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traffic loads), strains during the installation (for example, tensile strength) and the investment objective (E.g. number of cores). The number of stranded wire or wires that conduct electricity through the cable, is known under the term “Number”. In the case of multicore cables, each wire with an own insulator is provided; the individual insulators are then protected by an outer casing (wire insulation). For marking the veins isolation for two-wire cables usually the colours red for plus (+) and black for minus (-) used. However, refer to cable for AC voltage, the colors used Brown and blue, to plus and minus to highlight. Network cables protection class I, there is a green yellow protective earthing conductor, which prevents dangerous contact voltages (E.g.

on housing and control panels) in the event of a fault. Apart from that are in this type of network cable accompanied by black or brown outer conductor as well as a blue neutral conductor. It is three-phase according to old standard, two are black and used a brown outer conductor; the new standard provides the use of a gray, a Brown and a black outer conductor. The vast majority of the high-voltage cable is indeed f.t., but also bipolar high-voltage cables (DC voltage) and three-wire high voltage cable (three-phase AC) are produced. Cables that are used in the fields of signal transmission, computer and communications technology, is characterized by a number of veins from two to several thousand pieces. Distinctions are made first and foremost in the veins verse release type (E.g.

lagenverseilt, quad). The veins are the focal point of the cable, since they carry the current from A to B. So that this works, the veins are made copper usually made of precious metal, which is known for its optimal electric conductivity. There are also companies that aluminum make the wires from the light metal- and this despite the fact that aluminum has only about 2/3 of the conductivity of copper. Aluminum is so popular, because its weight only 1/3 the weight of the copper. In places where there is no lack of space and it rather depends on the weight, aluminium conductors are much more beneficial than the copper Variant. Overhead lines, which conductors are mostly made of the alloy are a popular range for aluminum. Even better properties of conductive copper and aluminium is silver. However used the precious metal for cost reasons only in some industries, such as high-frequency technology, where it is used as a coating for copper cable. Also superconductors and optical conductors such as fiber-optic cable and fibre-optic cables are also rarely-used in communications networks.

IKOffice MoldManager

Innovative software for tool construction planning and control at the intec a highlight of our system is that it now automatically detect a theoretical delivery date in seconds, taking into account the available capacity and already making statements about the delivery date in the quotation phase. At the same time, staff vacations, the current state of the disease, holidays and of course the current order situation are considered. This is to my knowledge in this form unique on the market, “reported Ingo Kuhlmann, Managing Director of IKOffice GmbH. The IKOffice MoldManager ( is specifically tailored to the needs of the tool, shapes, model and device construction. He combines overview and information with rationality and speed administrative work relating to the order and the projects. The MoldManager gives an accurate overview of the degree of processing, reveals looming cost overruns and relieves calculators, managers and administrative staff at all business transactions.

The system offers solutions around the themes of costing, quality assurance, management, timesheets, quotation, invoice and procurement, storage and delivery, production and capacity planning, data management and much more. The innovative approach of the new planning software IKOffice MoldManager is the ability to assign tasks to groups or even individual employees effectively. In contrast to the assignment planning also vacation, illness or absence are means taken into account using a personal calendar by, for example, training or short-time working, as well as holidays. The feedback of the work is handled through PC terminals directly in the plan. The IKOffice GmbH is engaged in improving efficiency in the processing of orders and the production of unique and small series. The tool and mold making is very manifold and represents a major challenge for the efficient planning and control. The IKOffice GmbH has been working for years with the tool and Mold together and offers solutions that are tailored to the needs of this industry. This focus in the plan without additional expense, the timely production and reduce the cost.