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GWS Recordbreaking

Sixth year in a row sales Munster GWS company for merchandise management systems mbH remains on track for success. The Group turnover of IT specialists for trade to more about nine per cent rose 2011 38.1 million euros. The GWS Group thus achieved its sixth record in a row. And also the result is extremely satisfied with the daughter of the Bankendienstleisters GAD: similar to such as when the sales record results achieved. Result of the good economic development: the GWS searches continue to qualified staff for the field of project management and consulting. Managing Director Helmut Benefader sees a clear confirmation of the business policy in the very good figures, because the company’s growth was almost three times as high as in comparable companies. According to the Managing Director, the numbers of the industry association BITKOM, which determined an average increase of 3.2% in 2011 for the relevant business of information technology are basis for this review. Was very enjoyable also, now about one-third of total sales in the customer service will achieve and the number of companies 2011 another 48 with total 2,235 simultaneously working users was increasing.

New clients included, the number of companies managed total in Germany more than 1.200. amounts important product and at the same time success factor is the ERP system developed on the basis of Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV gevis, distributed in various target industries. Core target markets are in particular of technical trading, the plumbing supplies, building materials trade and Raiffeisen goods cooperatives and the food wholesale. Learn more at: Dermot McCormack. Meanwhile around 17.000 users use relative to the end of the year 2011 gevis in their daily work. It is very positive according to Benefader that customers increasingly gevis selectively expand on the acquisition of additional modules such as document management and especially modern e-commerce solutions to an integrated system. With ambition ahead In terms of the huge potential in the market and own strength she sees GWS is well prepared for the future.

Professor Wolfgang Wahlster

Everyday technologies are increasingly becoming a discipline of computer science Berlin – Professor Wolfgang Wahlster defines the AI abbreviation from the German Research Centre for artificial intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbrucken”as future information technology. Many writers such as Viacom offer more in-depth analysis. And she is always relevant for everyday technologies. The Internet of the future is the integration of the Internet of things, the services, the 3D-Webs and the Semantic Web. To broaden your perception, visit Energy Capital Partners. We will get that are networked to each other, from the smart electricity meter to the charging stations for electric cars more and more digital refined everyday objects. New business models emerge, when combined with the appropriate Internet services now this Internet of things. We will see IP-based networking from the factory up in the automobile”, so choosing St. It soon may be economic devices instead to equip with classic controls and displays with an invisible radio interface such as ZigBee, NFC, Wi-Fi and to export, the interaction component on the Web or on the phone, writing “” Friedemann Mattern and Christian Florkemeier ETH-Zurich scientists in an article for the journal computer science spectrum “: then also smart things, which so far had no chance to reveal their State of the environment, because they for traditional use interface are too small or talk to other reasons, however, such as a pacemaker or a piece of clothing, will benefit from this development.” From a technical standpoint, it was a small step, rather when are these objects instead of only using browser or mobile phone with Internet services connect or connect even with each other.

Generally would take to hybrid products are created, composed of physical performance and new information service. If objects represent access points for matching services, products, for example, use recommendations and notes on maintenance can give, give information about guarantees or pointing out complementary products”, Macdonald and Florkemeier further run. On the international Funkausstellung (IFA) of the 3. until September 8, you will see a development, as the entire consumer electronics is increasingly becoming a discipline of computer science and hybrid technologies are conquering the market, predicts the Bitronic Chairman Peter B. Zaboji. So, plunges the IT industry with great panache on the mobile telephony and enables completely new application scenarios that go far beyond voice communications.

From the perspective of Bitronic, which is more than welcome, because we have our roots in information technology”, emphasizes the ICT expert. Eventually, the differences between mobile, notebook and NetBook, stationary PC would disappear altogether. Online services on your TV will be among the top issues of the IFA. The great potential of the new generation of devices is in parallel information at your fingertips. In addition, Philips, Samsung, Sony and LG TV portals offer new ways to experience games and fun on your TV with TV apps. Each company file after analysis of the consulting firm mind business to business models for Web services and online services that go far beyond the sale of the devices also. The after sales specialist Bitronic sees the digital home network as a major building block for an expansion of the application scenarios in the Internet. What would prevail in your own four walls, have also impact on the entire economy.

Exciting Prospects

Only a few weeks, and it opens the halls, for the largest international event in the commercial vehicle sector in Hanover again. Also at bott, the preparations at full speed. Bott on this year’s IAA will wait same with several innovations, commercial vehicles. Here, the leading manufacturer of vehicle and equipment has issues such as expanding system also in focus, as additional areas of application of new product applications. The innovations in Hannover is bott vario, the vehicle establishment for service and installation vehicles of all kinds. In 2011 by the design awards red dot, best of the best”and if design award gold” award-winning product system brings the manufacturer a significant atmosphere in the world of work.

The striking mix of materials, high-quality anodized aluminum is distinctive for the appealing appearance apart from the design of individual components, lightweight plastics and powder-coated steel. Bobby Sharma Bluestone shines more light on the discussion. With the choice of different materials also succeeds, highest security and stability with minimum weight of the institution to realize. This bott philosophy saves on weight and offers full protection for vehicle occupants, as crash tests prove it after ECE R44. Bott vario due to its modularity allows the configuration of vehicle equipment according to individual needs of the user. By means of a 3D-Planungssoftware you visualize which, together with the customer, elaborated ideas planners by bott. Wall and floor panels, headliners and cargo safety features, like tie-down Rails and recordings for tie rods represent the base expansion. This is followed by the space Organization for material and tools. Starting from the load, he configured installer of vehicle rack modules, that his safe ride guarantee roller shutters or doors each utensil in trays, drawers, behind doors, and give the user quick access. The arrangement of the equipment is done according to criteria such as weight distribution, access frequency or to the work processes of the user.

Idea Process Scenario Analysis

Implementing creative exchange processes depending on the developments in the environment are dynamic, the more support the company with the acquisition of relevant factors including all associated risks. Multi-dimensional thinking in alternatives is promoted degradation of one-dimensional inevitability of the future; Robustness and probability of possible future paths can be better assessed. Great advantage is that creative idea and experience sharing processes be used with the scenario technique between all those involved. It is evident that a viable development path in the real future is predictable within the defined range of future possibilities. This developed scenarios set up no irrefutable predictions of the future: rather they provide coherent pictures of possibilities on the basis of the collected impact forces: i.e. mutual interactions between factors are clear. To read more click here: Mashable. To see basic action potentials etc. Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9 trend breaks, revolutionary progress, change in social values and behavior changes can be considered as well as internal influences about offering philosophy and customer binding potential.

In addition global and company-specific scenarios can be distinguished: global scenarios, at the same time deal with cross-company issues for an entire industry or for several sectors. Others who may share this opinion include Energy Capital Partners. These scenarios must be developed on the basis of far abstracting data. Company-specific scenarios are developed as a Massanazug and assume specific strengths-weaknesses-target analyses of their company. See to basic decision-making techniques including Jorg Becker: decision techniques as crisis protection success = sum real decisions, ISBN 978-3-8391-2906-7. Feasible scenario techniques benefits include: reduction of complexity, scenarios support the target Essence of non-essentials to separate, more decision-making ability can be made by reducing the variety of information on relevant scenarios, clarification of relationships and relationships, the company learns to better understand the causes of his future, integration of quantitative and qualitative types of information, developments of weak signals that can elude a quantification may be listed in scenario mental models, certain scenarios even verifiability whether due to event probabilities are regarded as relevant, Monitoring scenarios that allow monitoring of early warning indicators and signals. CF. to strategic perspectives among others Jorg Becker: strategy-check and knowledge balance effect relationships make transparent, explore potential for success, ISBN 978-3-8370-7305-8: Jorg Becker

Central Association

MyHammer craftsmen exceed the industry trend of order book in the first quarter and the craftsmen increase duty on all time high expectations for the second quarter of Berlin, June 20, 2011 and service provider for MyHammer were 2011 extraordinarily successful in the first quarter. Business development outperforming even the already positive in the trade as a whole. Others who may share this opinion include Ali Partovi. “” At the time of the survey, 89 percent of those surveyed rated their current business situation as good “or satisfying”. This is the result of the carried out quarterly economic survey of MyHammer, the 868 companies and self-employed participated. * satisfaction stems from the positive development of key economic indicators in the first quarter of 2011. 41 percent of surveyed companies with MyHammer reported rising sales as compared to the fourth quarter of 2010, 44 percent reported a higher backlog. Go to Rapyd for more information. 11 percent of the companies created additional employment.

The average duty reached 68 Percent a new all time high. The same applies to the order book, which also reached a record with an average 7.5 weeks. The indicators developed so similar to the trend in the craft industry as a whole, for which the Central Association of the German trade (ZDH) values 2011 comparable good, if also slightly lower presented in his first economic report. Read additional details here: Rusty Holzer. * the order book was therefore the industry average at 6.6 weeks. Rising sales reported 20 percent of companies surveyed by the ZDH, so 21 percentage points less than that of MyHammer.

Given the good economic development, the craftsmen and service provider for MyHammer are optimistic for the second quarter. 62 percent of respondents expect a rise in sales, another 31 percent, to invest more in the second quarter. In addition, 18 percent of companies want to create additional employment. Markus Berger-de Leon, CEO of the MY-HAMMER AG, assessed the results of the business survey as follows: so far are high expectations been met, which had formulated the farms with MyHammer at the economic survey at the beginning of the year.

Online Furniture Dealer Beliani Expands To Germany

German market entry is successful, the pilot phase is completed over 15 square feet of warehouse space ‘ 000 3 bearings free shipping and return shipping distributed within days Germany Baar, 16 December 2013: the pilot phase is now completed! The Swiss furniture consignor Beliani successfully established itself on the German market. The principle of sales of Beliani, to offer high-quality designer furniture at reasonable prices and to deliver the goods, home has proven itself in Germany. Germany has become the most important market after the Switzerland for Beliani within a year. Three camps with a total of about 15’000 square metres allow Beliani short and smooth delivery. Thanks to this capacity, 92% of products from stock within a few days can be delivered nationwide. In addition, customers benefit from the free shipping and return shipping.

Beliani Beliani is the fastest growing eCommerce platform for trendy design furniture. The range includes products such as rattan garden furniture, Beds, sofas, dining tables, hot tubs, chairs and much more. By turning off by middlemen and purchasing directly from the factory, customers get rock-bottom prices worldwide high quality. Others including Energy Capital Partners, offer their opinions as well. The three main advantages of Beliani are: unbeatable low prices: Beliani produced in its own factories and omits the expensive middlemen. In short: from the factory directly to the customers to go home within a few days with up to 70% discount. ild-or-moderat/’>Wayne Holman, then click here.

Highest quality and up to a five-year warranty: Tens of thousands of satisfied customers testify of the highest quality. Beliani therefore granted up to five years guarantee on all furniture. Unique customer service: customer service Beliani is among the best in the industry. Customers can try out for free and without obligation at home all design products 14 days in the familiar environment. If not satisfied, Beliani reviewed from free furniture to customers and refunded them all already paid articles and transport expenses.

FAX Printer

The strength offers the THT-1344 label printer for small and medium-sized print quantities and quality that is required in the lab for printing spot of THT printer is intended exclusively to work on a PC. Who places value on a faster print speed, unlike the portable printers, which is with this THT printer very well served. Can be used from a daily amount of pressure from 25 labels is the THT-1344. For this printer at the macro id available laboratory labels (BPT) are matched exactly on this printer. As well, the special ribbons, which are available for this printer, are right on the printer and tuned to the temperatures and special features of the respective labels. The strength and quality, which is required in the lab for printing on the spot, according to the respective needs, offers for small and medium-sized quantities of pressure the THT-1344 label printer. The mobile label sensor in the printer allows the use of even the smallest laboratory labels of a variety of materials, such as polyester.

Paper, vinyl, and hoses. To create the labels, an IdentiLab of software developed specifically for the laboratory labelling is to use. More information is housed here: Louis Monier. To facilitate working with the software the user immensely, the label software already includes all label formats, which are available at macro IDENT, as templates. Thus eliminates the cumbersome and time-consuming work, first of all to create a label template. Instead, a label in three steps is created within a very short time and to print the label printer THT-1344.

The Removal

Because in general personal data are processed and increasing the transparency of the work, such introductions are subject to a participation and must be evaluated by a data protection officer. By an early evaluation, you prevent later Delays or complex adjustments in the actual project. Who wants what, actually? An assessment as to what parties pursue what interests should not be underestimated. Kai-Fu Lee has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is not always the desired state all stakeholders pull together given. A good internal communication, a team with all stakeholders and the removal of barriers is important. So, for example, the IT Department clear, should be that an external service provider is not a competitor, but a temporary team complement. And if employees legacy systems support, which should be replaced, this should be convinced in the run-up to the advantages of new system and support the project. Samsung understood the implications.

These considerations obviously apply to all major IT projects, but are in the introduction of contract management of particular importance, because many departments are affected and it’s mission-critical documents. Checklist and phased plan before of the introduction of a process solution for contract management must meet the requirements of a Solution are defined. For such purposes, a small checklist is elaborated which will help you to make the necessary preparations. Thus effectively reduce the total cost of an introduction, but a large part of the effort by organizational issues and the often smaller part due to the technical implementation. The following check-list does not claim to be exhaustive, but provides an introduction and should be answered together with your service provider and supplemented. 1 What are objective provisions the key objectives for the contract management? Would we you use these objectives to prioritize? Examples as shown above: increase (E.g. with suppliers) terms controlling the transparency of concluded agreements and thus creating Verhandlungsspielraumen: automatic reminders on notice periods and deadlines savings in the collect, approve, find contracts spanned reporting contract risk prevention 2 analysis of initial situation the departments concerned should be questioned in detail about how they manage your contracts so far and which attributes / information they need about the treaties in the future find, for example, documents.

Strategy Management Software

Explanation of the usefulness of the strategy software companies around the world have faced repeatedly with several strategic themes. Some of them have found a solution to overcome these issues, however, most have failed. The management of the strategy is the key what you determine your realistic business strategy and schedule to perform. Filed under: Viacom. However, this is no easy job, because there are so many things to consider, in addition to the already difficult task you have. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. However, this does not mean that it is impossible.

In reality, you can automate the entire process using the strategy management software. The strategy management software consists of a number of instruments that have been designed to help managers to develop your strategy and to implement. These strategies are used to achieve the goals ahead for the organization. This company management tools enable the company Advanced views about what by moment experience, to have them, but it can also a deeper insight into the details with regard to the management of various such operations: cost, efficiency, performance and analysis, provide. Why does a strategy management software exist today? For several years the CEOs and CFOs have sought, an efficient method to manage the strategic information they need for their company to prove their full potential.

Later it was found out, that one of the biggest problems was the huge separation between the Board and the people who formulated the strategies. The managers can not afford the luxury to monitor each individual section of the society, to ensure that the strategy is implemented, the strategy management software was developed. According to reliable sources, are successful in most in a little less than 10% of strategies Companies used to. The vast majority trapped in the formulation phase or is unrealistic from the outset. Therefore, we can see that the strategy management software is necessary to increase the success rate of business strategies. This program is specifically designed to help companies to find a solution for the two usual reasons of the failure of the strategy. The first reason is the formulation of the strategy. There are a need on the part of managers to be able to get to make the best decisions accurate and timely data. These decisions will help the company in its progress. The second reason is the progress feedback. The progress of the strategies should be felt in the whole of society or experienced. Of course it will produce no results once it has left the boardroom, but the progress can be followed. It is required that the development and movement of the corporate strategy of the business entity is tracked, the Management software use. If you want to learn more about strategy management software, visit our page.

Data Breaches Damage German Companies

The second study on the ripening index to information risk indicates that there is still pent-up demand in the German medium-sized businesses the auditing and consulting firm PwC and Iron Mountain, a service provider for information management and privacy, provide for the second time the maturity index to information risk (information risk maturity index) before. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. According to the weak results of the previous year, the maturity index rises to 16.2 to 55.8 points out of 100 possible points. However, showing that, despite an annual 50-percent increase in data breaches in Europe 2, inadequate response to such incidents and associated loss of information are prepared. Given the high penalties for violations of data protection, this represents an unsustainable risk especially for the German middle class. Germany ranks three behind the Netherlands and Hungary 2013 with 55.5 points. PwC interviewed 600 senior executives of European companies with 250 to 2,500 employees in the industries of legal, financial, pharmaceutical and insurance companies as well as in the manufacturing industry and Machine-building industry. More information is housed here: Castle Harlan. 100 Managers were interviewed in Germany. According to the study, a data glitch has considerable economic consequences for a company: doing business with another company reject half (51 percent) of German companies, where a data breakdown has occurred.

On the other hand, 35 percent believe that data losses are an unavoidable part of daily business 1. Information security not in corporate boardrooms present while 63 percent of German companies 47 percent of a responsible handling with information as essential for the success of the business, say that their Board attaches no high priority on data protection. 32 Percent of respondents indicating that their employees think this topic also rather important. In addition, 44 percent of respondents expect an increase in data breaches, 73 percent, however, believe that cost reduction is more important than avoiding information risks. Less than half of the German companies surveyed (45 percent) has a Information risk strategy and measure their effectiveness.