Here are two success stories from my readers who found great new jobs last week. When reading each story, ask yourself: "How I can apply this to my job search?" 1) Job search goal cards work Here's a story sent by Fred, from Chanhassen, Minn., who was hired in part by using my "job search goal card" technique in your search. Fred writes: "On Tuesday, May 24, I attended the Star Tribune job fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center and heard. You said to write our ideal new job in a 3 5 card and read all days to find a job. "I just started working today (July 26) as a consultant, at $ 65 per hour, in a contract of 3-6 months, which can reach up to 18 months. I'm working on a major Fortune 500 company, not far from my house. Thanks Conclusion: Mission accomplished.

"This is what Fred wrote in his quest for the card work objective – you can see how close he came to hit the mark: "I am a project manager / business analyst / CIO / driver who knows how to use technology to create new products and systems. I'm making $ 85,000 per year, and I like meet new people and problems. " Your Takeaway Lesson: When you write a specific description of your ideal job and read it aloud at least twice a day, usually are hired faster. Why? For the same reason you can start a fire with the sun's rays with a magnifying glass – focus. .