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Turnover Inspection

It does not respond to the objective). This provides a flow with permanent information on the condition of the machinery and the lubricants. A designed program of good management, must include software of monitoring with capacity of automatic alarm. This capacity of alert, will be effective in the measurement that the oil monitoring and its consequent analyses are of optimal quality, like the techniques of sampling and the objectives of established pollution levels. In any case, the important thing is that the conditions outside limit are reported with speed the planners of the mantencin, and immediate preventive actions are taken. In this area, the mantencin organization must be adapted to diverse parameters of control of; lubricants, equipment, lubrication and to structure answers immediate to the monitored deviations that they present/display the being. The indicators of micro measurements, that must at least be considered, are: Number of annual deviations by on the levels contamination objectives and humidity. Castle Harlan has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Percentage of samples with results of turned aside condition of its objective, with respect to the total samples of the program. Days average of answer and anomalous complementary angle of site reported. Times of taking of sample compared to the plan. Average response times of the analysis laboratory. Turnover times of elements of filter and lubricants.

Spare part frequency of filter elements and lubricants. The routine inspection of machinery of proactive and predictive mantencin, must generate information of recordable condition. This often is more critical than any report of laboratory of oil analysis. Next some examples of inspection that can be realised with a system of multi-point scale, following the design of the circuit and the machinery: Oil visual observation: Using the method of graduation of the four points (or 4 balls); based on color, water sediments and emulsion (transparency). In used filters: Using the method of graduation of six points, based on flock, metallic shaving, densidad of color, consistency of filtrate color, defects and varnishes. Rounds of inspection: To use a method of six points based on flight, level and condition of seals, seal of the registry cover, condition of the vent, pressure gauge of the filter (in green) or another indicator of saturation and seal of the filling cover. Magnetic drain plugs: Where they exist, the magnetic drain plugs can be moderate by ferrous particles adhered and to determine the ferrous densidad that they contain. Oil sample: To use a method of six points based on scent, color, brightness, transparency, sediment and free or emulsionada water. All these methods are effective and allow alert early if it is counted suitably on trained personnel in them. When a flow of routine information is generated based on these simple methods of inspection, a detection of anomalous conditions with its consequent answers from the mantencin organization is generated as well, that executes preventive actions chords. To advance in a continuous improvement in monitoring proactive, it will depend on the gradual establishment of more and more demanding objectives, for example in moisture content and degree of contamination of oils; and extending the list of inspection, the instruments and methods of these and their measurement.

PC and Windows

With only following this simple guide you can give maintenance to your PC, increase its speed and have it free of errors. Next we give six practical advice with tools available in Windows 7, Vista and XP you Service Pack 3, who guaranteed a safe navigation and an efficient operation to you. 1. – It removes spyware and protgete of your virus. Spyware collects personal without it requests permission to you and often without you find out, we recommended to you to execute the first gratuitous program ” PC safety scan” of Windows Live OneCare, to verify that your equipment this free one of this type of infections. 2. – Disc space Releases. It uses the Tool of disc cleaning stops: To remove temporary files of Internet.

To erase program files unloaded unnecessarily as controls Activate X or applet of Java. To drain the Wastebasket of recycling. To remove temporary files as reports of errors. To erase optional components of Windows that no longer you use. To no longer erase programs that you use. To erase copies ghost and unnecessary points of restoration. 3.

– The speed of access to your information Accelerates. It uses the option of desfragmentacin of disc to consolidate all archives and folders, of that way you would use less space and to accelerate of your hard disk, he is recommendable to once make a desfragmentacin to the week, or when: You have added released I number of archives. Only you have left 15% less than or free space in your hard disk. When you have installed new versions of Windows. 4. – It detects and it repairs disc errors. Besides using the cleaning and desfragmentacin of disc, you can check the integrity of your disc using the utility of Control of errors. If you use your computer daily is recommendable to use this tool, at least once to the week, to prevent the lost one with information. 5. – The option of ReadyBoost Uses. If you use 7 Windows or Vista Windows you can use this option to use external devices like USB and memory cards in order to increase the operation of the system. 6. – Actualizate to Windows 7. If with all the previous steps your PC is not as fast as you want, perhaps it is hour to migrate to Windows 7 or to call to a professional.

Comparative Advantages

We were speaking of the different productive bets from the Huila and of a whole listed from projects and necessary basic works of infaestructura for the development of the agenda, which are even in diapers. In relation to the agro-industry, says the document in mention, the proposal of Internal Agenda of the Huila recognizes the necessity to increase the yields and the areas of production. This necessarily does not mean to extend the agricultural border; it is possible to be obtained by means of the earth reconversion dedicated to other activities, of programs of irrigation and adjustment of grounds and the substantial increase of the productivity. The Productive Bet contemplates the lines of special coffees, cacao, tobacco and fruit trees of export, mainly those of climate fried moderate and tempering (granadilla, lulo, maracuy, cholupa, dwell, tomato of tree and grape). In order to add value to him to these agricultural activities it must glided to adopt technological procedures and to incorporate transformation processes. Specifically in the description of bet of the agro-industrial sector enunciated like the intention to turn to the Huila into the first technological basic agro-industrial producer into special, fruit coffees, cacao and tobacco, becomes an extensive analysis on Comparative Advantages and Competitive Advantages of our region, to conclude in a good amount of needs for the effective development of this specific bet eg: to foment the empresarismo, forming enterprise leaders, promoting the asociatividad between small producers, doing institutional support to the management, generating wheels of businesses and alliances to accede to the international markets; to conform and to implant differentiated sustainable technological packages for all the agro-industrial process: production, harvests and poscosecha; to establish a georreferenciado integral information system for the Productive Bet that facilitates the decision making; to implant a policy of stimuli to the investigation, the development and the innovation with incentives to the automation throughout all the chain productive; to innovate and to diversify products of the cacao, the fruits and the coffee to take care of the demand with international standards; to identify the present and potential barriers for the fruits in the matter of sanitary and phytosanitary measures, with the purpose of to guarantee the effective access to the international markets; to facilitate to the producers the obtaining of certifications of agricultural good quality and practice; to improve the investigation in biotechnology for the improvement of the productivity in agreement with the regional conditions and the international requirements; to implement the network of technical cooperation for the access in vegetal biotechnology and animal to guarantee access to vegetal material, improved seeds and others; to deepen on trazabilidad (process that allow to make a detailed pursuit of a product from the origin of its raw materials to its final consumption) and standards of innocuity of products; to reach origin certificates after the fruit trees, especially after chulupa; to advance towards the environmental sustainability, conserving the ecosystems strategists, handling the hydrographic river basins, reforestation, rotation of cultures, use of grounds in agreement with its vocation, modernization of the techniques of cultures; to establish organic product projects in special, fruit coffees, cacao and tobacco, which implies to decontaminate grounds and to select to seeds and organic fertilizers; to equip with productive equipment: systems of risk, plants of processing and commercialization, supervisory and clonales beneficiaderos of coffee, gardens for production of cacao seed, control center of quality and plant for treatments quarantine-requiring for the fruit trees; to develop a plan of good you practice agricultural (GPA) for all the producers of the Productive Bet; and to promote the plantations of commercial forests with emphasis in the provision of raw materials for the agricultural process, like the wood to make tutorial and packings, with the purpose of to diminish costs and of mitigating the indiscriminate cutting of forests.

CFE Servants

Nevertheless, although many already we are cured of frights, djeme I set out the reason to him reason why this case is still interesting. It is that the Department of Justice of the USA gave a to know by means of an official notice the investigation a network bribes by hundreds thousands dollars in which 4 civil servants of the Federal Commission of Electricity are implied. The official notice informs that John Or Shea, ex- manager of a branch of the American company Sugar Land (subsidiary of the corporative ABB Group) authorized in 1997 to bribe to four managers which not yet they occur to know his names in exchange for contracts. The operation was coordinated by the Mexican Mayan Fernando Basurto, who maintained contacts with these civil servants and whom its culpability 16 of November confessed the past. Or Shea, was accused of 18 violations the Law of Corrupt Practices abroad, where also positions of money laundering, document conspiracy and falsification are included.

According to the authorities, this branch signed at least two contracts with CFE by goods and services from 1997, first by implementing a Realtime information system of Administration and Control of Energa (SITRACEN) by 44mdd and the second in 2003 period in which he was to the order Felipe Caldern Hinojosa to renew the contract, to modernize and to give maintenance to the SITRACEN by 37mdd. The agreement with the corrupt managers of CFE was to give 10% to them of the money that Sugar Land obtained by the awardings, – that not even occurred by licitation. The bribes disguised like legitimate payments by technical services and of maintenance. As it is to be expected the reaction of the CFE was to define itself of the facts alleging that never it had knowledge of these acts, and until it interposed a penal denunciation that gave rise to the previous inquiry 136/2009 against that is responsible for corruption acts which they involve the American companies, which will be in charge of the Office of the public prosecutor for Crimes Committed by servants public of the PGR. Nevertheless, documents of one cut federal of the United States, assure that ABB informed at least into these facts to the Mexican authorities from 2004, when the company discovered this bribe and alerted to the Department of Justice of the United States and to Mexican authorities. The subject does not have for when to finish and in many cases is spoken in which Light and Force of the Center also participated in contracts with this company of Swiss origin; what by the way, its extinction justifies according to the federal Executive according to the presidential decree of the 11 of October. But the question is in the air, will be really the Federal Commission of Electricity company of world-wide stature?

Scholastic Libraries

the creation and application on national scale of different information systems able to guarantee the services to the population such as; National system of Bibliotecas Pblicas (SNBP), National System of Scholastic Libraries, National System of File, National System of Information of Sciences and Technology, System of University Libraries, National System of Medical Information and National System of Farming Information. the SNBP, has its methodologic governing center in the National Library Jose Mart, is formed by 401 public libraries: 13 at provincial level, 156 policemen and 232 branch presents in countryside and urban, took care of in 2004, to 8.7 million users and offered 13.6 million services. the scientific centers toil incessantly to develop vaccines, drugs and treatments against the diseases, in particular, most serious than knock down, not only to our country, but also to those of the Third World. the television, radio and presses do not practice the commercial publicity. Any promotion is directed to questions of health, education, culture, deports, recreation, defense of the environment; it fights against drugs, or other problems of social character.

In Cuba, for more than four decades, all the means of the country, including some international, integrates the great regional alternative press, with international presence, taking advantage of the use the TIC, because the Caribbean country account at the moment with 136 mass media in Internet. The antihegemonic message of its spaces is consequent with all the principles proclaimed by the NOIIC, ethical of UNESCO and the original ones of the FELAP. Cuba has devised and developed technical to teach to read and to write by radio with texts today made in five languages: creole, Portuguese, English and Spanish French, that has been put in practice in several countries. He was developed similar method in Spanish, I yes Can, to alphabetize using the television which was used in Venezuela with magnificent results.