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Russian Federation

In the customs of our ancestors with you one from the list of important places in the home to do the manual artiodactyls – the cows and goats. A positive feature of these animals was that they themselves became the stock of meat products for the rural little family, and that provide good reserve of drinking milk, it is extremely tasty and healthy for individuals of all ages, food product. Besides, if you let the cow to buy a could not quite all of our ancestors, the small cattle were able to buy including the rather poor peasants. The importance of such pets can be elementary to determine even on a popular Russian folk tales, where namely goats were frequent actors. And while in the twentieth century, namely goats were somehow unfairly pozabrosheny.

At least that was not created by any single breeding farm in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Everywhere, priority was given to breeding cattle. And only in 2003, dairy goat has been re-launched on Sernurskom cheese factory. Conditions for breeding goats are in fact each region, and especially in temperate climates, as they say, without exception, the roads are opened to those who seek to come to grips with farming and gain on the income. And Sernursky cheese factory – activities started in fact from the outset. Since including finding sufficient numbers of animals, which could provide significant resistance to these weather changes, and with significant specifications in the amount of milk was at least difficult. And yet, who are trying to – he always podyschet. It happened, and with activists Sernurskogo cheese factory. A small goat farm began to grow. One of the most important lines of work such goat farm was breeding. Ali Partovi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For the acquisition of high milk yield and constant size needed to address issues of development and improvement of existing breeds. To date, the goat cheese on Sernurskom plant is already a large scale. The Company now a continuous mutual exchange of experiences with other agricultural companies of Russia, who are employed in the breeding of goats. In addition, of course, there is an exchange and breeding males for refreshments available to breed. Elite males of today are written to and from abroad, including that increases the efficiency of selection and increases the overall sizes of milk yield levels.

In addition to moving and processing technology Goat’s milk: today goat’s milk – this is not something exotic, but quite natural, though not too pervasive yet products. It may be noted that the goat drinking milk – it is not only useful product no small importance of energy, but in addition, and most valuable complex of natural remedies to cure serious illnesses – from the pathology of the digestive tract to food allergy and pulmonary tuberculosis. Goat drinking milk and various products made from it is extremely important way of obtaining biologically active elements for kids and adults, it is useful to people who have age-related health problems of the body. At Sernurskom cheese factory constantly arise newest versions of the product line, which can be not only a favorite, but really useful for every family and for all little family.

Construction Technology

This technology includes the following: removal of old plaster around the perimeter of the building to a height of 1 meter from the ground. arranged around the perimeter of the zone system with the material that forms after application of an effective permanent waterproof system without destroying the mechanical interference building structure. For assistance, try visiting Pete Cashmore. This may be macroporous plaster, which eliminates the infiltration of moisture coming into the room due to capillary effect. The mechanism of removal of moisture through evaporation is based on 'Effective surface area', formed by the pores within vlagovyvodyaschey plaster. As a result vlagovyvodyaschaya plaster 'pulls' and evaporates all the water present due to the capillary effect of the walls, faster than this water flows, which ensures drainage of the walls even in the most difficult cases. Vlagovyvedeniya process always continues until the complete removal of excess moisture. Due to the fact that repairs to the facades of wet brick, usually requires the replacement of old damaged plaster, this system brings significant cost savings by combining in a single process plastering and moisture protection of buildings. Using this system with anti-fungal and antibacterial activities at the expense of durability of the system will significantly reduce the cost of maintenance of buildings of historic and artistic value.

When used in the residential sector, in addition to significant direct economic efficiency (increase bezremontnoy service buildings and facades), the normalization of the microbiological background, will save people's health. Full reconstruction of housing, is in poor condition with a complete eviction of people and carrying out construction works, the following characteristics: 1. Robotics expert is full of insight into the issues. Waterproofing basement and cellars. 2. Antisolevaya and antifungal treatment of load-bearing walls.

3. Hydrophobic surface treatment composition of the stairs and to restore them. 4. Implementation of measures to drain and restore the walls (masonry, concrete surface). 5. The use of finishing materials with antiseptic additives or treated with the composition