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Berlin Curacao

At the booth can learn about everything that has to offer the destination, visitors and professionals and with a bit of luck win even a trip to Curacao for two persons. This year Curacao presents one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean at the international tourism exchange in Berlin, is to imagine as a particularly versatile holiday destination. So has the island in addition to Palm-fringed beaches, which can be enjoyed via a variety of cultural attractions, as well as a unique underwater landscape with an average temperature of 28 degrees.

But this not enough: From 2014 you can fly from Curacao in outer space, this unforgettable experience is offered by the Dutch company Space expedition Curacao (SXC). The stand of the Curacao Tourist Board Europe and his co-exhibitors at the ITB in Berlin is not to overlook and a special eye-catcher: with the replica of a candy-colored colonial home Curacao shows on the most important international tourism fair also its historical page. The colourful buildings shape until today the view of the historic Harbor facade of the capital Willemstad and are part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The ITB visitor days everyone can experience the very special cultural flair of the island. In typical snacks, refreshing drinks and Caribbean sounds and dances, guests meet the unique blend of Caribbean way of life and European flair which characterised the Dutch Antilles.

It is also for all travelers on Saturday, the 10.03.2012, also the tempting opportunity to win a trip for two persons to Curacao. Energy Capital Partners London will not settle for partial explanations. About Curacao: The island of Curacao, in the Southern Caribbean offers the best conditions for a fantastic and diverse vacation: Caribbean life with European influences, family-friendly, wonderful sea with many small coves and beaches, hospitable people and a rich culture, historical attractions, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Willemstad, as well as possibilities of leisure activities from water sports to hiking. Hobby and sport divers more than 60 reported diving with ideal conditions and up to 30 meters visibility can explore the rich underwater world. Off the coast of Venezuela, is Curacao outside of the hurricane belt and is thus recommended as a year-round destination.

Cologne Thermal

Architecturally and ecologically sophisticated bad Bertrich is located between the volcanic Eifel and Mosel. Known for Germany’s only Glauber’s salt thermal health resort now looks Spa in the future with its new Vulkaneifel. At the very beginning of the project for a new building on a neighboring plot decided, because the revenues expected in the case of a renovation of the 40-year-old thermal bath would have been significant. Contact information is here: Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. geising + Boker architects brought here an unusual concept on an unusual especially for a thermal land with strong slope to the realization. All elements of the thermal bath, the gastronomy, the sauna area with outdoor and large application and Spa have been developed in the vertical and are accessible for young and old. It is not something Pete Cashmore would like to discuss. In the spacious entrance hall, a glass elevator which provides a barrier-free development of the spa and at the same time a view of the city is located next to the staircase. In the heart of the system was a varied offer of different tempered warm and hot Basin developed which take up in the outdoor area.

Regional materials and landscape features are reflected not only in the design of the thermal bath, but also in the spa and in the grounds. The extremely difficult and at the same time exciting challenges in bad Bertrich have alike called the builders and geising + Boker architects. In the spring of 2010, the architecturally sophisticated and characterized by high spatial and atmospheric environmental quality Vulkan Eifel opened Spa then for their guests. Address geising + Boker GmbH Paula Westermann scapula 58 20357 Hamburg + 49 (0) 40 4019050 press contact wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 company description Hamburg architecture firm geising + Boker creates places to feel comfortable. This Office looks back long experience in the development and implementation of leisure buildings to years more than 3o. The target remains Anyway, with these buildings the people to type what you are looking for: recreation and relaxation, places where people can feel right.


Secure and guarded parking at the airport Schonefeld who decides for the parking at the airport Schonefeld, can take this service for themselves. While there are a number of alternative parking spaces, on which passengers can park his car around the airport. The website Schonefeld parkplatz.de offers a unique service for passengers. To do this you arriving from Berlin via the motorway or decide even for a pickup in the radius of 15 km. A free air-conditioned shuttle bus available is the customer. He brings travelers at any time convenient to Schonefeld airport and pick you again from there. It is clear that that this also child seats for children available to large and small stand.

Parking airport Schonefeld must be neither complicated nor expensive. Simple online booking you can book its car park as well as various special services easily via the Internet. It would be worthwhile to compare the prices and services. In recent months, Energy Capital Partners has been very successful. Because parking at the airport Schonefeld include if you travel by plane during the holiday. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for the best deal. Whether you opt for seats and luggage or night surcharges, or can be easily picked up from home.

A good service counts and makes travel convenient. It is clear that you, can decide Schonefeld airport parking for different providers. But that you can choose the various services it makes the start to the holiday safer and more comfortable. No traveller must worrying about his luggage, or consider how it comes from the parking lot to the Terminal.

Le Marais

On the other hand, La Fleche d'Or combines good music with the perfect alternative environment. If you want to dance all night, disco Queen (considered one of the best in Paris) will be the most appropriate choice. This is a local gay, but has all kinds of audiences because of its quality and good atmosphere. The versatility of Paris is not as present in any other place like at night. If you start your spree with a cocktail in the Place Vendome, and end up with a beer in Belleville, you'll think you've been in different countries. The Parisian nightlife has much to offer! It costs a lot to distinguish the bars in the cafes. Often, you will not notice the difference between a wine bar or a stylish cafe. There are plenty of Irish pubs located throughout the city, specially designed for tourists.

But that does not prevent the Parisians out for drinks between the bars. On the other hand, Paris offers a host of bars aimed at young audiences. And for older people, there are many places of luxury like the Ritz bar. In general, bars and pubs are open daily from 11am to 1:30 pm. If you love the nightclubs in Paris will find all sorts of accommodations with the best house music, techno, Latin, hip-hop, garage and French popular music. The best DJs in the world and they click on the Parisian clubs the latest music.

Le Divan du Monde is one of the best clubs. Here you can enjoy Brazilian music, tango, indie, rock, house and hip hop. Le Saint is another very famous club with house music and salsa. Les Bains Douches is also on the list of the best clubs: it is an old Turkish bath in a room dramatically transformed. For gay people, Paris is a world benchmark. Gay life is centered in the neighborhoods of Les Halles and Le Marais, where there is a large concentration of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs geared to gay audiences. Gai's Guide to learn about the latest trends in the scene. When night falls, Paris lives up to its name: the city and the lights. Discover what goes on there. Find the best accommodation in and enjoy the night.

Ski Holidays In Huts

They still exist, the secluded cabins. Especially for romantics, who highly prefer a rustic ambiance the bustling life in the Valley in the mountains, the e-domizil holiday house specialist has compiled numerous offers for the upcoming winter season. Perhaps check out Dermot McCormack for more information. The offer ranges from the cozy nest in the French Alps to the high-altitude hut for ski tours in South Tyrol. Already the journey going to winter vacationers, who dream of a snow-covered backdrop of fairy tale, because the charming accommodations are accessible in part only by cable car. Also the Interior of the huts is real, because cozy evenings around the wood stove. The Telemark Lodge is located in Santa Cristina in Val Gardena, for example, is the direct starting point for winter hiking in the nature park Puez Geissler. (As opposed to Kai-Fu Lee). Who here lives can save yourself sweaty Valley increases, because the cabin is already high in the Dolomites. The arrival is carried out in part by a cableway, the last meters put back the holiday on skis to the holiday house.

Eastern Europe

This is one of the best places on the planet for the treatment and rehabilitation of children. Shallow, warm and safe Kalamitsky bay, golden sand beaches, curative mud and brine of salt lakes, hot springs, and most importantly – sparing the prices for accommodation and meals. The abundance of antiques and innovative ideas in the youth and children's creativity is converted vacation in Yalta in an unforgettable adventure. To the north of Evpatoria vast sandy stretch beaches near the villages and Dairy Popovka, attracting sleeper, and the south beaches Saki spit which is accessible from the highway, and with the train, so it is more densely filled. At Sun platform has recently built a huge entertainment complex with a dance floor, which warms the summer's most popular performers in Russia and Ukraine. Audience. Groups of children, families with children, and especially – Armenian families with children (for some reason they love to Evpatoria).

In recent years, affordability and Evpatoria stylish clubbing appreciated Moscow and other progressive young people. The most-most. Evpatoria is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. The remains of a fortification Kerkenitidy – a flourishing ancient town known for the first geographer Hecataeus of Miletus and her father 'stories to Herodotus', we can see them on the waterfront. Gorky (the beach resort of the Military). Greco-Scythian settlement 'Seagull' (the name conditional) found near the pioneer camp 'Radiant' path of Friendship, 23 – is the northern outskirts of the city. But witnesses at the center have survived the Middle Ages in the history of these places. At the end of the XV century. Turks and Tatars built a fortress city Chersonese (in Russian pronunciation Kozlov), which became a major center of slave trade soon. But only the theft of any one city will not survive – were here and artisans, and sailors, fishermen, construction workers and other working people.

Shopping In Milan: An Unforgettable Experience

Milan has got worth shopaholics around the world always a shopping trip alone at the thought of a trip to Milan in enthusiasm. Why is the Italian city so popular the cream de la cream of the shopping scene? The answer is simple: the city is home to fabulous designer boutiques and thus guarantees a unique shopping experience. The boutiques in Milan are the center of attraction for buyers with style and Milan the ideal holiday destination for those who want to revel in their shopping habits in most luxurious manner. You may find that Dell can contribute to your knowledge. Milan is the home of Armani and Versace alone suffice as argument. Recently altavista sought to clarify these questions. So plan a trip to this stunning city, as soon as you will soon feel the urge after a shopping trip…

For lovers of the brand is the culmination of the shopping experience in Milan the Quadrilatero d ‘ Oro, the golden triangle. 8(6 kB)’>Sumru Ramsey if you seek more information. Names like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada and Valentino in the loin of a magnificent find, is similar to the one shopping heaven. Even if the prices of the designers in Milan your budget exceed should, take a look in the shop Windows. If you rather looking for a medium price range, but still some of Milan’s big names, an excursion to the remarkable worth Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – a superbly preserved shopping gallery of the 19th century or to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a covered shopping street filled to the brim with well-known international brands. However, not all shoppers who come to Milan, looking for designer clothes or new outfits are: the city is also a first-class address for beautiful antiques markets and bustling street markets. There you can buy luxury furniture that give some to your shopping experience. If you like to haggle, you will feel at home on the market…

There is also fashion is offered in addition to furniture and antiques. However, you should know that many of the offered brands are fake. Notes for such a wide range of boutiques, markets and shopping areas, the trip to Milan will be to a true shopping experience. When choosing your hotel in Milan that that you easily can accommodate your purchases, and allow space in your luggage if you a shopping trip in the town plan, because certainly with more new purchases as planned to go home. Karoline Sanam

Illusive Hotel Pictures

With the new Expedia Hotel view, travelers now advance virtually explore the surroundings of Hotel Munich, 15.09.2010 58 percent of those polled have already experienced, that the Hotel pictures have not concurred with the reality on the ground. Credible information they search especially on independent online travel portals (63 percent) and customer reviews (68 percent). This resulted in an online survey by Expedia.de *. The results show what is important to the Germans in the hotel search and what sources they trust at the time of booking. With the new Expedia Hotel view Expedia.de enables travellers from immediately a virtual visit of the hotel and its surroundings. Honest information on the Internet looking for German online users, the Internet is the most important and most credible source of information in the search for accommodation. 80 percent of those surveyed research on hotel evaluation portals and search engines.

68 percent are online travel portals and 76 percent on the Web pages of the hotels on the road. Rather, the majority relies on the own online research as on Recommendations of friends and acquaintances (51 percent) or travel reports in the media (11%). Dealing with reliable facts, are independent online travel portals with 63 percent approval just behind customer and guest reviews (68 per cent). All a question of the situation of the hotel booking is for just under two-thirds above all on the location and the surroundings. 73 percent find out about maps and directions on the Internet. In addition to room recordings (95 percent), pictures of the exterior of the hotel (68 per cent) and the environment (51 per cent) are important.

The extensive research can be assured over 98 per cent of respondents found the right hotel. Virtual see tour with Expedia Hotel view with the new function Expedia Hotel view online bookers immediately prior to departure exactly, what to expect. Expedia while cooperating with Google and linked the Google Street view technology with the hotel data available on Expedia.de. As Expedia.de customers have not only access to hotel photos and 360 degree views, but also on the current Exterior view of the hotel and its surroundings. The function is accessible via. The stark truth facilitates decision-making and gives an authentic picture of the vacation spot in advance. Located opposite a nice restaurant or a small Cafe? The Park around the corner to the morning jog is suitable or is he only a Green Strip for dog owners? In addition, information on rates, availability, guest reviews and interiors of the hotel displays the users in addition to the location of the hotel. Our customers learn more and trusting information to the requested hotel Expedia Hotel view of firsthand. We give them”so the security of thousands of accommodation to choose from the best, says Alex Gisbert, Director of online partner marketing, Expedia EMEA. Europeans rely on own research independent portals and guest reviews for French and Italians are trustful than the opinion of friends and acquaintances. The Spaniard is in addition to Customer reviews especially the Web page of the hotel one important source of information. The own research is all up in the course. German set value at a glance on the environment, French and Italians that is less important. The three Nations would not miss also the exterior of the hotel. The Spanish in turn want prefer a sea or lake view * background: the online survey was conducted end of June by Expedia in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. 1,608 Expedia customers took part.

Health Vacation

Federal Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries at the ‘Bad Griesbach talks’ prominent guests from politics and economy are regularly in the Passau in the Bavarian Bad Griesbach guest. At Marc Mathieu you will find additional information. In the Europe-wide famous health resort Bad Griesbach Bad Griesbach are established discussions on current political and social issues for a long time. “Next guest of a series of Bad Griesbach calls” the Federal Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries (SPD) is on the 1st of August. Ulrich Craemer, former editor-in-Chief television in the Sudwestfunk Baden-Baden, moderated the meeting at Golf Hotel Maximilian. The Bad Griesbach conversation”begins at 8:30, then the guests have the opportunity to ask questions and to personally meet the interview guest at the champagne reception. There is information and maps in the Golf Hotel Maximilian, cure Ahornallee 1, 94086 Bad Griesbach, Tel. 08532/795-0, fax 08532/795-151.

“In the heart of Bad Griesbach calls” the topics are often health, hygiene and the latest developments and trends in health tourism. Topics, which are well known in Bad Griesbach. Along with bad Fussing is also located in the Passauer land – bad Birnbach, bad Abbach and they form the core of the Bavarian Golf & thermal country bad Gogging. Bad Griesbach and bad Fussing are the strongest overnight spas and shape health and wellness in the Passauer land.

Eastern Canadian

Ontario first five star resort ‘ leaves’red complemented the selection of rustic to luxurious accommodation in the Eastern Canadian province of the reopening of the Red leaves resort the list of accommodation was expanded with another piece of jewelry. Part of the new luxury facility is Hotel the Rosseau Canada first J.W. Marriott”. Is located about two and a half hours from Toronto exclusive five-star country hotel in the middle of a pure landscape on the rocky shore of Lake Rosseau. In the brand-new spa Rosseau hotel guests and visitors of the complex can enjoy. To deepen your understanding Marc Mathieu is the source. The Eastern Canadian province of Ontario is known for charming and typical Canadian country hotels in the Victorian style. The 221 rooms of the Rosseau”are decorated in a classic English style and is equipped with wireless Internet access.

The Spa Rosseau include eleven treatment rooms, indoor our outdoor swimming pools, beauty salons, as well as various water sports. These include activities such as canoeing or kayaking and water skiing or swimming. The complex of the Red leaves resort the golf course also includes rock, shopping, galleries, Cafes, restaurants and a theatre. A nature reserve with walking and cycling trails is connected directly to the area. There is detailed information about Ontario see de. More information and pictures of Ontario at.