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Antiques For Reveling

Modern hedonists love antiques. Antiques because no other furniture, the sensual pleasures of bygone eras can be so vivid. Louis XVI, the Sun King as the epitome of luxurious extravagance and initiator wonderful, baroque antiques, the age of the libertine as a highly frivolous, more sensual affair – which supporters could resist the lustful bliss. The renaissance of the Luxurious in daily life can wait. Modern purism and clarity are their worst enemies. And dream the other hand, can revel in the wonderful draperies earlier epochs of history and on the chaise lounges. Can live out this desire for beauty, even when visits to the lush Schlossslen museums, antique shops and on the pages of selected books. The Bavarian countryside offers plenty of Neuschwanstein even the most demanding among the wits of the Munich-based food and antiques trade would now like Ludwig IIhappy and glorious worked previously with unusual exhibits. To whom it had failed to follow the footsteps of history, there remains only the way to the book shelf. But exactly which book is the generous dedication to the craftsmanship and the perfect splendor of the past really awake The voyeurs among pleasurable were the insights into the books of the antique antique guide, an antiques guide from Munich encouraged. Three double pages for each of the handpicked Books about antiques and antique living environments can be the heaven of bliss for the Couch Patato among the hedonists come true. Books like “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Paint” and “More is More ‘, for example, or, Noble luster” and “divinely decadent” to kidnap the international domiciles visual freethinkers and make dreams come true at wonderfully comfortable way.


The word “Antique” is connected with the beautiful, old world, where no place for concepts such as modernity, technology and the Internet. However, the passage of time always changes the conditions which way is to keep a place in society. The world of art but could well be losing just this place. Is it possible to combine the beautiful and challenging aspects of the past and the new achievements of our modern present into a harmonious unity? We want to discuss this with Elena Balatskaya, to bring her character head of international project AuctionLot, the Web site that you want to be able, old with new in accordance. Already on May 25, the Russian users of the opening of the portal can attend. -Elena, it is assumed that high art and technology are not compatible. Was it actually possible to combine them? -Absolutely! We carry some facts we once eyes: the entire world communicates and interacts to a remarkable online.

In contrast to the Antiques market, which has found its way not so right in the 21st century. So, many well-known auction houses don’t even have their own website especially as a part of their customers, private individuals with a high capacity, with modern technology. So why should you not meet them? The entire field of art is simply obliged to meet any new requirements, with which it is confronted, otherwise it will forever stand on the same spot. Our Portal helps to accomplish all this, more or less to risk the first step into the future. With the platform AuctionLot, any organization that is connected to the world of art, can convey a positive image of themselves, to identify potential customers and partners, where, however, collectors in return on the easiest and fastest way, the objects, actually they are looking for. -This is your view of things. As experts reacted to the genesis of this project and how would you convince them of your thing? -Our initiative was just such experts supports.

Microscope Samsung

2 – OBJECTIVE To present through the metalogrfico assay and of its micrographical analysis with the aid of the microscope the morphology and structure of the material in study, being determined the micron-constituent compose that it. that these micron-constituent vary the type of analyzed league in accordance with and in accordance with the thermal, mechanical treatments, processes of manufacture and other processes the one that the material has been submitted. The importance of this examination elapses of the fact of the mechanical properties of a metal not only to depend on its chemical composition as well as of its texture. With effect, exactly material one can become malleable, dctil, fragile, elastic, tenacious, etc., as the texture that to present and that can be given by means of mechanical works or adjusted thermal treatments to it. 3 – USED MATERIALS AND METHODS? Body of test: STEEL 1020. Figure 1? Body of Test? Metalogrfica cutting Manufacturer: Teclago Industry and Commerce Model CM-40 Voltage: 220V Frequency: 60Hz Power: 1,5 C.V. Rotation: 8420 rpm Figure 2 – Cutting metalogrfica? Manual sander Figure 3 – Manual Sander? Sandpapers d? water (220/260/360) Figure 4 – Sandpapers d? water (220/260/360)? Felt Appears 5 – Felt? Diamantada folder Figure 6? Diamantada folder? Politriz sander Model: 02 PL Series: 2032 Voltage: 220V Frequency: 60Hz Power: 1,4 C.V. Rotation: 600 pulley of 300 rpm and another one of rpm 7 Figure – Politriz Sander? Embutidora Model: M30 Voltage: 220V Frequency: 60Hz Power: 500W Figure 8 – Embutidora? Bakelite Appears 9 – Bakelite? (Nital) nitric acid 2% and, Chemical reagent 98% of etlico alcohol. Figure 10 – Chemical reagent (Nital)? Microscope Samsung SDC-312 Voltage: 100/110/120V Current: 0,8 the Frequency: 50-60 Digital Hz color camera NIKON E200 ECLIPSE Figure 11 – Microscope 4? EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES 1 Passo – Cut Depending on the size or the format of one has asked for, it can need to be parted.

Replacing Hard Drives

To date, hard drives are the most popular devices for storing data. And there are a number of objective reasons. But lately there are more devices that use ssd (Solid State Disk) drives, and there is quite a logical question: "Will they displace hard drives?" I think you understand that the choice will make users, focusing on the characteristics of the devices and the opportunities they provide. So, let's look at pros and cons of ssd devices. Let's start with the advantages: 1) High speed. To date, there are devices, such as onyx series from the company ocz (link at end of article) that provide velocity read / write 125 and 70 Mb / s, respectively.

This is a very good performance, comparable with rates of conventional hard drives. In addition, these devices can be combined in raid arrays. 2) No moving parts. Unlike conventional hdd ssd drives have no moving parts. As a result, increased reliability and resistance to vibration. Generally, the values of congestion 1000G, which lead device manufacturers, are more theoretical character. The device can and will withstand such an overload, but what will happen to own a pc? But in any case, this is a big plus, especially for mobile devices. 3) No noise.

Also a consequence of structural peculiarities. No moving parts – no vibration, no vibration – no noise. 4) Ability to work in a wide range of temperatures. Magnetic surface of conventional hard drives is not very fond of large fluctuations in temperature. Therefore, for devices that planned to operate on the street, ssd drives will suit much better. Disadvantages: 1) High cost per 1 gb. True, she is constantly decreasing, but still, this parameter is several times higher than it is noticeable vinchesterov.Osobenno on models of large volume. The cost of the hard drive is mainly determined by the number of plates, and the cost of ssd drives is proportional to its volume. 2) Reliability. Probably not worth it to write this paragraph in the gaps. Case that the life of ssd drives is determined by the number of read / write cycles. And manufacturing companies love to manipulate these figures. In addition, massively applied ssd devices become more recently, so to speak something with 100% certainty is not yet possible. But in any case, 3-5 years of stable work provided. Prospects. ssd drives new technology and constantly evolving. So recently it was reported that the cost of devices which will appear in 2012 will be 70% below today's prices (link at end of article). All other parameters will also be improved. Naturally, these devices will make a major change in the balance of power in the market. Also, wait there are very long.

Projectors Multimedia Projector Ansi

The use of projection equipment has a strong impact on the emotional mood of the audience, helping the speaker quickly gain an understanding of the listeners. In the moments that require particularly high concentration and rapid reaction, a series of compelling images can significantly help a man: demonstration of complex processes on a large screen helps to better understand the nature of the phenomenon, and show critical events in the life-size – evaluate information and take the necessary decision. Multimedia Projectors Multimedia Projector can project not only video but also a computer image. Currently, the development of modern multimedia projectors goes in two directions: constantly increasing light output and reduced weight of the projector. Luminous flux of 1000 ansi lumens becomes the norm, and the requirements for becoming a darkened room below. Most Powerful projectors have a luminous flux of a few thousand ansi lumens, while maintaining its portability. In recent years have changed their attitude to the concept of portability and mobility. Portable projectors have been called less than 10 kg, ultraportable – weighing less than 4 kg, mikroportativnymi – weighing less than 2 kg.

A special place among multimedia projectors take projection for stationary applications, which are characterized by high light flow (up to 10,000 ansi lumens and above) and large compared with the portable projector size. Such projections are usually used in concert halls, stadiums – where there are activities with a large number of spectators. Constantly increased border resolution projectors. Gone are the projectors with a resolution vga (640×480).