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The maintenance of post (articles) of blog is really a hard work all to blogger, is not easy to be updating blog regularly with quality articles. To write an article to the day is not great thing but the problem is to obtain those new ideas to write its next article. A form is to read other articles, and this way you can write an article giving him pursuit to that same article based on his own ideas. He remembers that you always must give to the followers of his blog them something outside the common thing. Here I share some ideas to them, that it will help him to obtain new ideas and thus it has something new of which to write every day.

Google Alerts (Alert of Google): Its niche of market or any other subject with Alertas de Google monitors, so that it can obtain the recent updates in his field reason why it is easier you to find out new things and thus it can get to write new subjects that without a doubt they emphasize between the multitude. To read others blogs: To read many blogs related to its niche. This practice would help to improve your knowledge of your field. And it would help to secure but subjects on which to write. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. If you like blog to not blogs forgets you To subscribe to feeds RSS of those so that it can obtain instantaneous updates in your reader of Google or your electronic mail.

It collaborates with another Blogeros: Chatea with your friendly and Co-blogger about its niche or any subject that can able obtain new advice. To read Magazines and Books If it is executing blog of technology to read magazines like PCfriend, chip and other related to technology so that estes updated with the present technology. People participate in the Forums uses the forum to obtain answer to her questions. The solution of its problems is a challenge since the answers of some of the errors can not be available in Google.


If these desperate to learn how to recover to a boy for always most probable it is than in your hardship I commit lack quickly moved away that it of you and you finished much more sad than you find now that no longer it is your pair. In each case of separation and rupture of a relation always there will be different ways to react, while they are added in the uncontrollable weeping, others they are obsessed in not remaining single and act of an unacceptable way for that them master and perhaps continues loving, for it you must show maturity and not to be no of the versions already presented/displayed, although many exist but these two are the two but popular ones. Be tolerant with the decision of your ex- pair when finishing with you but nonsubmissive, that is to say who stops to reconquer to your ex- fianc2e for always you let a free time to him in which you project your new essence of woman. If they fought by a conflict that I do not get to be solved it tries to find the way to reach a mutual agreement in as much your as they accept that they became damage, you do not criticize his defects since your wise people that was not nor are perfect you knew when it. If you try to justify your errors with its mistakes better you do not try no conversation because odiarte finished and it did not leave the option you of which at least they are friendly. It thinks well about a place in which you feel comfortable everything what you are going to try during when you maintain contact with.

The key to know how to reclaim a boy for always it is to be prudent in which you are going to nobly say and to express your feelings without the necessity to follow it every minute that not this with you, nor to cry to seas an event that you even can change if you are but attractive and mature than eras before. There is a strategy that has been proven to recover to your ex- fianc2e without all the drama. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mikkel Svane and gain more knowledge.. Beam Click to cause Here that your ex- fianc2e wants to return with you.


The key is here to raise a heavy weight to secure to the major possible result of this exercise. While you realise east exercise, also it tries to maintain your abdominal tight ones, since this will give an extra training him your abdominal ones and also it will protect your back, coming up that it double unnecessarily. It tries to incline plus the bank, to work the pectoral superiors and frontal deltoids, and to incline it less, to work the pectoral inferiors and the back deltoids. Robotics expert shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Oars These are a fantastic exercise for the part superior of the body that, mainly, points at the back and the biceps, as well as to a number of other muscles of the part superior of the body. To realise oars, like part of your training culturismo for nascent, will fortify the part superior of your body and it will give a back you widens hard and, ayudndote to prevent injuries. The key to realise this exercise, correctly, is to avoid to curve your back, which can be in an injury, and enfocarte in ” tensar” your muscles in the tip of each repetition – this is, when you have hauled the weight above, towards your body, tries to maintain it by a brief one secondly, instead of to only drop it immediately.

This will help to secure those gains you extra that they will make all the difference. As you can see, the key of all these exercises, to construct muscle, are to involve so many muscles as it is possible, to obtain that hormones follow their step freely – this is the key of the culturismo for nascent. This strategy will only work if it is combined with a low number of repetitions, we say 6-10, and heavy weights. When always looking for to raise more weight, you will stimulate your muscular gains and you will reach a faster growth; and the compound, described exercises previously, will allow to raise more weight you, since you will be involving many muscles to be able to do them.

Flexibility One

Many buildings have not been reinforced when the extra weight was added. * The structural marks must support the construction but the majority of the buildings, especially the ones of several floors, where the floors are constructed and the walls are only compatible with rest and in the walls, being based solely on their own weight. This could cause that the floor or the ceiling falls during the earthquake. * Sometimes, the buildings are constructed on soft land. In the same way, the buildings that are near the line of fault are more susceptible to the collapse. How we can cause that the buildings are more resistant to earthquakes? Flexibility One of the more important physical characteristics of the resistant buildings to earthquakes is the flexibility. The buildings in their foundations must be constructed to defy the movement of a side to the other. The highest buildings are naturally more flexible than the buildings of little height.

That is because the structures of little height, need a greater support to support the forces of an earthquake. Lighter materials Also are fundamental that the used construction equipments must be of light material. They can significantly help to reduce the amount of caused damages during an earthquake. On the other hand, the wood and the steel are better than the concrete nonreinforced or the rubblework, because these materials have a greater flexibility. To ligeresa major of the building, except the load. This is essential mainly when the weight is concentrated in highest. Floors, walls and partitions also must be of light material. Reinforced walls, beams and segments the walls also must be sufficiently strong to bear the burden of the swing of an earthquake. Learn more about this with Mikkel Svane. The walls must influence and go the same in both directions. By the way, strategically placed the beams and segments it must help to transfer the effects of the influence of the basic surfaces and their environs.

New Environmental Institutionality

One of the points alludes to that ” as much the study of HidroAysn as the one of Austral Energy presents/displays serious and unsalvable technical deficiencies, that have caused that multiple services of the State question the legality of which the process follows advanced when lacking such projects essential and excellent information to be evaluados” “. Elsewhere they raise that ” the evaluation of the studies of HidroAysn and Austral Energy has followed and even illegal procedures irregular, from the moment at which it was allowed them to be presented/displayed without the electrical laying that comprises integral of both projects, which originates that incompletos studies are being evaluated and without possibility of measuring the impacts sinrgicos”. Also they talk about that ” Chile does not count on a Strategy of Integrated Handling of River basins that gives legitimacy to the great decisions that are adopted in relation to the main national hydric courses. Official site: Peter Asaro . We either do not have a National Policy for a First Viable Energetics that establishes the directives that as nation we will follow to determine a demand and generation of coherent energy with the country that all we want and we deserve vivir”. And, finally, that ” today the New Environmental Institutionality is in the heat of implementation process.

As much the project HidroAysn like Austral Energy was presented/displayed within the framework of the old system, that is understood was improved, with the endorsement of the National Congress, by which it is today wanted to take adelante”. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. They close the letter raising to the President of the Republic that ” we have respectfully wanted to do to him presents/displays these situations in order that it knows, of first source, the feeling of an important part of the citizenship of the Region of Aysn, compatriots his that they yearn for, like you, who the State makes the best decisions, with excellence and thinking about the communal property. The Patagonia and its inhabitants merecemos”.. .


To look for between the options of the menu of Data the option of Validation of data. This will show a window how the one that follows In this it must indicate that it is due to only allow in this cell values in the list, indicating that they must be of our list of clients who we have named previously and it would become of the following way: In that screen, in the part where it says origin the rank of our list of clients is put preceding itself by an equal sign (in this example =ListClientes) Once done, in this cell would be the list of the clients that has registry. Note. Each that enters a client more likely has that to order the ready origin so that ordinate is of way and not to be looking for without success the client. Once realised this, it is required to continue this format for the other cells of this leaf in the column of Client.

It only passes mouse over the cell that already has this format and when to it appears itself of +, begins to extend on the other missing cells. Now in these cells it will be possible to be selected of a list of clients without fear to mistake to us and having a pursuit of our clients according to the type of information who we enter, adding the options of autofiltros. In the part superior or to generate a consultation with the option to add filters For example, we can show the total of the sales of certain client, to show you complete sales done to the same or simply to order them in agreement with the satisfaction level or in which months registered their greater orders. The possibilities are enormous and it only requires to have but updated the possible one its information in this file. IV. Conclusion To implement a CRM implies to raise a strategy to know that it looks for to obtain with, using as it bases the information that already owns the company and to involve to which they are related to the sales and the client, so that they enter the information and know like consulting it indeed.

Wilheim Leibnitz

It is possible to stand out that in year 1,663, the English Samuel Morland made a machine able to realise trigonometrical calculations and in year 1,666 created a machine very similar to the one of Pascal. In ao1.671 that the German mathematician Wilheim Leibnitz, who gave to the great passage towards the improvement of the machines calculators. Gottfried Wilheim. Wilheim was born in Leipzig in 1.646. Leibnitz arrived at the calculation through combinatory analysis, the annotation of the calculation so what and we know as it must to a large extent to this man.

Leibnitz created a machine that could add, remain, multiply and to divide, using the principles outlined by Pascal to realise the multiplication and division by means of the addition and the repeated subtraction, the elements keys in the machine of Leibnitz were the staggered cylinders, but it was not any commercial successful by same the reasons that their predecesoras, the first machines calculator that were designed with commercial aims were realised by Charles Xavier Thomas, in Alcasia and to them the staggered wheels of Leibnitz were gotten up. Leibnitz also studied by far success the binary system, which is the base of the modern computers. But the interest that had Leibnitz was religious but scientist and this did not turn in constructing a test of the existence of the supreme being (God). 1.5 THE PUNCHED CARDS, THE PRODUCTION IN SERIES. JACQUARD AND WHITNEY. The first punched card the weave loom, invented in 1.801 by the French Joseph-Marie Jacquard, still used at present, is controlled by means of punched cards. The loom of Jacquard operates of the following way: cards are perforated strategically and they comply in certain sequence to indicate a weave in particular. Charles Babbage, English visionary and university professor of Cambridge, could have accelerated the development if he and their inventive mind had been born 100 years later.

PC and Windows

With only following this simple guide you can give maintenance to your PC, increase its speed and have it free of errors. Next we give six practical advice with tools available in Windows 7, Vista and XP you Service Pack 3, who guaranteed a safe navigation and an efficient operation to you. 1. – It removes spyware and protgete of your virus. Spyware collects personal without it requests permission to you and often without you find out, we recommended to you to execute the first gratuitous program ” PC safety scan” of Windows Live OneCare, to verify that your equipment this free one of this type of infections. 2. – Disc space Releases. It uses the Tool of disc cleaning stops: To remove temporary files of Internet.

To erase program files unloaded unnecessarily as controls Activate X or applet of Java. To drain the Wastebasket of recycling. To remove temporary files as reports of errors. To erase optional components of Windows that no longer you use. To no longer erase programs that you use. To erase copies ghost and unnecessary points of restoration. 3.

– The speed of access to your information Accelerates. It uses the option of desfragmentacin of disc to consolidate all archives and folders, of that way you would use less space and to accelerate of your hard disk, he is recommendable to once make a desfragmentacin to the week, or when: You have added released I number of archives. Only you have left 15% less than or free space in your hard disk. When you have installed new versions of Windows. 4. – It detects and it repairs disc errors. Besides using the cleaning and desfragmentacin of disc, you can check the integrity of your disc using the utility of Control of errors. If you use your computer daily is recommendable to use this tool, at least once to the week, to prevent the lost one with information. 5. – The option of ReadyBoost Uses. If you use 7 Windows or Vista Windows you can use this option to use external devices like USB and memory cards in order to increase the operation of the system. 6. – Actualizate to Windows 7. If with all the previous steps your PC is not as fast as you want, perhaps it is hour to migrate to Windows 7 or to call to a professional.

Comparative Advantages

We were speaking of the different productive bets from the Huila and of a whole listed from projects and necessary basic works of infaestructura for the development of the agenda, which are even in diapers. In relation to the agro-industry, says the document in mention, the proposal of Internal Agenda of the Huila recognizes the necessity to increase the yields and the areas of production. This necessarily does not mean to extend the agricultural border; it is possible to be obtained by means of the earth reconversion dedicated to other activities, of programs of irrigation and adjustment of grounds and the substantial increase of the productivity. The Productive Bet contemplates the lines of special coffees, cacao, tobacco and fruit trees of export, mainly those of climate fried moderate and tempering (granadilla, lulo, maracuy, cholupa, dwell, tomato of tree and grape). In order to add value to him to these agricultural activities it must glided to adopt technological procedures and to incorporate transformation processes. Specifically in the description of bet of the agro-industrial sector enunciated like the intention to turn to the Huila into the first technological basic agro-industrial producer into special, fruit coffees, cacao and tobacco, becomes an extensive analysis on Comparative Advantages and Competitive Advantages of our region, to conclude in a good amount of needs for the effective development of this specific bet eg: to foment the empresarismo, forming enterprise leaders, promoting the asociatividad between small producers, doing institutional support to the management, generating wheels of businesses and alliances to accede to the international markets; to conform and to implant differentiated sustainable technological packages for all the agro-industrial process: production, harvests and poscosecha; to establish a georreferenciado integral information system for the Productive Bet that facilitates the decision making; to implant a policy of stimuli to the investigation, the development and the innovation with incentives to the automation throughout all the chain productive; to innovate and to diversify products of the cacao, the fruits and the coffee to take care of the demand with international standards; to identify the present and potential barriers for the fruits in the matter of sanitary and phytosanitary measures, with the purpose of to guarantee the effective access to the international markets; to facilitate to the producers the obtaining of certifications of agricultural good quality and practice; to improve the investigation in biotechnology for the improvement of the productivity in agreement with the regional conditions and the international requirements; to implement the network of technical cooperation for the access in vegetal biotechnology and animal to guarantee access to vegetal material, improved seeds and others; to deepen on trazabilidad (process that allow to make a detailed pursuit of a product from the origin of its raw materials to its final consumption) and standards of innocuity of products; to reach origin certificates after the fruit trees, especially after chulupa; to advance towards the environmental sustainability, conserving the ecosystems strategists, handling the hydrographic river basins, reforestation, rotation of cultures, use of grounds in agreement with its vocation, modernization of the techniques of cultures; to establish organic product projects in special, fruit coffees, cacao and tobacco, which implies to decontaminate grounds and to select to seeds and organic fertilizers; to equip with productive equipment: systems of risk, plants of processing and commercialization, supervisory and clonales beneficiaderos of coffee, gardens for production of cacao seed, control center of quality and plant for treatments quarantine-requiring for the fruit trees; to develop a plan of good you practice agricultural (GPA) for all the producers of the Productive Bet; and to promote the plantations of commercial forests with emphasis in the provision of raw materials for the agricultural process, like the wood to make tutorial and packings, with the purpose of to diminish costs and of mitigating the indiscriminate cutting of forests.

CFE Servants

Nevertheless, although many already we are cured of frights, djeme I set out the reason to him reason why this case is still interesting. It is that the Department of Justice of the USA gave a to know by means of an official notice the investigation a network bribes by hundreds thousands dollars in which 4 civil servants of the Federal Commission of Electricity are implied. The official notice informs that John Or Shea, ex- manager of a branch of the American company Sugar Land (subsidiary of the corporative ABB Group) authorized in 1997 to bribe to four managers which not yet they occur to know his names in exchange for contracts. The operation was coordinated by the Mexican Mayan Fernando Basurto, who maintained contacts with these civil servants and whom its culpability 16 of November confessed the past. Or Shea, was accused of 18 violations the Law of Corrupt Practices abroad, where also positions of money laundering, document conspiracy and falsification are included.

According to the authorities, this branch signed at least two contracts with CFE by goods and services from 1997, first by implementing a Realtime information system of Administration and Control of Energa (SITRACEN) by 44mdd and the second in 2003 period in which he was to the order Felipe Caldern Hinojosa to renew the contract, to modernize and to give maintenance to the SITRACEN by 37mdd. The agreement with the corrupt managers of CFE was to give 10% to them of the money that Sugar Land obtained by the awardings, – that not even occurred by licitation. The bribes disguised like legitimate payments by technical services and of maintenance. As it is to be expected the reaction of the CFE was to define itself of the facts alleging that never it had knowledge of these acts, and until it interposed a penal denunciation that gave rise to the previous inquiry 136/2009 against that is responsible for corruption acts which they involve the American companies, which will be in charge of the Office of the public prosecutor for Crimes Committed by servants public of the PGR. Nevertheless, documents of one cut federal of the United States, assure that ABB informed at least into these facts to the Mexican authorities from 2004, when the company discovered this bribe and alerted to the Department of Justice of the United States and to Mexican authorities. The subject does not have for when to finish and in many cases is spoken in which Light and Force of the Center also participated in contracts with this company of Swiss origin; what by the way, its extinction justifies according to the federal Executive according to the presidential decree of the 11 of October. But the question is in the air, will be really the Federal Commission of Electricity company of world-wide stature?