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ATV Technology

Certainly everyone in the world, we need every available holiday to him, regardless of sex or age. At the same time it should be noted that some high-quality way to spend this holiday will turn out to be uniquely depend in the near future it is working. There is a lot of ways to make their own, such needs rest or vacation. Also in this case clearly proper to be mentioned that the effective relaxation near the TV is absolutely not name. Because then must periodically go out of the city and organize your own holiday is in the nature. Such a method, but also implies an inexhaustible number of numerical variations, but in each case, this type of vacation on a mandatory basis should be active. For example, really play a variety of sports, though this option is not suitable in every weather, and especially not in whatever time of year.

But for those who would like regardless of the weather but apart from this time of year and to have the opportunity not only highly active to spend your holidays, but also at the same time experience the adrenaline rush, there is this unique opportunity, which is not suitable solely for adults, but also the kids. Certainly this should be explicitly only to buy ATV. In general, with such a moment, not just in fact be a unique chance to feel absolutely wonderful all the benefits of technology, but also to fully rest on nature, but in a literal sense to modify their own real life for the better. Taking into account that the actual does not require a driver's license in order to drive freely, namely, to overcome the Russian off-road, to date, no small ATVs won popularity, which obviously continues to grow like a snowball with every year. So do not find anything striking in principle that a huge number of our compatriots have the desire to choose their ATVs, and thus add to his gray life, a little much-needed extreme. ATV now, could become a reliable friend in which you want travel, because it is equipped with absolutely everything that is obviously only just able to completely overcome the need rover off road.

In this case, a very great sorrow, some of befall the acquisition as well as proper and affordable technology. And it is no secret that this problem is even possible to easily neutralized. To do this, only a must have access to the Internet. That there should be elementary to find a portal, the main area of work which is selling ATVs. Definitely through this web portal, a unique opportunity, not leaving home, being in a warm and quiet environment, to analyze many different types, and make their own choices in favor of absolutely any of the available quad. Having decided to get on this particular web site, the appropriate ATV, fully convinced of the potential to be not just only as provided by the technology, but also that the purchase of the same quality ATV at a lower price, obviously not real. In principle, all Laid-site equipment is certified. In addition, mandatory to mention another advantage that has emerged from almost anyone who would go on such a portal. Specifically which will be that offered no difficulties to acquire children's ATVs. This kind of acquisition would be unbeatable on the right gift for each child. A peculiarity due to construction of ATVs, worries about the health of their own child's definitely not necessary. In addition, the principle does not cause any problems and of course learning skating on se SUV.

Security Appliance

Weight of protection should be as low as possible while ensuring the necessary rigidity and strength. Therefore, its value in the existing protections in the range 7-15 kg, which does not significantly increased load on the front axle. The security appliance casing shape and dimensions of security arrangement in her various holes and mounting locations are determined by design of the car. The holes are needed to: attachment to the body, drain the oil from the engine and gearbox; ventilation. Fixing protection by means of: standard and special bolts, nuts, washers, different, etc. transitional bracket required in the case where power components of the body are high.

Their strength must be sufficient to withstand the load during the impact, legs, made of strips of metal welded to it, traverses a rigid profile, eg pipes. Additional elements of design: cushioning pads mounted on the protection of areas located closest to the engine, gearbox and body elements. This is due to the fact that after the bounce the gap between protection and sump may decrease or become zero. Then, coming into contact with the engine, it makes quite an unpleasant sound (to restore the defense has to turn down the gap down the mount), metal or plastic side wings, set on defense, protecting the engine compartment from dirt. Types of decorative coatings.

Most domestic manufacturers of steel protective covers its products with powder epoksipoliefirnoy paint hot curing. Such coverage is fairly durable in a neat ride. Cheap products for domestic cars paint nitroenamels usual. But even the best quality coverage is not can withstand the mechanical stress, such as running over the curb while parking. Protection of structural steel – relatively cheap material 2-3 mm thick – were most common. Plasticity allows you to have on the product by stamping ribs. Such protection can be easily editing in the case of deformation on impact. Protection of aluminum lighter than steel, but about five times more expensive. So basically They are placed on sports cars, where weight is critical. For the protection of manufacturing is used as a soft alloy aluminum and heat-treated (duralumin) D16T or B95. On the strength of duralumin is not inferior to steel, but a low ductility can not punch ribs. The design of such protection is most often a flat sheet of a thickness of 7-10 mm with a few slight bends and cross-holes for mounting and ventilation. Heat-protection straighten after hitting much harder. Plastic protection made of composite materials consisting of a base – the reinforcing fibers and binder – resin. As a basis more often use of fiberglass, at least – ugletkan (carbon), which is more expensive and less technological. The most resistant composite material for protection – Kevlar fabric, designed for body armor, but its high price limits application. For specific strength of glass and carbon fiber is 1.5-fold, and Kevlar – 2.5 times greater than steel, which allows us to protect better. However, composites do not take concentrated loads. When hit by a sharp object resin crumbles, and fibers that have lost support, break down. Therefore, the thickness of the composite protections must be increased to 8-12 mm, which reduces their weight advantage. Composite protection simultaneously perform the function of the anther, as completely cover the bottom of the engine compartment. Manufacturing technology allows us to give them any shape, but they are more expensive than steel. High strength fibers, increased thickness of the trough and the shape makes them very hard. If the composite crankcase is cracked, it can not be restored.

Honda Crosstour

Representation in Russia, Honda announced their prices for new vehicles: a sedan – Accord and crossover – Crosstour. On April 16, these machines will go on sale. On the basic configuration cost Honda Crosstour – 1 million 799 thousand rubles. The most accessible in this line will be – Accord, it price for buyers – 999 000 rub. and for a sedan with a top price bundle is exposed – 1 million 250 thousand rubles. Honda Crosstour – a crossover, which will be powered by 3.5 with a 6-cylinder engine running on gasoline.

With 275 hp power and machine in 5 steps. Accelerates to 'hundreds' in just 8.9 seconds and can reach the maximum speed – 190 km / h. (Electronically limited). Crosstour has only one, but rather a rich package bundle: 'side and front airbags;' curtains for security; 'on-board computer,' Stability, 'Electric and heating mirrors,' four power windows; 'electrical front seats;' front and rear seats heating; 'sunroof;' system against theft; 'climate control,' rims 17 – inch, 'shestidiskovy changer for MP3-audio, subwoofer and six speakers. As before, the new Honda Accord sedan will be available from two engines running on gasoline, '2.0, whose power – 156 hp,' 2.4, whose power – 200 hp Basic equipment Honda Accord: 'the whole set of airbags,' stability 'immobilizer,' MP3-audio system, which includes six speakers, 'heated front seats.

'Climate control, Plus, Accord can be ordered with up to complete a rearview camera and navigation system. And in Russia, recently began selling a new Honda Jazz. Compare these models with the new Honda CR-V. Cars of one manufacturer, but how different from each other. Among the models of Honda can always choose suitable to their requests and preferences. See, compare, choose, buy, Use with pleasure. .

Express Oil Change

Express Oil Change, it is not difficult, but at the same time, a procedure that plays an important role for your car. Express technology, this technology using special equipment. This approach is an oil change is without prejudice, even if the defect drain plug. By the time of rapid oil change takes 20-minutes to the 15ti. Typically kspress oil change is performed in several stages.

The first step is the pumping of oil from engine with a special oil pan, the remaining life of the oil control specific probe. In the second stage is carried out flushing the engine oil, wash, and then give birth to a car for a few minutes to flushing oil remains cleared. After that, as with the oil sump is pumped flushing oil. In conclusion, all these procedures, replacing the oil filter and fill new oil. The first launch after an oil change is very important because at this point, the oil can not be distributed as soon as all the mechanical parts. Therefore, preferably before the first start to scroll the starter several times to pump the oil pumped oil in all parts of the system. Oil change should be carried out every 8000 miles, otherwise it increases wear and failure of mechanical parts. Reliability of your car depends on your care These, as well as environmental indicators and depending on the engine oil. Oil changes are recommended at specialized stations that have this license. Just qualified help you find the best variant of motor oil for your car. We must always remember that the choice of oil as well as very important each manufacturer their demands, which simply must be respected if you wish keep your car.