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Chemical reagents (from Lat. Reactivus) – pure substances and their solutions, compositions, mixtures of strictly regulated, which are designed for chemical analysis of research and laboratory work. To denote chemicals involved in chemical reactions in the analysis and synthesis of various substances, also used the name – chemical reagents. Isearch may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Chemical agents are available in a specially designed form, which is important for ease of use and >. Chemical reagents are characterized for purity and (for solids) on the homogeneity of the phase composition. Chemical reagents other than the core material environment may include the substance that gives them certain functional characteristics – solvents, fillers, carriers, etc. In Russia, chemical reagents to produce the degree of purity and purpose, is divided into substance: purity (Fr. with. Pm) net (h) treated (ochisch.) technical products packaged in small shallow containers in the (technical) of chemically pure (x, h) pure for analysis (Part forth as well.) qualification of ‘pure’ assign chemical reagents containing main component is not less than 98, 0%. It is used in a variety of laboratory studies of industrial and educational nature.

Chemical reagents qualification ‘pure for analysis’ (Part forth as well.) May contain the main component, depending on the purpose of higher or much lower than 98, 0%. Designed for analytic work carried out with great accuracy and content of impurities in drugs education “pure for analysis’ is so small that it almost does not make significant errors in the analysis. Qualifications ‘chemically pure’ refers to the strict purpose of responsible research, are also used in analytical laboratories, as substances for which establishes the captions working solutions. Chemically pure substance is past the highest degree of purification. Also for sale by chemical reagents qualification ‘practical’ (the content of the axis of substance usually not less than 90%) through the store chemicals. With regard to drugs more highly purified (‘purity’), then their use is justified only when even millionths of a percent impurities are completely unacceptable. The use of chemical reagents of high purity is absolutely senseless and costly when the rank and file of research and analytical work. The areas of application of these drugs include: industry semiconductor materials and quantum electronics and avionics.

Alexander Graham Bell

Today everyone can afford a phone connection at home or the office, but few know the history of invention of this device is so familiar. Invention, a device that would transmit and receive audio using to the properties of electricity, preceded by the appearance of the electric telegraph. February 14, 1876 an American of Scottish descent, Alexander Graham Bell filed in the U.S. Patent Office for an invention of an apparatus which he called telephone. Only two hours later a similar request made another American named Grey. This happens with the inventors and to this day, albeit very infrequently. Good luck Bella was still in the fact that to do an outstanding invention helped him to an accident. Yet a much greater extent by their appearance phone obliged huge efforts, persistence and knowledge of this man. Handset Bell served in the queue for transmission and reception human speech and the phone did not ring Bell.

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his machine at the Philadelphia World’s Fair. Within the walls of the pavilion was first sounded the word phone – so introduced himself as the inventor of a ‘speaking telegraph’. To the amazement of the jury of the horn this thing came monologue Prince of Denmark ‘To Be or Not To Be? ‘, Performed at the same time, but in another room, by the inventor, Mr. Bell. History has responded to this question unquestioning ‘to be’. Bell’s invention became a sensation in Philadelphia exhibition. This is despite the fact that the first telephone worked with monstrous distortions of sound, to talk with it could not continue to 250 meters, because he acted even without the battery power alone, electromagnetic induction, its receiver and transmitter devices were equally primitive. The first commercial phone conversation between New York and London took place on Jan. 7, 1927 on the transatlantic telephone cable. Few people know that in the ussr until 1968 in telephone numbers were not just numbers but also letters. And the first phones dialer did not exist. In his book “The list of subscribers of the Moscow telephone network” for the 1916 first paragraph of instructions for use telephones reads: “The central station is called a simple removal of mikrotelefona lever. The duty station must respond by telling his room. Then the caller clearly and distinctly said number, which requires a connection. ” On the first disk devices were only numbers. In the 20 years of the last century, close to the figures portrayed characters. In the Soviet Union on the phone beside the figures, too, there were 10 letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, I, K and L. The letter W is not used, because it looks like a triple.

Video Systems

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MGD – Global Model Of Data

Contextualizao the Global Model of Data – MGD appeared of the necessity of a transversal vision of the information used for Macroprocesso de Planejamento, Budget and Finances, carried through for the Ministry of the Planning This model it is a map integrated and dynamic of all the data that compose represented the Estruturantes Systems of the Federal Government in high level and from a simple and objective notation, of easy understanding and assimilation, with intention to support systems of decision taking. Estruturantes systems the central nucleus of administrative management of the Federal Government also understands a set of called systems of information Systems of Gesto Administrativa (SGA) or Estruturantes Systems of Government. Each one of these systems is responsible for a process of governmental management, as planning, elaboration and accompaniment of the budget, administration of human resources, governmental allocation of positions to the structures of the Federal Government, purchases, accompaniment of the programs and action of the Government and financial and countable administration, among others. Lack of integration between systems the integration enters these systems does not occur e, thus, each one operates separately, limiting its efficiency and the administrative management of better quality, considering itself it premise that the administrative management of the Federal Government would be more efficient case these systems was integrated, extending the context vision and making possible one better control of the information generated and treated for these systems. Creation of a Transversal model the MGD appears as solution for the problem of the lack of integration of data in Macroprocesso Planning Budget and Finances? MPOF, proposal for the Committee of Macroprocesso Budgetary-Financier, composition for representatives of the Ministry of the Planning, Budget and Management? MPOG and of the Treasury department – MF. The Federal Service of Processing of Dados (SERPRO) was the percursor in the construction of this model counting on participation of the MPOG and the MF, that already had had its shaped data.

The Beginning

The result of this concept is to try to abolish a threat when an attack or disaster is changed into. Already the protection, has for objective to implant security politics to inhibit, to detect and to protect any attempt of attack to the system of information of the organization (PIG, 2005). In accordance with It hisses (2003), the main points for implantation of the security of the information must follow the five basic principles: The relation cost and benefit: to guarantee investments for the favorable implementation and the maintenance, and the return that provides to the prevention and the protection of the information system. Such situation alone is remembered by the proprietors when a great disaster or attack occurs and the cost of restoration of the information of the databases many times, it is bigger of what it had invested months in a system of security of the safe and steady information.

The beginning of the concentration: it provides to the possibility of if managing the measures necessary of security of the information to take care of to necessities of improvement of protection of different sensible databases the alterations. The beginning of the protection in depth: it provides measures of security protection (physical or logical) as cameras of monitoring, biometria and recognition of voice. The use of this principle prevents a set of distinct and doubtful measures of protection for not becoming an inefficient and slow addition of obstacles for surrounding the safest one. The beginning of the consistency: it determines that the measures of protection of ITSELF possess one level of interchangeable sensitivity so that they reduce the imperfections of the programs of security of the organizations. Its use in such a way reaches at every level accesses of the information system as physicist or logical, for example, to hinder that a 7 son of one partner of the organization installs games, has access improper pages with the server of the company or to allow not authorized people to have access to the computers of the organization.

Aixtron Surface

About half the cost of LED-od is determined by these stages of high technology. The need to increase capacity to increase the flux led to the fact that the traditional form of the hull led ceases to meet producers due to lack of heat. It was necessary to bring your chip to the heat conducting surface. In this connection, to replace the traditional technology, and several more advanced SMD-technology, energy (surface montage details – surface mount components) comes to the most advanced technology of soi (chip on board). led technology with ids, is shown schematically in Fig. LEDs made of SMD-and soi technology, mounted (Glued) directly to a common substrate, which can act as a heat sink – in this case it is made of metal. So are led modules, which may be linear, rectangular or circular in shape, be 50 – 75 mm. It is very important to ensure uniformity and control structures on the surface of the substrate.

The cost of facilities for epitaxial growth of semiconductor nitride, developed in Europe (the company Aixtron and Thomas Swan) and the U.S. (Emcore), is about 1,5 – 2 million dollars. Experience of different companies showed that learn to get on the competitive structure of such a setup with the necessary parameters can be a time of one to three years. This is – technology that requires high culture. An important step in technology is the processing of planar films: they are etched, the establishment of contacts to n-and p-layers, the coating metal films for the pins. Film grown on a substrate, can be Cut to a few thousand chips ranging in size from 0,24 x0, 24 and 1×1 mm2. The next step is the creation of these led chips. Necessary to mount the crystal in the case, make contact outputs, produce optical coatings, antireflection surface for the output radiation or reflect it. If it is a white light-emitting diodes, it is necessary to evenly phosphor. We must ensure that heat from the crystal and the corps, to make a plastic dome, focusing radiation in the desired solid angle. About half the cost of LED-od is determined by these stages of high technology.

The need to increase capacity to increase the flux led to the fact that the traditional form Corps LEDs fail to meet the manufacturers due to lack of heat. It was necessary to bring your chip to the heat conducting surface. In this connection, to replace the traditional technologies and few more advanced SMD-tech-energy (surface montage details – surface mount parts) comes the most advanced technology of soi (chip on board). led technology with ids, is shown schematically in Fig. LEDs made of SMD-and soi technology, are mounted (glued) directly to a common substrate, which can act as a heat sink – in this case it is made of metal. So are led modules, which may be linear, rectangular or circular in shape, be rigid or flexible, in short, are designed to satisfy every whim designer. Appear and the led lamps with the same socket as a low-voltage halogen, designed to replace them. And for powerful lamps and spotlights are made the led assembly on a round the massive radiator. Earlier in the led assemblies were a lot of LEDs. Now, as the power led becomes less, but the optical system that directs light beam to the desired solid angle, is playing an increasing role.

National Science Foundation

The interested nanotechnology Goldstein and dreams to improve the two-dimensional teleconferencing Mowry invented kleytroniku about three years ago. Since then they have struggled to find a quick way to describe the idea to potential sponsors. By the way speaking, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Pentagon’s research agency darpa to So far scientists have provided some way of funding. Money is allowed to engage in the project and a half dozen specialists and approximately the same number of sympathizers. But the forces and resources while sorely lacking. On Indeed success creators synthetic reality until fairly modest. There are four small robots, called atoms or (claytronic atoms – catoms). The diameter of each – 44 mm, that is, to the nanoscale still very far away.

Robot is surrounded by 24 solenoids. Yet managed to get a couple of these machines interact with each other as do two spinning gears. ‘But as soon as we got these two pieces of stirring, increased the likelihood of our success’ – said Mowry. Ultimately, he hopes to build a sufficient number of two-dimensional cut to start experimenting with changes of form. Then plans to establish immediately a hundred robots the size of a tennis ball that can move in three dimensions. To construct the cut diameter of 1 millimeter, according to the authors of the project, it will be very difficult, but, apparently, it’s inevitable. It is assumed that the cut should have a spherical shape and have no moving parts. He probably will be covered by the electromagnets, so that one robot could join another and in general – to navigate.


Due to this silicones have a wider temperature range of operation. Chemical resistance silicone rubber resistant to solutions salt, boiling water, alcohols, phenols, various mineral oils, weak acids and alkalis, as well as hydrogen peroxide. Physiologically inert silicones physiologically inert, which allows the use of details from him in the medical industry, including within the human body as a prosthesis of various types. Resistance to weathering properties of silicone rubber do not change when exposed to light, oxygen from the air, precipitation, sea water of normal temperature ranges. Silicones are also resistant to ozone. Anti-adhesive properties of silicone rubber has a low adhesion to most other materials. At the same time because of the low adhesive properties of silicone rubber is bad is combined with other materials. application of silicone rubber above properties led to the possibility of using silicone.

Widely distributed rings, cuff and plates, cords, tubes and profiles a variety of silicone rubber, which are replacing traditional rubbers of the most critical areas. The special role played in the silicone rubber aircraft, as it requires exceptional performance both at high and low temperatures. Therefore, the silicones are preferred in the manufacture of gaskets and insulation. In Silicones are used as electrical insulation material, especially effective at high temperatures, as well as in the cases that are associated with exposure to moisture and ozone. This coating cables, insulating pipes, tapes fiber glass, etc. Special conductive silicone rubber used for the manufacture of special cables in the automotive industry, different electrodes in the medical industry as well as for keyboards switches in the electronic amplifiers, using the resistance change of pressure. In the engineering silicone rubber is often used as material for the manufacture of various sealing parts. In addition, produced heat-resistant silicone gaskets for furnaces for various purposes. For transmission pipelines hot or sticky products are designed conveyor belts with a silicone coating. Such tapes are mainly used in bakery and confectionery industries. In the same industry are increasingly used so-called soft baking – fiberglass covered with food-grade silicone.

New field of silicones has been manufacturing coatings for rolls and rollers used to feed and semi-finished products of high temperature, such as hot pieces of sheet glass. Physiological properties of silicone rubber used in medicine and food industry. In medicine, have been used drainage tubes, catheters and probes of silicone rubber. A huge advantage of silicone is the possibility of high-temperature sterilization. From the above given information shows that silicone rubber has the broadest application in virtually all industrial sectors. Grows and the variety of types of silicones – appear, in particular, rubber with high oil resistance, which will in the near future to expand the range of products offered. Promising material may be silicone rubber obtained by means of cold curing, which eliminates the need for heating obtaining rubber. But it’s already a topic for another article.