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The Substrate

To repair the deep cracks in concrete and masonry structures can recommend the quick-repair putty 'Shpahtelmasse' (TIGI Knauf) on cement-based repair of the plaster layer is suitable filler 'Uniflot' (TIGI Knauf). Repaired areas are primed, and finally leveled the surface of filler, such as 'Vetonit CD' or 'Vetonit RL' (Optiroc). During this operation eliminates minor irregularities in the substrate and filled with small cracks. Please note that the thickness of the filler should not exceed 2 mm greater thickness provided by applying several layers, with each subsequent coat is applied after drying the previous layer. John K. Castle will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Severe cracks in the ceiling is recommended in addition to glue strips of plaster fiberglass with a mesh size 2×2 mm.

The use of tape for this purpose 'serpyanka' non-woven material does not exclude the probability of re-entry to the ceiling surface cracks. Technology sticking tape is following: on the ceiling surface coating is applied filler, fiberglass and pressed into the putty lapped with a spatula. Excess putty, squeeze through the grid cells are removed with a spatula and return to the tank reuse. Do I need to putty the walls and ceiling completely, or you can restrict the alignment of individual sections? If you plan to wallpaper walls thick dark colors, thick embossed wallpaper or paintable wallpaper – putty entire surface is not necessary. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro . Through the thin bright wallpaper, nezashpaklevannye sites will shine through the dark spots, in which case the wall shpaklyuyut completely.

The ceiling, covered water-emulsion paint, putty is not necessarily complete (it is sufficient to putty damaged areas), but one should bear in mind that the texture of the finish coat of paint on the putty and nezashpaklevannyh sites can vary greatly, especially when grazing illumination. Problems of compatibility of the materials often occur when painting surfaces covered with enamel, some water-emulsion paint badly lie on the enamel. On this basis, we can recommend in all cases completely cover the surface of the ceiling with a thin ('on stripping'), a layer of putty.

Wall Installation

And it can be wall paneling or plaster panels, or something else – you decide. Beneath this lies the beauty of skin and skeleton windproof membrane that protects the frame and the heater itself, and then vapor barrier and should already own interior. On the principles of the relationship of these components that must be considered when selecting, installing the lot has been written. There is already a sufficient number of construction companies and firms that operate on the established technology or can provide you require the material to your needs, explaining everything (or at least should). We still want to see the benefits.

And it is in proper installation of the walls is achieved by: heat savings (compared to the brick house 3 times) savings inside the area (due to the thickness of the walls), saving the budget (during construction and for the future). For those who decided to build their own hands and has a large amount, it would be interesting to see projects using not only the foreign heaters and our analog, but also using local materials. This may be a clinker, tripoli, pumice, wood chips, sawdust, dry peat moss or. Learn more at this site: Don Slager. But consider, for some outdoor temperature are calculated. Depending on your preference at the expense of no significant increase in the thickness of the outer wall can achieve the desired acoustic and thermal conductivity. Do not be afraid of annual fluctuations temperatures.

The design of the house is not affected. On interior design, interior layout of walls can also affect the choice of material for their construction, too. That's understandable. Internal communications is easy to hide inside walls. The postings, which loomed before my eyes would not be. To a place to see the technology of construction of frame houses designed not only to the north. Has anyone tried, knows that the thermos is not bad and cold stores.

Construction Technology

This technology includes the following: removal of old plaster around the perimeter of the building to a height of 1 meter from the ground. arranged around the perimeter of the zone system with the material that forms after application of an effective permanent waterproof system without destroying the mechanical interference building structure. For assistance, try visiting Pete Cashmore. This may be macroporous plaster, which eliminates the infiltration of moisture coming into the room due to capillary effect. The mechanism of removal of moisture through evaporation is based on 'Effective surface area', formed by the pores within vlagovyvodyaschey plaster. As a result vlagovyvodyaschaya plaster 'pulls' and evaporates all the water present due to the capillary effect of the walls, faster than this water flows, which ensures drainage of the walls even in the most difficult cases. Vlagovyvedeniya process always continues until the complete removal of excess moisture. Due to the fact that repairs to the facades of wet brick, usually requires the replacement of old damaged plaster, this system brings significant cost savings by combining in a single process plastering and moisture protection of buildings. Using this system with anti-fungal and antibacterial activities at the expense of durability of the system will significantly reduce the cost of maintenance of buildings of historic and artistic value.

When used in the residential sector, in addition to significant direct economic efficiency (increase bezremontnoy service buildings and facades), the normalization of the microbiological background, will save people's health. Full reconstruction of housing, is in poor condition with a complete eviction of people and carrying out construction works, the following characteristics: 1. Robotics expert is full of insight into the issues. Waterproofing basement and cellars. 2. Antisolevaya and antifungal treatment of load-bearing walls.

3. Hydrophobic surface treatment composition of the stairs and to restore them. 4. Implementation of measures to drain and restore the walls (masonry, concrete surface). 5. The use of finishing materials with antiseptic additives or treated with the composition

Car Types

Transparent varnishes, painting bodies with clear varnish used by some car manufacturers. In this tsvetonesuschy layer is not used as a topcoat, but as a primer and top coated with one or more layers of clear varnish. Pigment Pigment – it a substance that gives color paint, and also performs some other function, such as slow corrosion. In the colors of the "metallic" color is especially important, as will be discussed further. The binder is substance is a carrier of the pigment and it helps to consolidate on the painted surface. It also forms a protective glossy film on top of the pigment after drying. Solvent solvent ink gives flow that corresponds to the objectives of it use.

It is made on the basis of volatile compounds. The solvent evaporates constantly (as in painting, and after it), leaving the surface of the pigment and binder, which form the paint. The different types of paint suited various solvents. The paint must be diluted with an appropriate solvent, and only to the desired strength. Car paints not so long ago the choice was limited to only two types of paints: nitrocellulose lacquer (also known as cellulose paint) and synthetic enamel. However, fewer professionals are now using these paints, since most Car manufacturers use other types of paint, more suitable for mass production. The enamels used in the automotive industry are two types of enamel paints, which form a stable coating by freezing, not just dry. As an example, consider the usual (for example, wallpaper) and two-pronged glue.

Normal adhesive used as a solvent and water when it evaporates dry. In a two-part glue solidification occurs chemically. Two-part adhesives are not amenable to the action of moisture, but susceptible to heat (the higher the temperature, the faster the freezing). Both types of enamel paints contain in their composition solvent to give the desired paint flow when spraying.

September Time

To put strips of hairpin roofing material, timber and tightened his nuts. Studs have a diameter of 12 mm and placed in increments of about 1 m. It would be possible to use thicker and studs – 14 mm and 16 mm. Would have been more firmly established. On the east and west sides, where we have the strongest winds are blowing, the studs are arranged more densely – in increments of 60-70 cm in the future mauerlat supposed to wrap up the roofing material and bring the wall Samana. Once we started doing mauerlat went heavy rains. Adobe wall height of two full floors stood under the open sky, covered with small scraps of film, and the rain poured and poured all, almost without ceasing. This turned out to be a rainy month for the first time in my memory.

The walls from top to get slightly wet, the water seeped to the first floor and began to soak adobe piers, which were bearing beams. Nerves were on edge. Website weather at that time had become a favorite, but it pleased us a little. The days when the rain is only slightly drizzle began to be working. I wanted to firmly close the walls of the roof as quickly as possible. In fact, rain fell for three weeks. During this time, actually managed to work most days 5. In September, we managed to do just overlap of the second floor and cover with pieces of vinyl.

The rain had ceased to be so terrible – was already on the walls, though temporary, but the canopy. It was then that nature had mercy on us, it's warm and sunny denechki. Roof frame grew, mood was rising, and I even was able to continue to plaster exterior walls. The roof beam was used ordinary 5o15 see elements attached together using metal plates and screws.

Alpine Hill

To alpine garden always look decorative and pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to choose the right plants that will make it a green base. Flower design rock garden – very specific kind of gardening, and justify the costs (both labor and materials) may only its decorative high throughout the season. Before you choose a type of floral arrangements and pick up range, you need to comprehensively evaluate The territory allotted for rock garden. Plants alpine garden alpine garden plants have a special charm. The peculiarity lies in the fact that a relatively small area of land you will be able to put a huge variety of plants. All the plants are alpine gorkinizkoroslye and compact and at the correct location and they take care of them, your alpine garden will be a true jewel of your garden.

Starting Planning alpine garden, decide for yourself two things: which plants will be planted and how to organize their placement on the site. Identify plants as alpine gorkimozhno growing in mountainous areas. Homeland of such plants – Alps, Himalayas, etc. Apennines mountains. But in fact, the alpine gorkahili alpinariyahvyraschivayut plants, mainly grown on the coast and some of the 'flat' plants. Some sources propose to refer to the alpine plants that can thrive on rocky soils. But the correct choice of plants dlyaalpinariyavy do, if you open the relevant section of the garden directory. Here you will find an impressive assortment of perennials, dwarf shrubs, dwarf conifers, as well as a variety of colors alpine garden.

Alpine slide, just like any other area of your garden, has its own secrets to care, selection of plants and their cultivation. For example, when selecting plants to avoid unpretentious, but very active in influencing the 'neighbors' plants, such as obrieta, rezuha, yaskolka, mylnyanka and the like. Not my accent attention to the whimsical, demanding winter shelter plants. Looks great and does not need special care atsena, yarrow, columbine, cat paws, asters and many other ordinary, whose list is big enough. A what about the beauty of the mountain pine, dwarf shrubs varied, such as azaleas, some bulbous plants. Accommodation Alpine rasteniyne less important. Wherever you have organized the alpine slide, remember that Plants need a well drained soil with the addition of gravel, periodic pruning and weeding of weeds.