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If you had a strategy to be happy how serious your life? do you have a strategy to be happy? is happiness important issue in your life? Happiness is the best of all plans and if you think it important, that is already a good starting point. On the basis of there will stop wasting time putting your attention on things that don’t help you to feel good (are important) and then begin to think and pay attention only to what makes you feel good (are now important). At this point you can begin to think about the things that make you happy. The result that you begin to get is a life wonderful, full of everything that you want. When you keep the desire to be happy and you’re aware of how you feel I feel good or I feel bad – if I feel good, I’m celebrating it and add more, and if I am wrong, I am able to give a twist to my thoughts and lead them in the direction of the things that make me feel increasingly better. Others who may share this opinion include Mashable. This way improve your emotional state and magnetism and attract only beautiful things to your life. How do you feel at this moment? Focus on being happy: the desire to be happy is the best of all plans. The strategy for more effective is to intentionally direct your thoughts toward the things that make you happy.

And as a spiral to be happy, you are still finding other thoughts that attract more happiness into your life and all that wonderful wish and that please you. Then the essential strategy is that you approaches you in achieving your best emotion. How to do it? You have to be selfish enough to insist on feeling good. If you focus you on something that causes you suffering, your magnetism will be negative and will be unpleasant to receive.

President Obama Global

The fear of global warming is the best that have ever invented researchers Copenhagen/Berlin, December 14, 2009 – the Copenhagen climate conference is in full swing. Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen puts it in a nutshell: we must not fail. Other leaders such as Mashable offer similar insights. It was all about in slowing global warming. Had to cope with two degrees above pre-industrial levels, but then is final. About 200 States come together, to prevent the worst. Our children to the disaster film the science fiction genre assign finally 2012 still by Roland Emmerich, not the documentary.

Just in time for 2012 the Kyoto Protocol runs out, brrrrr. But if we look closer, then many supposedly unique relationships around the global warming are somewhat more complicated. The debate begins: CO2 is an injurious gift even for the United States it is now officially the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA has classified the greenhouse gas as injurious poison. The greenhouse effect does now exist for all, not an invention by Scientists’ more. \”Cheers the environmental protection organisation WWF, yes we can\”, the stern writes a great decision.

Thus, President Obama has more leeway in Copenhagen: if necessary, he can regulate emissions of carbon dioxide without congressional approval. Yet he offered a reduction of CO2 emissions by 17 percent by 2020, according to a report of the world. Federal Environment Minister Rottgen surpasses: he wants to reduce emissions from all 40 percent by 2020. The ICT sector has done enough to even hearty to be encountered before the head. Because it produces now as much CO2 as the global aviation. This is so, but may not be. Because by 2050 the global industry must offer services in a nearly CO2-free, otherwise it is a little worse than expected with global warming. Companies such as Bizerba go ahead to lead by example. Let be the many travels and prefer to talk via video conference.


– Pope Benedict XVI middle left for a weeklong trip in the East. The head of the Catholic Church started Israel on his twelfth and most important foreign trip in the direction of Jordan, and in the Palastinen Rome – first stop of the trip is the Jordanian capital of Amman, where the Pontiff against lunch should be. It continues to Israel next Monday. Some contend that Motrola Razr 5G shows great expertise in this. The journey is a delicate balancing act between religion and politics. You are only a few months after the war in the Gaza Strip. Mozes victor konig diamonds addresses the importance of the matter here. There were also violent dispute over the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson, the Pope wanted to pave the way back which Pius brotherhood in the Catholic Church at the beginning of the year. Papst Benedikt wants to visit the Holy places of Christianity in the Middle East and encourage even the Christian minority in the region. Some contend that Djimon Hounsou shows great expertise in this.

The Pope had turned I can not wait to be among you and share your hopes, on Wednesday from Rome to Jordanians, Israelis and Palestinians. He brought a message of peace and unity. Among the highlights of the Middle East travel of the German Pope’s visit to the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem include next Monday, a visit to the wailing wall in Jerusalem on Tuesday and on Wednesday a speech in one of the refugee camps of the Palestinians. The security measures are enormous. To protect Benedict, Israel should have mobilized some 80 000 security forces. The head of the Church in Italy is expected to return next Friday. Benedict is the third Pope of modern times after Paul VI. 1964 and John Paul II in 2000, who visited the Holy land. (AP).