With the development of computer applications which guarantee on-line security, it is possible to imagine many applications which will allow businesses, governments and other organizations the ability to use electronic communications in ways that would be impossible if there was any chance that there air tight security was not maintained.

For instance, without granite-solid security, it would unthinkable to carry out elections using the internet. However, more and more elections, for party members, local councilmen, and more are beginning to develop on-line voting as an alternative to paper voting. As long as security is assured, on-line voting has many advantages to paper ballots. One such advantage would be to allow elderly people, who perhaps can’t get to a polling place with ease, to vote from the comfort of their homes.

Another area in which the computer can be of utmost advantage is medical communications. It is obvious why this use of the computer needs to maintain the highest level of secure exchange of information, but it is also clear that being able to share information over the internet, about patients, illnesses, research and more, could create the best environment for solving medical problems and helping patients to achieve wellness.