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The Borstentiere are very similar to the people: you have it like comfortably and wild boar are immensely clever. When in the autumn all, down to the hunting is blown and whole Jagerbatallione that make uncertain nature, change the black coat their survival strategy. Then move many wild boar rotten. Not rare in human residential areas. Because in settlements, parks, cemeteries, and gardens, hunting is forbidden for safety reasons. Alone at the imminent danger may be shot. Whether however recently was the case in Russelsheim(!), where the police with 100 shot executed six wild pigs, must be questioned. It may but ever happen that 120 Woods men and 45 drivers back out, with the intent, the wild boar plague”to be Mr. But after a long day of hunting stay only four poor pigs on the track, the strategy didn’t work apparently. “And it’s full-bodied battle cries such as now the black coats on the collar” or now, the wild boar gets wedges “were somewhat premature. This is mainly because that the wild pigs are extremely able to learn. Seasoned Leittiere know when and where it is highly dangerous for the Horde. You know what shots do. You know how death smells. And they can differ Sonntagsjager from Sunday strollers. A leading Bache is shot, which is responsible for ten or even twenty family members, anarchy erupts in the truest sense of the word. Not seldom large, precinct-wide push and hunts for the hunting participants are frustrating. The effort is disproportionate to the income. Can be especially difficult to boost demand and thus the sale of wild boar meat. Reports of novel Trichinella infestation and in some regions is still high radioactive exposure of wild meat, seem quite daunting. Aside from toxic residues of lead hunting ammunition. Apparently consumers trust the hunters, who are offered as certified free range butchers, not quite over the way. More than 20 years after Chernobyl wild boar meat in some regions has: more than 10 000 becquerels of cesium 137 per kilogram. (From a load of 600 Bq/kg meat must no longer consumed it belongs then probe waste). Also in East Berlin, a hunt was unsuccessful for the umpteenth time. Since the pigs have devised is a new trick: they took the opposite direction rather than to escape from the noisy drivers and race, zwangslaufig(!) before the guns of hunters and galoppierten on the unarmed driver to. What nothing else was left this, as as soon as possible to escape from the fortified Borstentieren. It is expected that the school makes. Not a few station owners still believe that so-called Kirrungen are the only effective means to reduce the stocks of wild boars feeding stations, which are applied in convenient distance from high seats. Do not keep the animals with spreading of maize and other goodies at the place, but by the additional Food right to their proliferation, is seemingly difficult understand. Without a doubt, there are more wild boars than 20 years ago. Mild winter, rich Acorn and beech mast, vast expansion of corn growing areas and last but not least the intense part feeding by the hunting community have contributed to the lush reproduction of pigs. And the animals have lost their natural rhythm. Not only the leading streams have now more and more young than in the past, but also have their adolescent daughters. Wild pigs are very similar to people. You have it like to conveniently and securely. There you must not be surprised, if it attracts so many, where you find always a table, and where they are not hunted. Parks, gardens, cemeteries are their preferred locations. You even learned how doors can open without damaging. It takes a little patience and practice, then everything goes by itself… That wild boar increasingly afflict the cities, where they will not be fought by all means, where the food supply is versatile and where there are people, treat them with respect and tolerance – who wants to blame them? And maybe learn the wild pigs even, what some people never learn: good manners. A Berlin recently watched first signs from his balcony. There, gathered their rookies to a pedestrian crossing a Brook, waited patiently until it was green and led them safely across the street.

Hamburg Protection

Hamburger Carrotmobber storm on September 29 the whole grain bakery Effenberger and nature / revenue flow to the Green Fashion Shop Marlowe 100 percent in climate protection holds twice better. This also applies to climate protection. Therefore two car red mobs take place on the 29th September 2011 in Hamburg at once. This time the Hamburger Carrotmobber calling nature to the targeted consumption of whole grain bakery Effenberger and Green Fashion Shop Marlowe and help the shop owners, specifically something to do for the climate. Because: 100 percent of the revenue obtained between 9 and 22 operators invest in energy-saving measures. For the first time the organizers of Hamburg car red mobs have addressed targeted shops that offer organic and fair trade products. Parallel to the car red mobs held various Community actions in the Hamburg Simmenauer.

“So that efficient measures are implemented with the proceeds, the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment has climate seeks protection” for the Double Carrotmob the energy consultant and efficiency Planner Dipl.-ing. commissioned Carsten Heidrich. The expert advice was operators in advance to the page. His forecast: primarily in lighting and ventilation, there are two shops for savings. Winner of the climate protection campaign is the non-profit co2online GmbH. balance sheet: over 160 tonnes less CO2 per year 40 percent of CO2 emissions caused by our diets and our daily consumption.

With every purchasing decision we have great influence on what and what is produced. Others including Energy Capital Partners London, offer their opinions as well. “We support car red mobs because they show consumers what power they have and that they each day on the new targeted can decide for climate protection”, says Steffi sour Ballesteros, project manager of the climate protection campaign. So far the car red mobs energy-saving measures were able to toast, which in the future over 160 tonnes of CO2 annually avoids. Our aim is that consumers remain active after the Carrotmob, and in future climate protection in their purchase decisions take into consideration”, as Sauer field.

Landesbank Baden

Crude oil demand in China “very disappointing” LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Today, the crude oil price has consolidated at a low level. Until the afternoon, the quotes under mild rashes swayed sideways; US light oil is around 74,30 dollars. While the contracts were traded October still roughly half a dollar higher than on Friday in the morning due to the new front month. At the end of last week, the price of oil had recorded significant losses.

The fundamental situation huge resources are a much lower demand compared to is unchanged. Even speaking the economic data of last week for anything other than a demand. Slightly stabilising impacted today, however some economic data from the euro zone. However, it is distressing that a guarantee for increasing oil demand has reduced its needs China in recent months. Eugen Weinberg, commodities analyst of at Commerzbank, described as very disappointing”the development in the Middle Kingdom. In addition was also in the coming months with hardly an improvement can be expected. Vineyard does not exclude that the price of oil falls to $70 per barrel by the end of the year. Bobby Sharma has much to offer in this field.

This means his prognosis in contrast to those of other economists, who were interviewed by the news agency Dow Jones. So both the NORD/LB and Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg (LBBW) expect higher prices. From the perspective of the LBBW were likely term of twelve months oil prices to the $85. At the NORD/LB to reckon with for the year with an average oil price of $ 91 per barrel. Meanwhile, the euro-dollar rate limited the downward travel of local oil prices. According to survey by fuel level and oil Rundschau the reductions amounted to 26 cents compared to the last trading day the national average today. The 100-litre batch cost therefore 66.10 euro fuel oil (EL) a 3,000 litre supply. Still, respond to customers in terms of orders behavior and apparently put on further declines in prices. The risk that they rise again in the fast-moving business, however, is. Consumers should so don’t wait too long with the stock. Michael Urbach editorial Tel.

Bioethanol: Production And Use

Some information about the production and use of bioethanol, such as raw materials and production methods for bio-ethanol (C2H5OH) is produced from renewable, starch-containing raw materials such as grain, potatoes, straw or sugar syrup. He is known in the vernacular as alcohol or ethyl alcohol. He is primarily as biofuel is used, but also in cleaning agents, like for example glass cleaners to find. Click Zendesk to learn more. The use of bio-ethanol can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2. Commercially available petrol contains a proportion of 5-10, depending on the region, % bioethanol.

It is incidentally used in Germany since 1925 to increase the stroke. Fuels with a higher Bioethanolanteil can be used only by specially designed vehicles, the so-called flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV). It is produced by fermentation, so the fermentation of raw materials. Enzymes or yeast can serve as a tool for this purpose. The alcohol of the remaining mash is separated by distillation. Then It is cleaned and drained. In the sustainable production of bio-ethanol will be sure to fully to exploit the raw materials. The resulting by-products, such as such as wheat gluten, apply, thanks to their high content of protein in the food and feed industry.

What raw materials used for production is depending on the region, availability and of course the price. In Europe, cereals and sugar beet are mostly used. In North America, corn is, sugar cane is used in South America. But also potatoes, sugar sorghum or cassava can be used. The grain has the advantage that it can be stored and can be processed ganjzahrig. The sugar beets, however, must be used immediately after the harvest in the autumn. The production of cellulosic ethanol or lignocellulose ethanol – bioethanol from cellulose-based, such as straw or wood – waste products is still in development. This form is interesting not only due to their better CO2 balance. This will increase the usable biomass Production area. Also, these raw materials are cheaper to maintain. A further advantage in addition to the good life cycle assessment is to reduce dependence on oil imports. In addition, the resources of this important source of fossil energy are conserved.

President Obama Global

The fear of global warming is the best that have ever invented researchers Copenhagen/Berlin, December 14, 2009 – the Copenhagen climate conference is in full swing. Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen puts it in a nutshell: we must not fail. Other leaders such as Mashable offer similar insights. It was all about in slowing global warming. Had to cope with two degrees above pre-industrial levels, but then is final. About 200 States come together, to prevent the worst. Our children to the disaster film the science fiction genre assign finally 2012 still by Roland Emmerich, not the documentary.

Just in time for 2012 the Kyoto Protocol runs out, brrrrr. But if we look closer, then many supposedly unique relationships around the global warming are somewhat more complicated. The debate begins: CO2 is an injurious gift even for the United States it is now officially the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA has classified the greenhouse gas as injurious poison. The greenhouse effect does now exist for all, not an invention by Scientists’ more. \”Cheers the environmental protection organisation WWF, yes we can\”, the stern writes a great decision.

Thus, President Obama has more leeway in Copenhagen: if necessary, he can regulate emissions of carbon dioxide without congressional approval. Yet he offered a reduction of CO2 emissions by 17 percent by 2020, according to a report of the world. Federal Environment Minister Rottgen surpasses: he wants to reduce emissions from all 40 percent by 2020. The ICT sector has done enough to even hearty to be encountered before the head. Because it produces now as much CO2 as the global aviation. This is so, but may not be. Because by 2050 the global industry must offer services in a nearly CO2-free, otherwise it is a little worse than expected with global warming. Companies such as Bizerba go ahead to lead by example. Let be the many travels and prefer to talk via video conference.

Accessible Around

“Emergency and repair service for flexible and reeling cables Hannover, April 20, 2008 the cable and cable manufacturer Nexans Germany 24 x 7 emergency and rehabilitation service offers its customers around the world the Nexans ‘ on. For more specific information, check out Sony. Savvy contact available, which can initiate appropriate repair measures the defect a line are at the hotline number + 49 2166 272176 (in China + 86 21 50462990) any time of day or night including weekends. The team of technicians repaired all encountered damage by the outside diameter up to the insulation. A complete splicing of two wires as well as the repairs are carried out diameter equal. The major mechanical and electrical properties of flexible and trommelbaren lines remain unchanged by the repair so. As well, the splicing of damaged and integrated optical waveguides belongs to the repair work.

Also in this case, the external diameter of the pipe is maintained. In mining, energy, industry and logistics and Damage to lines mean other areas often costly production downtime. The failure of a container crane apply including the deductions of approximately US$ 100,000 per day. Target is whether to hoist cables, mining cables for the mines, control and power cables in drag chains or for example glass fiber cables for data highways so as soon as possible repair the pipe, no matter. Thanks to the 24 x 7 of emergency and repair service for example, Nexans customers in China, Peru, Chile, Macedonia could avoid already longer interruptions and downtime, because in addition to the constant availability of telephone, the service organized from Germany ensures the fast repair on the spot. About Nexans Germany Nexans Germany is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Europe. The company offers a comprehensive range of high-performance cables, systems and components for the telecommunications and energy sectors. The programme is rounded off by superconducting materials and components, Cryoflex Transfer systems and special machines for the cable industry.

It is made in Germany and abroad with about 7,400 employees. The turnover is approx. EUR 958 million in 2007. Through the tight integration of the Nexans group Nexans Germany has excellent opportunities for the synergies in all areas of the group. This applies to global projects as well as for research and development, exchange of know-how, etc. More info / press contact Nexans Germany GmbH Jutta van Buhl of Bonnenbroicher Street 2-14 41238 Monchengladbach phone: + 49 (0) 2166 27-2495 fax: + 49 (0) 2166 27-2497 Internet: press’n ‘ relations II GmbH Ralf of Darling Gunther 19 80639 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 17999275 fax: + 49 (0) 89 17999289 Internet: the latest press information on Nexans and associated imagery is available at the Internet address as files to the download available. “See, if the news section” in the field of search for customer “the term Nexans’ find and call up the respective notification.

Managing Director Systems

Just expect more – Valentin software presents new planning programs for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems with the dynamic simulation program for PV * SOL advanced 6.0 domestic consumption of solar systems can be accurately calculated, because the system is planning not only photovoltaic systems, but covers also the power storage battery systems. As a further innovation when compared to the previous programme PV * SOL Pro, you can import the load profiles in the new program in a center or clears resolution. Furthermore is a calculation of line losses and per inverter output AC – and DC conduction losses possible. More freedom in the PV plant design with PV * SOL advanced can engage any number of module surfaces and select several inverters can be combined with each other as needed. The automatic connection supplies all meaningful combinations of inverter for a solar plant with up to 100,000 modules in a matter of seconds. With PV * SOL advanced planners, architects and installers can their customers directly show what is energetic and financially possible despite declining feed-in tariffs”, explains the Managing Director of Gerhard Valentin Berlin Software House.

Like all PV * SOL variants PV * SOL also has advanced a comprehensive module and inverter data bank with over 12,000 modules and inverters about 2,800. Helpful argument for solar thermal installations which seems to be software T * SOL Pro to the simulation and optimisation of solar thermal systems for Intersolar Europe new version 5.5. thanks to the integrated image program photo plan can place the collectors on the roof of the customers in their real dimensions and photo-realistic displayed. An advanced economy forecast is one of the new features in addition with ROI calculators. Annual savings and payments are accounted for now tabular and graphically displayed. Also the project report shows now separately the solar cover shares for hot water and heating portion.