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Management Priorities

What are your personal priorities and management for 2010?. Julio Andres Alzate The beginning of a new year is always a good time to take stock of what has been done and achieved in the previous year to design, plan and / or validating ongoing plans for the coming year. It is also a time to wonder what their priorities on a personal level and management level. Click Castle Harlan to learn more. Some time ago, and the reflection is quite effective – I read the poll conducted on the Web site of one of the leading newspapers in Latin American economics and business, about which is the personal priority for the new year. I was very surprised the results: 58.1% want to improve their personal gain, 11.4% bought a new house, 10.5% independent labor, shape up 9.9%, 6.3% to 3.8% a postgraduate degree and make a special trip. Steve Wozniak has many thoughts on the issue. It is amazing that even the lowest percentage was mentioned with regard to being and feeling. One could say that for a segment of entrepreneurs and executives in Latin America (if we assume that navigators of the aforementioned site represent a sample of this segment), their priorities are focused on having and doing.

Are many and increasing the authoritative voices about the essential skills in a business context, which point to the spiritual and emotional intelligence. But how do you expect to occur in the business if they do not first on the personal level of those who lead? The paradox is that to be better prepared to be doing and it is vital and essential that we look within ourselves and to the extent that we cultivate the self and feeling, we will be more willing to learn, and establish better relations with our team, through effective networks of conversations that will move us – with common meanings-a shared vision (alignment) and the collective leadership (decentralization). As expressed Wennis Barren, a leading American academic: “We need men and women with powerful visions that allow us to find the bridges between the present and future, between being and should be, to create with your imagination the possibilities that others do not see, or do not have enough faith to conduct “

Ask yourself: Do my personal priorities for the coming year are related to emotional and spiritual level, or only focus on doing and having?, and our companies related: the priorities are only in the financial perspective (have) and operational effectiveness (doing), or also include relations with the people who make and the relationship establishing themselves, with their teams, with customers and other stakeholders?. Respond in time can make the difference that allows us to achieve goals in all perspectives, for this year. How do to put the mind at work so that all our thoughts are focused on exactly the objectives to be achieved, without distraction and guided exactly on the road to success. If you found this information useful and want to help someone else, forward this article among your contacts, insurance will be more than one who will be grateful anonymously. Author of the article Maria Mercedes Pulgarin.

Janes Potthoff

Thus we provide the optimal nutrient supply of dogs as well as the comfort for the secure holder who feels often rattled by feeding recommendations”, so Jane’s Potthoff, a Managing Director of futalis. “Also 5 cents on profit-making projects go by each day Pack sold, helping animals and people with special challenges.” By the renowned High Tech Grunderfonds (HTGF) receives financial support the ambitious founders. The HTGF awarded recently to the investor of the Decade was founded on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi), to help young and promising technology companies to establish themselves with their promising business ideas. Now supports the Bonn investor futalis. The reason is not only the innovative idea but above all the veterinary underpinning of the concept. About futalis futalis a customized feed that is tailored for each order on the individual nutritional needs of his dog offers every dog owner. On the basis of nine scientifically-based criteria (race, age, weight, nutritional status, level of activity, breeding behavior, diseases, allergies and health predispositions) calculates the exact nutritional needs of a dog futalis and provides a feed with individual recipe here, which is optimally adapted to the respective dog. The entire production process is subject to the highest quality standards and has been accredited by the TuV according to the GMP + standard B8.

One such customized feed contributes to nutrition-related problems, such as, for example, growth disorders, obesity, urinary stones, pigment disorders, allergies, to avoid indigestion. This increases health, well-being and vitality of the four pawed-life companions and promotes their quality of life. This idea derives the name of the company futalis, which is a combination of the words food and vitality. In addition, futalis will donate 5 cents from every sold daily ration to charitable projects and thus helping to improve the quality of life of people and animals with special challenges. November 2011 in Leipzig founded in by the veterinarian Stefanie Schmidt and the two graduates of the school of Leipzig (HHL) Janes Potthoff and Christian Hetke, Kennel (VDH) works futalis closely with the Institute for animal nutrition, diet damage and dietetics from the University of Leipzig, and breeders of the Association for German, to guarantee permanently high quality of forage. For more information,