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Information Browsers

All happens to us: we are so focused on the day of our work which we cannot see beyond the daily tasks. While we realize how small we don’t see what happens around us. Or beyond. However, it is vital for companies (and people) not be so short-sighted. Seen the world better-funded in which we move, how Miss eyes nailed in your task and your table and you don’t lift the view you’re committing professionally. I do, that I had to reinvent myself several times already tell you.

If we make the effort to look away, we will realize that there are outside our environments potentially useful information to develop us: new trends, new technology, new articles and books, new professionals and people with interesting things to bring, and old people and books that should be re-read and reconversar. I’m not saying that companies non their daily chores. But it set aside resources to incorporate into their organizations information browsers. Explorers are needed to know well the company, sector, but have a wider view, moved by other worlds, other techniques, and other arts, because of the variety and differences will be varied and different. The companies may have explorers dedicated 100% to that task, or encourage other departments (marketing, communication or r & d) for example to be it on time partial. That Yes, in any case the company has to have the courage to let them have time and freedom to organize hunts where hunting good informative pieces. They should not be subject to the discipline of the day neither of the small tasks, but leave them manga wide walk through libraries, read books and articles, attend presentations, making acquisitions for the documentation centre of the company, to follow blogs and track competition, or companies that have nothing to do with what they are doing. Discipline that Yes have to be subjected to explorers is to the present results useful for the company, which are those who add value to the business and which also can act on them.

Service Providers

From now on forward service providers shall be entitled to obtain all the information and forms necessary to access a given activity and pursuit, and therefore have access to all official communications concerning this respect through a single window. At the same time public administrations will have to opt for less restrictive measures in order to restrict the provision of services as little as possible. In this regard we must add that it has changed law 11/2007, of 22 June, citizens electronic access to public services, as a result of the law 25/2009, giving citizens the possibility that in the procedures relating to access to a service activity or the exercise, have the right to obtain information by means of electronic and distance. As for the collegiate organizations establishing that these may not make recommendations on fees, not even indicative scales, except for the bar associations that will be enabled to develop indicative criteria for appraisal of coasts and the jura’s accounts of lawyers. From now on we will focus on changes to laws that has our view can interest more to our reader: law 2/2007, of 15 March, professional societies this Act introduces changes such as: standard stating the incompatibility of the activities or professions in these societies only can be not regulatory and legal range as stated above. Most of the capital and of the voting rights, or most of the company’s equity and the number of partners in non-capitalist societies, shall belong to professional partners, in part by reducing that percentage as the previous regulations which imposed to be 75% of capital and the remaining aforementioned elements of those professional partners.

They must be professional partners as a minimum the half plus one of the members of the organs of administration and not three-quarters of these regulating the previous law. And in the event that such a body were one-person must also be constituted by a professional partner. Law 31/1995 of 8 November, prevention of labour risks not cannot fail to emphasize changes in this law, since certain items that affect in a direct manner have been introduced also in how companies manage the prevention of occupational risks.