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Napoleon Bonaparte: Well analyzed, freedom policy is a fable imagined by Governments to numb to their constituencies. Imagine this situation strange and curious reader. You live in a country where anything can happen but increasingly occur facts that surprise him more and more. But it not only surprised because everything that happens is going on contravia of logic, common sense and standards, but that on more than one occasion has felt annoyance, nuisance, rejection, powerlessness and distrust. Nuisance by repetitive of injustices; hassle because nobody does anything to change the rest all lights is wrong; I reject because tolerance against what is bad has been exhausted; impotence because we must be mocked again and again without being able to react and distrust towards all the institutions still towards the legally constituted. But let’s imagine.

Imagine that there are elections but you feel that you should not participate because he recalled that all the candidates promise and promise and never meet. But the campaign is put interesting, you seen posters everywhere, hears the voices of the candidates by the radio, sees them on television and seen the posters in different places. Access to finally go to a meeting and one of the candidates later visit and you decide to give him a new chance to democracy and his confidence cracked. Then you take interest, and after reading the program of all the candidates, choose one of them, joins your campaign and supports you with unconditional loyalty and conviction to foolproof. She goes with him to visit potential voters, helps you prepare their speeches, helps raise funds, has one to another discussion with activists from other campaigns and attends debates in which candidates presented their ideas and obtains those of others with enthusiasm. Its candidate adds more and more points and thus is reflected in more serious surveys. If all goes as expected, it will be the undisputed winner of the race.

Lobby Vs Citizens

New elections, the horizon ahead that climax that provide us every 4 years this democracy. The machinery of parties are already at full capacity and are preparing to receive citizens what his opinion is a carte blanche to be able to continue making and unmaking at will. Highland Capital Management has firm opinions on the matter. Meanwhile, citizens lack efficient means and mechanisms to curb the patrimonial and abusive use of power; which public affairs responsible for exercise. So we anchored in a protodemocracia or usually called: in a representative democracy. James Dondero is often quoted as being for or against this. This has not been some evolution in the last 200 years and is based simply on the illusion that the citizens are those who decide, however, the actual holders of decision making are none other than the organized interest groups (lobbies) that go hand in hand with the parties. Some lobbyists who are in a continuing dispute between themselves to achieve higher levels of influence in power, and on many occasions we find ourselves them hidden after abbreviations of certain parties, associations, foundations, etc.

Question that does not prevent them being on one side or another, or support today to a party and tomorrow another, since all they pursue is to defend their own interests. The current situation has been possible thanks to a process of depoliticization of the citizen masses. This is nothing new, but is dragged from the Franco regime and has been pursuing what the demobilization of citizenship. In practice it has had its greatest effect among the more assertive and destabilizing social sectors that have the greatest potential for pressure. However, today we find ourselves that these are the sectors most affected by public policies. So has been the disinterest or rejection of broad social strata towards politics in general; This has led to keep power within a circle reduced people and organized sectors that have been called elites. Hence lobbyists are to determine the political agenda, i.e., It is them who decide which topics or problems are that since the institutions to be treated.

Objetiva Idea

Thus these features allow us to understand that the idea being intangible exists only as production of whom thought it, is the idea then developed and conceived of internal shape, to whom concibiere it has created for you by physical contact with the material reality.The matter that composes this idea realized in form and content, find here that the production of idea arises; situations objective, conceived by a thinking subject, thought that apprehends this subject and must end in the expression of that thought in a communicative action. Well according to these elements as the idea of politics in humans, well teoricemos: a. a situation Objetiva La crime youth in the framework of Exclusion undoubtedly, juvenile crime is one of the most important social phenomena which our societies have raised, and it is one of the criminological problems internationally preferred since the last century, as manifestations of behavior that socially draw attention in a negative way can be observed, generally speaking, better among young people than in the adult population. In addition, it is important to treat juvenile delinquency today as possible adult crime of tomorrow. Juvenile delinquency is a global phenomenon, as it extends from the furthest city industrialized until the suburbs of big cities, from rich or wealthy to the poorest families, is a problem that occurs in all social layers and in any corner of our civilization. (Taken from: Jesus Morant Vidal date: July 2003 source: legal news) Subject B thinking specialist in laws introducing the constant violation of laws by those affected young people ask their ruler, increase d d foot force, laws more rigid against juvenile crimes.

C. Thought that apprehends seek stakeholders understand the causes that generate this problem and as they find these causes, build assumptions arising from their constant reality, constructing in his inner feeling ideas against the topic specific. Perhaps check out Jim Dondero for more information. D. expression of thought of the conclusions on the subject expressed in an expressive speech that materialize in a regulation to be constituted in practical acts and fulfilment of the practical acts by people in general and the State in search of eliminating the problem. So we have different proposals for example prevention will tell a few and the strengthening of U.S. households; Others affirmed barbarically selective murder. The option chosen will be according to the internal structures that determine the external analysis.

The Theory Of The Ropes Or La Dimension Wrong

The string theory or the wrong dimension Teodulo Lopez Melendez prefer to borrow a concept of physics, not psychiatry. Finally, after I have been always interested by the Organization of the universe, not mental diseases of man. About the man I thought with pretensions of amateur philosopher, while I’ve used the quantum in several of my literary texts. The string theory says that space we live has many dimensions, no longer the accepted four (three spatial and time), but many (perhaps 26), but that these extra dimensions are subatomic size. That is, we have a microscopic theory of gravity. The bricks that make up the world six are quarks and have curious names: up, down, charm, strange, bottom and top. A crazed military would add left flank. The most elementary concepts of geopolitics indicate that United States has no plans, nor will have, to invade Venezuela.

Secondly that for do not need the Colombian bases, given its military might, since it could meet that goal from aircraft carrier and helicopter carrier and with an airborne force. Thirdly, this would not be a long war where required provisioning bases or foreign air space for the movement of supplies, case Afghanistan. Fourthly, the tanks are unnecessary, given that United States would ever attack by land from Colombia. Then we move into another dimension. Leader belongs to one of the microscopic dimensions and each day is closer to a photon in the quarks called background.

The leader lives, then, in another dimension, one not abonnements for human eyes, except for that bright retired general who advises him to undergo all defence policy review before the start of the US invasion plans. I’ve said, I don’t want to talk about madness, paranoia, persecution complexes. I prefer to speak of a dimensional breach and I refuse to use expressions as a crazed Napoleoncito. This gentleman Zelaya is no longer if it was once – a constitutional President who seeks return to power to be five months more in him and thus fulfil its period.

Colombia Stability

I know that you can be a little confusing that something that fails to comply with the objective for which it has raison d ‘ etre, but the monetary policies of target inflation rate have not always recognized goals, despite the difficulties that have had to deal. A valuable element of IT policies for Latin America’s economies has been the confidence they have generated among citizens, the commitment of central bankers to the maintenance of price stability. This confidence has moderate inflationary expectations which have remained contained despite turbulent periods that have had to pass the economies and that have diverted to its target level retail inflation rates, and in some cases (such as Chile in 2008), even in a significant way. Credibility in the commitment of central banks in a target level of inflation, although it is not achieved in all cases, has allowed bankers implementation of unorthodox measures in these periods of crisis such as the intervention in the foreign exchange markets do so without having an impact on expectations inflationary. In addition to trust, the politics of IT increased transparency and responsibility in the actions of central banks, which is very valued by the market.

It is thus that the crisis was a test which showed that policies IT in fact have a greater flexibility than thought in theory as to the confidence and the commitment to price stability, it is credible. Temporary imposition of capital controls episodes were observed in this flexibility which allowed IT policies and that proved to have fitted this type of models, as it has been the case of Colombia, which sought to prevent sudden exchange rate jumps that could produce destabilising effects for the economy. The decision to implement capital controls by countries with a monetary driving geared explicitly towards a rate of inflation, which has been observed during the period of crisis leaves open the possibility that will recur in the case in which the exchange rate appreciation which is being produced in several currencies in the region, as it is the case of Chile and Brazil to name two of the most prominent, threaten macroeconomic stability.

Western Scientific

The growth of economic indicators in the period amounted to more than 10% per year, which at first delighted and then shocked the world superpower. To the scientific and technological development of the state recovered from devastating effects of World War II, was used strategy, already used once in an era Meytszi. The development of science and technology in the home require enormous costs and, more importantly, many years, which threatened to severe economic backwardness. For 30 years, since 1949 Japan has acquired a total of 34 thousand licenses and patents in their western colleagues. have been creatively elaborated by the Japanese and, most importantly, quickly put into production. The first the owners of Western firms do not perceive Japan as a potential competitor, and therefore sold the patents and licenses for literally pennies. As a result of the creation of scientific and technical potential cost of Japan in 78 billion dollars, and scientists met the shortest possible time.

The effectiveness of this strategy is estimated between 400% – in general, up to 1800% – in some sectors). At the turn of 60-70 years. West has stopped coming to his senses scientific and technical makeup of Japanese competitor, but by that time Japan has already established its own R & D base. To date, the science of Japan at the forefront of new technologies. Taking into account the experience of the past, the country uses most of its development to improve the quality of life and environmental protection. Created and perfected a new, environmentally-friendly engines for cars, robots and effective medicines, make life easier disabled citizens, saved and reused energy and precious metals.

Creating Images For Mobile Phone

So, if we decided to undertake an independent selection of skins for mobile, we need to find something pleasing to the eye and soul. The easiest way to do it on the internet (use search engines, which have image search service on the site). To work with images you can use the program Adobe Photoshop. Of course, you can use any other program (Paint, Corel Draw, Painter, Fireworks), but using Photoshop with a picture can be very, very much. The first and most important – is the size of a picture that will show off the phone. Many phones can automatically scale the image, but some devices do not support this feature.

Know what namely the size of the picture must be reading the specification of the phone or just copy it to your computer one of the preset pictures in the tube. Here are the most popular resolution screens of mobile phones: 128×128, 128×160, 132×176, 176×208, 176×220, 240×320. Given this important information, we take the source file and begin to create. After the completion of 'draw' pictures for a phone, it must be stored in a format supported by your mobile device. Most current phone supports popular image formats such as gif, jpeg, png. Once we have created a mobile picture and save it on your computer, we need to move it to the phone. To do this, connect your phone to computer. Connect your phone to a computer can be a variety of ways, using data-cable, infrared port, Bluetooth, everything depends on the technical capabilities of your phone. Now (after the picture was on the phone) you have left only to find this picture in my phone and set it as background (wallpaper) or a screen saver.