company-specific KPIs, which creates transparency from the road up in the boardroom. Complementary telematics app is introduced the logistic 2013 also Nufatrons telematics app for Android and iOS smartphones a broad audience on the transport.

This however does not sees itself as total replacement of onboard computer systems, but also as a supplemental application. So who works with subcontractors, can integrate these into its mobile transport solution. The new telematics app allows the contractor specifically for a job in the planning to include its foreign drivers, as soon as it logs on with their Smartphone to the system. rajeesh k, nufatron

Persofoto.de Is Winner Of The Second Rheinland Pitches

On May 27, four teams of the jury of the audience lined up to present their startup. After the Vorpitch on May 21, there were four finalists that vied for the attention of investors. The finalists of the almost casual team wants to establish a new restaurant chain in the area of the restaurant. While they focus on healthy, fast food. The team consists of consultants of the Boston Consulting Group and DROEGE group. Fast casual is currently still in the conception. geeshenk.com is a search engine which you can automatically find the best gift for his friends.

Using Facebook – international food information and an amazon interface to get a selection of gift ideas and can order them directly from amazon. geeshenk.com is in the beta phase and would like the first version launching in the near future. Texts on plagiarism can be tested with PlagScan. The team is mainly aimed at educational institutions. So students can check whether they have correctly cited in their work.

Professors, however, can check whether your students have made everything in their own work. PlagScan has ongoing collaborations with universities and research institutes and a scientific database. With the help of an investor wants to expand PlagScan and refine the business model. Persofoto.de enables the creation of biometric passport photos at home. Using an online tool, users can upload their own recorded image and edit. The result can be printed at home or ordered. Now used as Persofoto.de in many different countries. Next is the expansion of marketing activities and the team would like to enlarge. The winner after evaluation of the mobile survey the winner was clear: Persofoto.de. PlagScan finished in 2nd place and geeshenk.com won the bronze medal. In addition to the title, Persofoto.de won a voucher to attend a workshop at the launch site, and a lot of contacts to potential investors.

Gunther Wolf

The measurement criteria for target agreements are suitable to “soft” topics, learn the participants in the seminar in Hamburg. The Hamburg-based leadership training is aimed at executives of all levels who want to pave the way to achieving the goals of their employees through the use of appropriate measurement criteria and verify this objectively. Leadership training in Hamburg the participating executives to take a range of appropriate measurement criteria and checklists to prepare and perform goal – and target achievement discussions from the leadership training. Each participant has the opportunity to develop meaningful targets for the upcoming target agreement discussions and to find appropriate measurement criteria. So come the participants from the Leadership training with already prepared documents for their target agreement calls out. In the leadership training, there is also the opportunity to practice target agreement discussions an offer not only junior managers are happy to take advantage. Date for the training in Hamburg the experience shows that all participants greatly benefit from the exchange of ideas with the objective experts Gunther Wolf and the other training participants.

Executives from Hamburg and the surrounding area who want to refresh their expertise around the topic of agreement on objectives and targets, should reserve in mid-August a day. The leadership training is held at the 14.08.2013 in Hamburg-Altona. For Northern Germany the Hamburger date is the last this year, so those interested are requested in time log on. Sequence dates in autumn 2013 due to the great demand, the Organizer, the Hamburger Dashofer Academy, more dates in the program included. Interested parties from Bayern have the possibility To attend leadership training at the 10.09.2013 in Munich or at the 16.12.2013 in Nuremberg, Germany. Executives from the Rhineland can either participate in leadership training at the 17.09.2013 in Cologne or the 08.10.2013 in Dusseldorf. For more information about the content and process of the leadership training and the registration get interested in the competence center variable remuneration. Links: – managers training seminar Description: objectives agree seminar-training.io-business.de/ziele-vereinbaren-fuehrungskraefte-training/ – further seminars and leadership training on the subject of target agreement seminar-training.io-business.de/tag/zielvereinbarung/

Gernot Brandweiner

Thus, a full coverage of 240 collected products was achieved. “Gernot Brandweiner in this regard: the classification reports that we are more recently as a result of the reports, are a valuable certificate for the fire resistance of the tested materials for the VoB members.” Consumers beware: only certified products are safe products! But these tests of the fire behaviour of concrete components in the future are essential not only for the manufacturers outside of the VoB. Only products which have a certified fire resistance, customers are actually safe and secure a fact, the also to responsibility of the commercial appeals. Austrian building materials producers are encouraged in the interests of the consumer, their Classification reports to present as soon as possible and thus establishing a commitment to more security for all. Because, as bandi: with the new classification reports, we finally have a clear criterion of quality for guaranteed fire safety. This gives the building materials. a predicate that customers will soon demand” Traders beware: run only approved goods? Finally, Gernot Brandweiner points still on the importance of certified fire protection safety for all involved in the concrete business finally make the classification reports for the first time unique proof of quality, that for all pages is reliable. The responsibility at each and every one, no matter, whether consumer or owner, manufacturer or dealer.

Brandweiner: Many but not all producers have invested on behalf of their clients time, effort and money in the tests and can demonstrate the classification of their products standards in force. It should be assumed be qualified builders merchants and processors having only classified goods in the interests of their customers and process in their own interests as a qualified specialist company.” About the VoB the Association of Austrian concrete and precast works (VoB) headquartered in Vienna represents the interests of all companies of concrete precast industry in Austria. He supported as independent trade association its members both in technical and product-related issues and sees itself as a (knowledge) platform and mouthpiece for the industry. The Association founded in 1956, with currently 70 member companies, sees its main tasks primarily in the promotion of quality assurance, the development of new applications of products, as well as the scientific and didactic processing of industry-relevant topics. The Austrian concrete and precast works generate a turnover of more than EUR 700 million a year and employ more than 4,000 people in about 100 companies. Thus, this powerful counts Industry, with its broad product portfolio, to the most important industries in the construction sector. Like for more information. Susanne Knoll sky-high text, PR & event Mobile: + 43 (0) 650 / 4001495