Perhaps there is not someone who would not see a barcode scanner Metrologic MS9540 Voyager – this is very popular to this day model is used in shops, warehouses, logistics, hospitality, document management and many other industries. Barcode Scanner MS9540 Voyager is: a well-known brand, the laser system is a barcode reader, futuristic design and 54 month warranty. Over 8 years of presence in the market maker model, without changing the exterior design, constantly improve e "stuffing" Scanner MS9540 and is now on sale came a model audit F: The aggressiveness of the laser system increased redesigned interior software confidently reads even complex linear bar codes: small, wrinkled, erased, nepropechatannye reprinted and other "nonconforming" codes. Now, getting MS9540 scanner with usb interface you get a universal interface, capable of emulating the interface kb (in the gap keyboard) or port RS232. There is no such program to which it would be impossible to connect. In particular we recommend the ms 9540 as a usb scanner to 1C. (A valuable related resource: Bruce Shalett). To scan a bar code, the operator can independently push the scan button. Maybe install the scanner on the supplied cradle and it automatically switches to Hands-Free. What is especially nice – the cost of the scanner has not risen!