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OpenCms OAMP

The OAMP HtmlCleaner module by Alkacon Software removed automatically invalid and blocked tags and attributes from HTML documents. This Add-On erases extraneous invisible spaces. With the new OAMP HtmlCleaner the OpenCms content manager has full control using HTML tags and attributes. These can HtmlCleaner in HTML automatically and freely configurable according to delete documents or replace. HtmlCleaner deletes unnecessary invisible white space from HTML code. Compact file size can improve the loading time in the browser and thus the performance of the entire website. Once configured, HtmlCleaner works in the background and helps to policies such as coding standards and naming conventions to keep.

The module is now downloadable from ready. Functions of the Alkacon OAMP HtmlCleaner module: deletes or replaces invalid or unwanted tags in HTML code. Can be applied to individual files or folders and entire directory trees or sites. complete configuration in a single file. can HTML and XML (non-validating) process deletes extraneous spaces is OAMP HtmlCleaner module with full source code and published documentation. All Alkacon OAMP modules are provided with full source code released under the GNU GPL version 3.

CeBIT CRM Software

Innovation at CeBIT: CRM software for the cloud, the Internet or the intranet. HANOVER / LONDON. The Web-based customer relationship management solution PowerNetCRM”is an intuitive to use application in the cloud, on the Internet or on the intranet. It covers the areas of customer care, customer acquisition, marketing, communication, groupworking and archiving. Thanks to Web 2.0 technology”secure mobile access has always been standard, as well as a low administration and maintenance: on the client side, an existing Web browser is sufficient. The version 4.2 has many new features: integrated inbound and outbound telephony with connection of telephone systems, via TAPI – PDFs are subsequently be customized (E.g.

with personal customers-salutation) – your own mail and fax client with user of definable folder structure online library for frequently used documents including offline-DMS – the new advanced task management now maximum overview, provides also for complex projects-Schnelle data acquisition thanks to self-learning input fields Power-NetCRM is complemented by a complete ERP power NetERP V. 4.2 “with the areas of sale (offer, order, delivery note, invoice), bearings (figure all forms of storage, serial number management, price and Discount Auto), shopping (request, purchase order, goods receipt, invoice receipt), calculation. See more features on our website. As part of software maintenance, all GreenPower net GmbH with a valid maintenance contract customers get the update free of charge. Rudiger Kaminski senior CRM & ERP & DMS & to the consultant media relationship manager Ferdinand-true village-str. 7 31319 Sehnde near Hannover Tel.: 05132/87247-0