Napoleon Bonaparte: Well analyzed, freedom policy is a fable imagined by Governments to numb to their constituencies. Imagine this situation strange and curious reader. You live in a country where anything can happen but increasingly occur facts that surprise him more and more. But it not only surprised because everything that happens is going on contravia of logic, common sense and standards, but that on more than one occasion has felt annoyance, nuisance, rejection, powerlessness and distrust. Nuisance by repetitive of injustices; hassle because nobody does anything to change the rest all lights is wrong; I reject because tolerance against what is bad has been exhausted; impotence because we must be mocked again and again without being able to react and distrust towards all the institutions still towards the legally constituted. But let’s imagine.

Imagine that there are elections but you feel that you should not participate because he recalled that all the candidates promise and promise and never meet. But the campaign is put interesting, you seen posters everywhere, hears the voices of the candidates by the radio, sees them on television and seen the posters in different places. Access to finally go to a meeting and one of the candidates later visit and you decide to give him a new chance to democracy and his confidence cracked. Then you take interest, and after reading the program of all the candidates, choose one of them, joins your campaign and supports you with unconditional loyalty and conviction to foolproof. She goes with him to visit potential voters, helps you prepare their speeches, helps raise funds, has one to another discussion with activists from other campaigns and attends debates in which candidates presented their ideas and obtains those of others with enthusiasm. Its candidate adds more and more points and thus is reflected in more serious surveys. If all goes as expected, it will be the undisputed winner of the race.