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BCC Message

When applied to a job through email, there are a couple of options. You can write your cover letter directly into an e-mail message and then write your resume and attach it (as a Microsoft Word attachment is the best option). Or as another option, you can attach your leaf life and cover letter as a separate e-mail address documents. It is good to send a copy to yourself (use the BCC field to this: in your email program). That way you’ll have a copy for your records. When you send your cover letter in the body of the email, be sure to include your contact information (address of your email address, phone number, etc.) in your signature, since so it is easier for the human resources director to get in touch with you.

Name of your resume keep a copy of your resume, including your name in the document, i.e. SuNombre.doc. In this way is easy to identify that the document belongs to you. Subject of the message must include the position you are applying for and your name. Example: Graphic designer / Alfonso Lopez. Signature includes your contact information (address of e-mail, phone number, etc) in your signature, so you is easy to the human resources director to get in touch with you. Online is very simple application apply to jobs on the internet through a page of employment such as, Monster, Careerbuilder, or directly on the website of the company.

All you have to do is follow the instructions. You will upload your resume or copy and paste the information from your resume online. You can also upload a cover letter. Once again, follow the instructions and this will guide you in the process. What to do (and what not to do) follow the instructions. Employers want you to do what they ask for and not have much tolerance for candidates who do not follow the rules. If the announcement of employment says send to send your resume as a PDF file, do not send a Word document. Convert the document to a PDF file, with tools like PrimoPDF. If the instructions say to include a cover letter, write one or not will be considered for the vacancy. Be very careful. The option of streams that is built into many email programs (where the program automatically fills the email address of who assumes you are writing) is dangerous. I know of many candidates that they were not paying attention and accidentally ended up sending his resume to his boss. This is one of the reasons why must dedicate an email account just for job search. Do not send a resume without a message. Several times I have received too many resumes attached to an e-mail message. In some cases, I have no idea what the person who is sending you want me to do with your resume. Make sure that in your message of email the why you are sending sheet of life and what is the job you are applying. And finally remember to not use a blocker of spam which requires that persons who are not in your address book please visit a site on the internet and fill out a form before that they can send you a message. No sense doing someone that wants it contact may need to go through this long process to send a message about an employment opportunity. We must seize all opportunities you have!


Family: The support of the people close to us is essential, so we should count them at the outset which our intentions and not give us fear, nor punishment, are requesting support and collaboration. Professional: By this I mean a professional to which we return each time in the offline world or a professional in the online world, which in my case was that it chose, for ease of time since I can go in the timetable that suits me and it is also more economical and therefore I recommend the program to the which I belong, that is called smart goals, in which I have a Coach and a Mentor who is willing to help me and they have prepared a series of modules ideal for the process of growth and many more resources that have helped me enormously and why you recommend it, believe me that the change that is achieved from the first module is surprising. Step 4: Organization in the vast majority of cases we throw the towel or abandon our desire for self-improvement and lose motivation, by situations or disorganized areas of our lives. For example, many times have left something started because you don’t have time?, but have tried it really try to accommodate that need, at the time you have? do you have performed an analysis of that you are occupying your time, to identify some unimportant actions in which you are wasting time and you could replace these other important actions you want to take? As well as the time, the money is another aspect that usually stops us and that probably is You can solve with a little organization in your accounts, so long-term, I assure you that more debt you have, just identify them, organize them and generate a plan of action to fix that part of your life, is already motivating enough to go ahead and if it persists in the plan that you’ve armed with security will come the moment that economic concerns will disappear.


Today's most popular and affordable means of organization of telecommunications remains a channel E1 / G.703 (2,048 Mbit / s), which, among other things, can be used to deliver the sound from the studio to the transmitter. To do this you must convert the audio signal into digital form and to "pack" it into a stream of El, and then do the reverse conversion. In E1 channel can accommodate stereo sound without compression of audio data, it takes about 1.5 Mbit / sec. Also via E1 can send multiple stereo program: for compression in the ISO / MPEG 111 723 (Layer 2) is sufficient to have 256 kbit / s for the program. In the channel remains valid for more information RDS-encoder, command and data management transmitter complex. To transfer audio broadcasting programs and additional data communication channels in E1 by Digiton SYSTEMS (St. Petersburg) has been developed and successfully put into operation equipment DIGILINE.

These simple to use and ready-to-work units provide the audio signal compression standard MPEG ISO / IEC 11 723 Layer 2 or no compression. Equipment is DIGILINE highly specialized equipment, it was developed specifically for audio, but because today is the standard in the construction of lines of STL (Studio Transmitting Link), as it provides the highest quality sound and minimal distortion in the conversion. 13 Depending on the modification of equipment DIGILINE it can be used to organize the transfer from one to four stereo signals. In this case the transmission of a signal from the user have the choice to pass it in uncompressed or compressed. 13 of the first case, the signal will take about 1,5 Mbit / s, the second from 256 kbit / s and higher for the program. To connect sources and consumers of sound signals is symmetric DIGILINE analog and digital inputs and outputs AES/E13U. When you pass one or two signals codecs work in full duplex mode, and with more to give to work a couple of encoder / decoder.

Reduce Cellulite

Legs and thighs are a common problem area in women who suffer from cellulite. 90% Of women suffer from cellulite on hips, thighs and buttocks. I can assure that all them would reduce cellulite, and fast! Unfortunately, many women are seeking a miracle cure and end up losing a lot of money on anti cellulite creams and other totally false tricks. These anti-cellulite treatment are not a lasting solution and only cover the problem for a short time. This article will show you some simple tricks to reduce cellulite in legs and thighs without spending money on costly and ineffective products. First, you should know that there are no toxins in cellulite.

There are no problems of circulation, there is no excess water stored, nothing. Cellulite is exactly like any other fat in your body. The irregular appearance is due to that the soft fat lumps through the connective tissue under the skin. Given that women have more thin skin on the legs and the buttocks, becomes even more remarkable. Treatment of cellulite that offer some creams, are ineffective, the only thing achieved is to lose so much money you cost win. The function of these anti cellulite products is cause swelling in the skin temporarily tightening the area, which makes that cottage cheese look less noticeable for a short time. They really can do nothing to reduce cellulite.

Ask your doctor if you are not convinced. Obviously, this is not a practical way to reduce cellulite in legs. As soon as you stop using the product, you are back to the starting point, but with less money in your pocket. To reduce cellulite actually what you need to focus on the causes, not the symptoms. The main causes of cellulite are usually due to an overproduction of hormones, wrong food intake, and lack of certain types of exercise. These causes are often interrelated and increase your cellulite. To combat these causes, carry out a training program focused on cellulite and some simple changes in diet, they can do wonders. If done correctly, you can tighten and tone the muscles and the skin around the cellulite and reduce harmful hormones. This has a better outcome with a specific program designed for women with this problem. An effective program will put your body in fight against cellulite, and may reduce the visible cellulite in just a few weeks. You don’t need intense cardiovascular exercises. Squat is a good compound exercise that works of several muscles in the legs and buttocks. Like these, resistance exercises have demonstrated control hormonal problems and human growth hormones have been delivered in larger quantities. When used in combination with some food replacements, can be excellent and fast results. To put your body into a State of fight against cellulite, it is rebuilding collagen, skin tightening and toning your muscles. Do a favor and leave the trophism anti cream. This is the only way proven to reduce cellulite forever, rather than just cover it up. More information on cellulite ever more natural cellulite cure never more


This question you can help be aware every moment of what you learn, it’s something very useful and is a great personal resource. A more normal trend that has the mind is to look for answers, it is a mechanism that leads us to want to make sense of what we hear and that is triggered with each question. Feel that we learn is one of the most satisfying sensations, we want our experience to be useful. Ask yourself what learning in every experience makes that experience may have some positive value even if the content of the experience is considered negative. Over the years will help you to know that every experience gave you knowledge. Questions like this installed mechanisms called filters, and are very useful in these cases.

The Neurolinguistic programming studies among other topics one called presuppositions of language, which consists of analyzing what you need be considered true to that language makes sense. The question that we are considering here assumes that every experience you can extract useful knowledge. NLP offers us many tools to change behaviors and improve communication. Understanding these tools opens many doors for achieving objectives and targets quickly. Learn more about neuro-linguistic programming in our NLP Americas original author site and source of the article