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Updating To Windows 7 Without Formatting

According to the Microsoft company, the new Operating system (UNDER) Windows 7 could replace in a considerable time to the unbeatable Windows XP. We remember that the company of Bill Gates always has wanted to replace definitively of the computers this last one UNDER and undertook the task with Vista Windows, which was a failure. In a moment the users of Vista were disappointed this UNDER, many returned to the XP and the reasons are obvious and a loss of time to comment. (Similarly see: Highland Capital Management). Recently Microsoft announced that Windows XP would only have support until year 2014 (pardon if equivocal me in the year, but it is that way), nevertheless, more just it backed down in his announcement and gave but life him to the popular XP. However, the desire of Microsoft, and has said already it publicly, is to replace the XP of all the computers of the world and thus I have read it explicitly in his blog.

Nonencounter which is the problem that has Microsoft whereupon Windows XP has long life and so far only I can think that the interest to bury it is commercial and image question. Of image because in technology, the renovation and the innovation are vital, and to maintain UNDER that soon it is going to turn one decade effective, it does not have to be something innovating for a technology company of such magnitude. However, because Microsoft has not been successful in replacing the Windows XP? Not yet I arrive, nor encounter a definitive answer to this question, but humble criterion I believe that the reasons are intangible: XP was born with the explosion from the Technologies from Information and Communication and with the boom from the Internet, that is to say, was especially born in the moment, the place and the precise, exact and right hour, becoming very versatile and essential and these reasons could be making their replacement difficult.


The development, for all desired is also the only form pacifies currently known of if controlling the natality and estagnar the demographic growth, education and public politics of magnifying of services come back the defense of the environment, is activities potential of generation, in jobs that have not been explored, not to be of superficial form in Brazil. It disciplines individual for defense of the environment, and collective conscience of the necessity to leave for the future generations, conditions of life, with quality. Ambient education is obligator in all the levels of education of the country. Deforestations the generalized deforestations more concur for the assoreamentos of the rivers, measured for the racial use of waters and the form adjusted to reserve itself water in the subsoil is regularized the outflow of the rivers, projects had been developed has 10 years. In the environment of advanced studies of (VSP) the technology it has acted in the defense of the environment, what really it must occur is an ideological transformation in the agronomy schools, today determined by the prescription, recycling is the promising concept but and the fact most important.

Macrorecycling the macrorecycling is part of the city, and that all the garbage of being processed with sights the reduction of the discardings in aterros, having obeyed in such a way enters the rules of the market, collects selective simultaneous is the next step, when the separate residues are carried in the same trip of the collector, but in separate compartments. The third step is the processing of the two fractions (organic and dry) separately in the center of recycling and destimao of humid with dry garbage for a not culminating fraction. To another one technique is not enough to a good conception, for the great technological turn of the macrorecycling the new concept also backwards in its bulge a proposal institucional, based in the concession of the services for longer periods of 10 the 20 years. Conclusion: It concludes that the nature this each threatened day more, the climate tends if to on account transform into the next century to the effect greenhouse, biodiversity tends if to reduce each time more. Water and animals are in extinguishing and can disappear, everything this occur in way, much sped up, everything this reflect a insensibilidade, development and technology, concept clamorous that the ecosystem restoration includes.


42). The weakness of the man, as well as its artificialismo is acquired by means of the progress. In this direction, speech in progress is to speak of weakness. The science that progresses in facilitating the life, in providing to the man a more comfortable existence, consists as a fabuloso and, at the same time, terrificante instrument that corrodes the character and the state of hardeness. It seems us that Rousseau intends to search the image of the original man, from there the critical one to the progress and science. With such critical Rousseau it considers the robbing of the facultieses (artificial) that the progress brought to the man. To this respect it comments N.J.H. Dent: ' ' Of these gradual changes differences of wealth and power emerge, which qualify some to prosper while others live in the imposed poverty, and that they result finally in the institution of unjust States, which strengthen such inaqualities for the positive law; some characteristics of the life are these human being that receive from Rousseau most severe crticas' ' (DENT, 1996, p.189).

This means that the scientific-social progress is selective since nor all have access it. In fact it is not what we observe? If Rousseau had reason at its time, has much more nowadays! We live in the civilization, the empire of the technology, the absolutizao of the power of science, conceiving it as the only one half of solution for the problems of the man. However, this nothing more is of what the endeusamento, the divinizao of the technology (specifically) and science (in felt more general). This progress of divinizao (or divinizatrio progress) it produces a disequilibrium, a desmedida and disordered confidence as well as a cientificismo endeusado for reason of a salvfica hope. To everything this Rousseau would call illusion, fiction, artificialismo. The inaquality is strengthened by this tecnolatria (or cienciolatria), therefore in certain direction all are reached by it, for this belief despite a minority only enjoys of the benefits.