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Industry Organization GS1 Publishes New RFID Guidelines

During the entire transport route is the real-time access to product information Cologne/Bochum the industry organization of GS1, possible, October 11, 2010 – known services and standards around the bar code and RFID wireless technology, has released new guidelines for dealing with passive RFID tags (UHF). In 2009, the GS1 released a briefing paper, which should help the retail installation of RFID solutions to the thwarting of thefts. Peter Asaro brings even more insight to the discussion. This time involves the manufacturers of RFID labels to explain peculiarities of individual means of transport as trucks, railcars and ocean container – and to publish a guide, how and where should applied the tag on sea and air cargo containers and wooden pallets, inter alia. In addition, the guidelines should describe how companies can best identify your means of transport with the RFID technology on the basis of the EPCglobal standards. Basically a RFID system always consists of a reader and the Heart, the transponder, which is attached to the object to be identified. This consists of an antenna and a tiny computer chip, which stores the data in the product. Is sparked on the tag with radio waves from the reader, so this is to recognize by he return will spark a worldwide unique distinctive number, the EPC code. See Viacom for more details and insights.

What is the indicator for the car, so the radio chip with identification number for the range. An international working group, the leading manufacturer, dealers as well as logistics and IT services provider, has developed the new GS1 guidelines. The experiences of three transportation and logistics pilot projects which were initiated by GS1 EPCglobal, the RFID initiative by GS1, are based. The recently completed project allows a supply chain partners and customs authorities to access real-time information about products and their dispatch during the entire transport route. Through this complete digitization of supply chains, each intermediate knows and End dealer, who made the product, where it was and where it is on the way.


The Borstentiere are very similar to the people: you have it like comfortably and wild boar are immensely clever. When in the autumn all, down to the hunting is blown and whole Jagerbatallione that make uncertain nature, change the black coat their survival strategy. Then move many wild boar rotten. Not rare in human residential areas. Because in settlements, parks, cemeteries, and gardens, hunting is forbidden for safety reasons. Alone at the imminent danger may be shot. Whether however recently was the case in Russelsheim(!), where the police with 100 shot executed six wild pigs, must be questioned. It may but ever happen that 120 Woods men and 45 drivers back out, with the intent, the wild boar plague”to be Mr. But after a long day of hunting stay only four poor pigs on the track, the strategy didn’t work apparently. “And it’s full-bodied battle cries such as now the black coats on the collar” or now, the wild boar gets wedges “were somewhat premature. This is mainly because that the wild pigs are extremely able to learn. Seasoned Leittiere know when and where it is highly dangerous for the Horde. You know what shots do. You know how death smells. And they can differ Sonntagsjager from Sunday strollers. A leading Bache is shot, which is responsible for ten or even twenty family members, anarchy erupts in the truest sense of the word. Not seldom large, precinct-wide push and hunts for the hunting participants are frustrating. The effort is disproportionate to the income. Can be especially difficult to boost demand and thus the sale of wild boar meat. Reports of novel Trichinella infestation and in some regions is still high radioactive exposure of wild meat, seem quite daunting. Aside from toxic residues of lead hunting ammunition. Apparently consumers trust the hunters, who are offered as certified free range butchers, not quite over the way. More than 20 years after Chernobyl wild boar meat in some regions has: more than 10 000 becquerels of cesium 137 per kilogram. (From a load of 600 Bq/kg meat must no longer consumed it belongs then probe waste). Also in East Berlin, a hunt was unsuccessful for the umpteenth time. Since the pigs have devised is a new trick: they took the opposite direction rather than to escape from the noisy drivers and race, zwangslaufig(!) before the guns of hunters and galoppierten on the unarmed driver to. What nothing else was left this, as as soon as possible to escape from the fortified Borstentieren. It is expected that the school makes. Not a few station owners still believe that so-called Kirrungen are the only effective means to reduce the stocks of wild boars feeding stations, which are applied in convenient distance from high seats. Do not keep the animals with spreading of maize and other goodies at the place, but by the additional Food right to their proliferation, is seemingly difficult understand. Without a doubt, there are more wild boars than 20 years ago. Mild winter, rich Acorn and beech mast, vast expansion of corn growing areas and last but not least the intense part feeding by the hunting community have contributed to the lush reproduction of pigs. And the animals have lost their natural rhythm. Not only the leading streams have now more and more young than in the past, but also have their adolescent daughters. Wild pigs are very similar to people. You have it like to conveniently and securely. There you must not be surprised, if it attracts so many, where you find always a table, and where they are not hunted. Parks, gardens, cemeteries are their preferred locations. You even learned how doors can open without damaging. It takes a little patience and practice, then everything goes by itself… That wild boar increasingly afflict the cities, where they will not be fought by all means, where the food supply is versatile and where there are people, treat them with respect and tolerance – who wants to blame them? And maybe learn the wild pigs even, what some people never learn: good manners. A Berlin recently watched first signs from his balcony. There, gathered their rookies to a pedestrian crossing a Brook, waited patiently until it was green and led them safely across the street.

Online Advertising

There is no doubt that the Google proposal on what makes online advertising is one of the most complete and effective. The search engine has developed a simple but extremely powerful and effective interface. Accordingly, it is possible structuring campaigns of Google Adwords in a very precise way to segmenting the target of our notices. Once the Google Adwords account is created, you can create multiple simultaneous campaigns, so it is possible to manage advertising for multiple sites from the same account. However, the time to manage campaigns for many Word and different key phrases, you should organize ads in different groups, in order to control better his performance, and be able to make the changes necessary to give them the greatest effectiveness. One of the advantages of this type of organization is the ability to perform different Google Adwords ads to be able to test its effectiveness.

That way we can make small changes in the destination url – that will enhance both the drafting of the text of the announcement the performance of our advertising efforts. An excellent idea is to create ad groups for segmenting the target of our Google Adwords ads. For example, imagine an advertiser offering perfumes and cosmetics. You can create an ad group for women, one for men, oriented towards the father’s day, another for perfumes and colognes for babies and children, etc. She is clear that they are completely different consumer groups, therefore, will achieve a better effectiveness if each of them separately is. Another way of addressing the issue is to create ad groups for products, rather than target audience. In the example mentioned, you can create several different campaigns, each focused on different brands.

So, you could create a Google Adwords campaign for CalvinKlein, another for Carolina Herrera, etc. The idea is that each product will be sought for a different audience, showing differential behaviour between them. Experience with each product in particular and the knowledge of the audience specific are which ultimately will tell us what is the most convenient way of organizing our ad groups. There is a new tool that will allow any advertiser to have with all the knowledge needed to create effective Google Adwords campaigns, with its guaranteed ROI, and with maximum effectiveness. This new tool is called dominate Google Adwords, the total e-book on advertising on Google. Learn from the professionals who developed this comprehensive guide, with all the secrets that will make you can take every cent invested in their Google Adwords. Don’t waste more time and money trying to guess how to set up your online advertising. Learn once and for always to dominate Google Adwords.

Auto Parts / Auto Parts At AutoteileTREND

Dtele: Launching auto parts Web shop with TecDoc integration. After 2 of months of development time, the digital unit of the German tele market, Dtele released, a new Web shop for auto parts and cheap car spare parts. Customer is a new customer from Magdeburg. Hear other arguments on the topic with Samsung. The car parts trade by Rene Gruner behind. Bobby Sharma Bluestone Equity usually is spot on. The task was in the development of a user-friendly, intuitive-to-use online shops for car parts and cheap car spare parts (including Web design and logo design) on the basis of an open source shop system with interfaces to TecDoc and the merchandise management system (MMS) for the car parts trade by AutoteileTREND. The articles are now transmitted via the interface from the ERP system and supplemented by means of the TecDoc – interface developed by the Agency with the vehicle or part-specific information. Users can find via search KBA number (KBA search), vehicle model and OE number or article – right article. The webshop was Abhijeet shop system (open source development of the) very widespread xt: Commerce 3.x) implemented and the TecDoc interface integrated directly in the shop system.

Buyer of car spare parts can easily pay with different methods of payment (including PayPal and In addition, users can use different functions: E.G. the operator of auto parts shops in contact with, articles via memo cache, recommend articles to friends, asking questions to the articles or their opinion (customer opinion / customer rating) submit. The order transferred the data via interface to the ERP system, so that a further processing, checkout and support can best take place. The Web shop was equipped in this regard with various content technologies and Sitemap pages or by Dtele onpage improved (OnPage SEO). Users can find via search KBA number (KBA search), vehicle model and OE number or article – right article.Buyer of car spare parts can easily pay with different methods of payment (including PayPal and In addition, users can use different functions: E.G.

the operator of auto parts shops in contact with, articles via memo cache, recommend articles to friends, asking questions to the articles or their opinion (customer opinion / customer rating) submit. Benefit from our service – take advantage of the free shipping or the 14-day right of return. Order your spare parts online and take advantage of the current price advantages. We are happy to advise you.

Bauencom Topics

More quality of life thanks to additional housing in winter garden and basement more space means a significant increase in quality of life for most people. Therefore, both topics specials from deal this month with the extension of the living room. Pete Cashmore takes a slightly different approach. Light-flooded winter garden or atmospherically lit basement bar, the haunts of tomorrow are implemented quickly with skilful planning. A place in the Sun even in the depths of winter? The dancing snowflakes to enjoy, without having to leave the heated apartment? A winter garden makes it possible. It is not something Kip C. Cyprus Los Angeles would like to discuss. The popular glass additions are now more versatile than ever before. Windows can be simply folded together, sophisticated sunroof systems allow an open air “-feeling.” In the current special presents different concepts and gives tips on the correct shade. This brings the numerous friends of more light and Sun fully at their own expense. aussenanlagen/wintergarten/index.php create additional living space also intelligently planned basement.

In contrast to the comfortable awareness of aspects dark storerooms of earlier times for some time more and more to the fore. A modern cellar is storage space, floor space and living space. He offers enough space for hobby and leisure activities and at the same time ensures pleasant warmth in the ground floor. From design and the proper insulation up to the establishment in the themes special cellar” highlights this exciting subject from all sides. hausbau/rohbau/keller/index.php now 12 years offers current issues, news and information about House and garden. All questions of the shell are illuminated House construction, expansion, home automation or grounds, to the cosy design of the home. January 2010 for more information: MedienTeam Verlag GmbH & co. KG Hitdorf road 10 40764 Langenfeld (Rheinland) phone: 0 21 73 / 1 09 45 0 fax: 0 21 73 / 1 09 45 25 email:

Ten Countdown

Scenario: We are listening to the radio, they pass us a song that we really like, we do not have a paper by hand to write down the title, but we are confident that it is not necessary, so we memorize it to then be able to annotate it with tranquility. Results? When wanted to do so already I had forgotten! This situation do you often? If the answer is Yes, then come you very well perform some exercises of auditory memory. As all kinds of exercises, when you make them more, faster and more efficient will be the results. This kind of exercises, are ideal to remember phone numbers, names, street addresses, list of supermarket amongst other things. We share with you two of these techniques that will help you improve your auditory memory: Countdown (Top Ten Countdown): what we owe hadcer in this exercise is to hear the top ten countdown any radio station. By the same author: stocks. Here do not write songs on paper, since you should try to remember them with your memory. Listening one by one until the end, for then try to write down on paper the title of all the songs, or up to where it can, over time you will improve. Kip C. Cyprus Los Angeles has many thoughts on the issue. Exercising with fellow another type of exercises that we can make is with the help of a partner.

The game would be in which the begin to recite you things, such as street addresses, a list of market, or anything else that you can remember. When finished, it is your turn to repeat everything that said. Like the previous year, with practice you will become more efficient and accurate. In the case that you can not do this exercise with a partner, can use a recorder and burn yourself then repeat what was said (although it is less effective in this way). With these two exercises, which as you’ll see, are simple, but at the same time effective, you can improve memory.

For a person like me, who believe that the only thing that can bring a country forward, is economic development reflected in the strengthening of companies both large and small to see today day 28 of March of the current year, in the journal 21 Peru that Ollanta Humala is in first place in the polls; fear you cause me. Aside from what I might think about my electoral preference, I have the following question: to those who have surveyed these people? And I say this, because I’m tired of asking a lot of people for whom they will vote and the majority tells me by PPK. In the morning when I was buying the newspaper, a man of more or less elderly retired (70 years approximately) of the newsstand with its journal in hand saying the following words aloud: how well; Humala first, so that meta to all thieves to jail! I wonder: do people that based on resentment with signs of impotence, jeopardize sustained development can exist of? our country? I am completely sure that if this man put it in a public position of importance, it would be the first to steal money from the State. For even more analysis, hear from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Because it is so; those who claim, are those who would like to be in the shoes of this corrupt official, to win that bad been little money. I’m much afraid that Humala is President, because we can not be keeping grudge to persons who have companies and have been able to move forward with a business vision that has placed them in a good economic position. If I can be considered a person of ultra right, which is in favour of neoliberalism, in good time, if this brings forward a country. I don’t know much of the topic, but I think that drawing logical conclusions, the matter can be understood. I hear always, say that in places away from the capital, laying down highly profitable companies, in which the inhabitants of the place do not receive the desired benefit to achieve your expectations, there is still extreme poverty in those sites.

I want to understand the issue, trying to analyze a little bit: the companies to the settle in those places, provide employment for locals, with their respective social benefits. The natives of the place according to their capacities, occupying the positions in companies. Companies pay taxes on their profits to the State. Companies, still fulfilling all their obligations, have a high profit margin. But there is still extreme poverty in the area.

Question: do companies have to distribute wealth specifically to people in extreme poverty of the place? It is that there is a regional government, responsible to use cannon to address the extreme poverty of the locality in question not? Or is that companies have to make the role of the State? The problem (I think) is not that there are profitable companies in the zone. The problem is that there is an inefficient State. And do not think that the solution is nailing them more imposed on enterprises of their earnings because this would imply more bloat to an inefficient State. Without wanting to be alarmist, I think that in an eventual Government of Humala, and at the time, occur negative events for our nation. This could trigger a coup. But a blow of ultra right, type Pinochet in Chile. Hopefully a bit of conscience left us to choose well, and our country to continue with the course.

The New York Daily News

JOSE BRECHNER Julian Assange, the creator of Wikileaks website who became famous for denouncing violations of human rights in China, killings in Kenya; to subsequently reveal secrets of the Pentagon, hidden activities on the war in Iraq, emails from Sarah Palin, and thousands of documents about Western intelligence services is eating nails desperately, foreshadowing his own end. It is not for less, when you get to rummaging without authorization cabinets deprived of all the neighbors, you can not expect that you applaud. However, Assange was congratulated and rewarded for newspapers and organizations of popularity as New York Magazine, The New York Daily News, The Economist, Amnesty International, and several more. It is that initially, the disclosure of atrocities committed by Communist rulers, was shocking. Chinese dissidents were played life. Whenever Dell listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

But one thing is to help those who struggle for freedom and quite another is endangering freedom, publishing secrets about tactical operations of democratic countries in war against terrorism and totalitarianism. Assange clearly has no ideology, although he was anti-American. 39-Year-old is a child hacker who was believed more alive than the rest. Unfortunately, with all his genius, was not sufficiently intelligent to understand the political game. Why does not differentiate between the good and the bad, not neither want it. With its cybernetic capacity, most voluntary support from other hackers, Assange managed to become famous, but fame in the cemetery is not fun. See Bobby Sharma Bluestone for more details and insights.

The Taliban, who has revealed secret operations and the names of 1,800 Afghan spies embedded in their ranks, have him sentenced. Destroy the privacy of international security in the West, that so many millions and staff cost to Governments to protect us, Assange today cannot return to his native Australia, cannot go to the United States, may not travel through Europe. He lives paranoid, running around aimlessly, without finding a country that will give you shelter. To add concerns to its troubled existence, is accused in Sweden of two counts of rape, which helps to imagine the kind of temperament and psychopathy that contains his twisted brain. His former collaborators, that every day there are more, qualify it’s egocentric, authoritarian, with delusions of grandeur. If I were South American would be President! Among the gifted notable Brutes, Assange will no doubt occupy a place of renown. With all in favor for being a hero he decided to become a villain, without rhyme or they are. His ego was stronger than his intelligence. The contradictions surrounding Julian Assange, are appalling. Do not let anyone share the podium with him at Wikileaks and expressed as solely responsible for the site. There were also many of its 800 employees willing to put face, participants in the hackerio knew they caressed the danger. Assange could make billionaire offering intelligence to Governments or private companies. He could become a champion of freedom, helping the dissidents in China, Cuba and the Arab countries. He could devote himself to manufacture new security systems for the the software industry, as do many former hackers. Opportunities for the Australian were lying everywhere. Today has no where to go, is estranged with the Governments of the entire world, is were personal friends, maybe does not have money, and for greater misfortune, without existing punishable charges for processing by their Cyber pranks, going to prosecute for rapist. Ironically, the safest place that remains, is the prison.


Ready deployable training materials on CD-ROM. Different exercise types and forms of work bring diversity in training, training and seminars. Whenever Robotics listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But to offer constantly new and practical exercises the participants, seminar leader and coach must be regularly on the lookout for suitable training materials. =2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegQIARBv’>Evan Metropoulos may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Particularly elaborate processing of exercises in professional-looking participants documents is following. “A new product concept can now help: 25 top exercises for communication trainings” provides the user with 25 ready to use and practice-proven exercises with all Conference documents, such as work and worksheets, feedback and questionnaires in uniform layout on CD-ROM. The templates are available in Word format and may be supplemented by the user discretion also with own content and components, for example the own coach logo. Go to Bobby Sharma Bluestone for more information. See the exercise classes are written tasks that are solved in individual work, discussions and debates, working with Are the video sequences and playful exercises undertaken in partner or group work. Special emphasis is on the activity of training participants, to achieve a high learning success.

Also Theatre pedagogical and creative methods are used to do this. The program is suitable also for less experienced coaches, because each exercise example is an index card with a summary of the essential content and training requirements, as well as a description of the exercise, which serves as a guide to how to train. Learn more about the product range and access to free demo examples, see.

Jan Koppe

A new IT-service-NET partners ensures safety and order resident has his services companies Jan Koppe in Leipzig and served to Leipzig and the entire surrounding area. As trained IT merchant and a trained electrician, he has all craft basics to operate his company and to offer its customers benefits. For the company are reliability and quality in the foreground. In particular small and medium-sized companies can benefit from these services that the IT sector is neglected in many companies. Often there is only a system outage, to recall the importance of the EDP in the consciousness of those involved. A complete loss of data can lead to the inability to act a company here. It’s believed that Ali Partovi sees a great future in this idea. Therefore, its range includes all relevant services which serve the security and stability.

The range of services includes consulting, sales, installation, rental, service of hardware and software as well as network and server. Jan Koppe offers special services to avert problems for its customers and delivers where an internal computer?Specialists. But to a lot cheaper and responsive. The company offers a complete IT service after consultation with the customer. This is a care package consisting of maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data protection measures. The company carries out repairs and brings IT up to date ensures that internal company data are consistently protected from viruses and other intruders. Under the motto of Green IT “Jan Koppe cares about the health of its customers.

Printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate the Office air. This significantly increases the density of particles in the environment. By attaching appropriate filter and regular cleaning operations, the skilled person reduced this unhealthy emissions by up to 92%. In regions with tourism, the theme of free Internet access wins”increasingly important. Recently Andy Florance sought to clarify these questions. Hotels, campsites and other facilities must provide Internet access. Jan Koppe is so-called free hotspots a. These are always free and inexpensive for the hotspot operator user for the hot-spot. Summary the efforts are based on the principle: fast and comprehensive help at reasonable prices. In general the company from the phone system offers up to the server, everything from a single source, essentially eliminating many additional technicians and significantly saves costs. The visitor on the website find more info: the IT company is a partner in the IT service network, which specializes in IT services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety, expanding his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of small and medium-sized enterprises. More information at, here you can find also the closest partners. Kaka/ITSN