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Microsoft Money

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The New York Daily News

JOSE BRECHNER Julian Assange, the creator of Wikileaks website who became famous for denouncing violations of human rights in China, killings in Kenya; to subsequently reveal secrets of the Pentagon, hidden activities on the war in Iraq, emails from Sarah Palin, and thousands of documents about Western intelligence services is eating nails desperately, foreshadowing his own end. It is not for less, when you get to rummaging without authorization cabinets deprived of all the neighbors, you can not expect that you applaud. However, Assange was congratulated and rewarded for newspapers and organizations of popularity as New York Magazine, The New York Daily News, The Economist, Amnesty International, and several more. It is that initially, the disclosure of atrocities committed by Communist rulers, was shocking. Chinese dissidents were played life. Whenever Dell listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

But one thing is to help those who struggle for freedom and quite another is endangering freedom, publishing secrets about tactical operations of democratic countries in war against terrorism and totalitarianism. Assange clearly has no ideology, although he was anti-American. 39-Year-old is a child hacker who was believed more alive than the rest. Unfortunately, with all his genius, was not sufficiently intelligent to understand the political game. Why does not differentiate between the good and the bad, not neither want it. With its cybernetic capacity, most voluntary support from other hackers, Assange managed to become famous, but fame in the cemetery is not fun. See Bobby Sharma Bluestone for more details and insights.

The Taliban, who has revealed secret operations and the names of 1,800 Afghan spies embedded in their ranks, have him sentenced. Destroy the privacy of international security in the West, that so many millions and staff cost to Governments to protect us, Assange today cannot return to his native Australia, cannot go to the United States, may not travel through Europe. He lives paranoid, running around aimlessly, without finding a country that will give you shelter. To add concerns to its troubled existence, is accused in Sweden of two counts of rape, which helps to imagine the kind of temperament and psychopathy that contains his twisted brain. His former collaborators, that every day there are more, qualify it’s egocentric, authoritarian, with delusions of grandeur. If I were South American would be President! Among the gifted notable Brutes, Assange will no doubt occupy a place of renown. With all in favor for being a hero he decided to become a villain, without rhyme or they are. His ego was stronger than his intelligence. The contradictions surrounding Julian Assange, are appalling. Do not let anyone share the podium with him at Wikileaks and expressed as solely responsible for the site. There were also many of its 800 employees willing to put face, participants in the hackerio knew they caressed the danger. Assange could make billionaire offering intelligence to Governments or private companies. He could become a champion of freedom, helping the dissidents in China, Cuba and the Arab countries. He could devote himself to manufacture new security systems for the the software industry, as do many former hackers. Opportunities for the Australian were lying everywhere. Today has no where to go, is estranged with the Governments of the entire world, is were personal friends, maybe does not have money, and for greater misfortune, without existing punishable charges for processing by their Cyber pranks, going to prosecute for rapist. Ironically, the safest place that remains, is the prison.

Ricardo Asch Movement

It has taken some time separating the notion of realism in photography: capturing a moment, a moment frozen in believable ways that resulted in the replacement of the realistic portrait painted by an image without brush strokes, without subjectivity but with greater accuracy. There are moments in which art looks to whether itself, when the literature speaks of (meta literature) literature or painting refers to whether same (Cordoba Juan Filloy includes painting goal in his novel La purge). And these are the moments of boiling and subversion: when literature that is first and foremost language leans towards the illegibility and, in this case, when the picture becomes unrestlessness. It can seem paradoxical that a photographer who has been devoted to science, becoming one of the most renowned doctors of Argentina and the international community we enter to a subjective and almost dreamlike world (almost because his photograph not be related to surrealism). In the section on his blog of photography (www.ricardoaschfotos.com) Ricardo Asch Vision explained to me a photo is an imaginative interpretation of something, not reality itself.

Doing something subjective and even psychological photography, Ricardo Asch also tries to capture that traditional photography is reluctant to show: the movement. Movement which distorts the object until you return it unrecognizable, rather, up to make it disappear. So it is not surprising the fundamental role that light in photographs of Ricardo Asch, who shows us in Fireworks transplantation of artifice fires to the photograph itself. In his blog, Ricardo Asch makes reference to the philosopher and literary critic Francis George Steiner to say that art is the most direct medium transformer that humans can experience. However, the influence of Steiner in Ricardo Asch is transparently evidenced by joining the photography of Ricardo Asch with the following quote from the French writer: The ordinary man casts a shadow in a way we do not remove understand. Under most conditions Energy Capital Partners London would agree. The man of genius casts light. (The common man projected a shadow in a way that we don’t understand at all.

Cell Phone

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-called Morph and is believed to be ready for 2015 and would be released under the Nokia brand: is the phone of the future with technology which is developed currently at the University of Cambridge. The prototype seems something out of a science fiction movie. The phone is a conventional, transparent, size with a minimum thickness. It is flexible and you can carry on your forearm as a clock, although it is extremely rigid to be used. (Source: Energy Capital Partners London). It has numeric keyboards to touch and keys for instant messages.

It can double as a triptych and adopt the size and shape of a normal cell phone. Open it and be able to use the Blue Tooth headset. Do not use battery. The phone with microcircuits absorbs solar energy that keeps it loaded and running. Morph makers claim it can change color so that combined with the clothes of the user. Simply, for example, tomaruna photography costume and the Morph will ask if it adopts that color or texture.

Features digital camera and only will suffice place it against the target. It is not known as many advances will have the camera but it will be professional. Calendar, Google Earth, MP3 with technology Blue Tooth will be Add-ons, if there are no portable developments as the same pay television in these years and possibly satellite television. Or the same optional satellite phone service. 18 Years ago came the cellular telephony to Monterrey. Huge devices that resembled a shoe with batteries that lasted for an hour or two. Executives appeared to soldiers in Viet Nam: a huge crate, which was the laptop battery and over cell phone, hung from their shoulders. Morph will be the fate of the advances in technology for cell phones, as from January 2007 it is the iPhone that will reach Mexico in coming days. 7 Years away to touch this flexible nanotechnology. In the past given ten years for flat panels and LCD televisions: succeeded in five years. That said, we reached the future. All carrier changes. By example the phonograph became DVD. And there are people who never changed.

North Atlantic Treaty

The entry into the forefront of the international political scene of new players such as Russia, China and some Latin American States has introduced an important modification in the formula used by Bush. This, basically, consisted of: first us then others. The US was formed by the United States and some European Union countries, docile enough to not discuss the impositions of the White House. In others it was the rest of the world, which would fold forcibly, by conviction or using military force, to the designs of Washington. But Obama already not seen it as well, are appearing some factors that can ballasting this sense of innovation. The main of them has its heart in Europe and his mind in United States: is NATO. It has very little innovation the continue considering NATO as the essential element for security joint of North America and the European Union, adding, as a supplement to operating, the Mission of stabilizing the world, reaching Afghanistan if necessary. The result is that an old tool, from the cold war, still used for activities and operations that were unimaginable when the North Atlantic Treaty was signed.

NATO is not only a military, political and bureaucratic superstructure, but it carries with it a remarkable ideological inertia. A military structure does not survive without an enemy. The defunct Soviet Union was the enemy who kept NATO alive, active, developed and increasingly expansive. The old Spanish military know something like this. Having as main threat to national security to the enemy within the previous regime, we will organize our armies in order to curb dry to the Soviet armored divisions that in his brilliant career offensive reached the Pyrenees. Filed under: Samsung.

More fidelity to the so-called democratic values of the West, NATO was sustained by the formula of the Musketeers: all for one and one for all. By that had no problem in admitting in his bosom to the Portuguese dictatorship or the Turkey’s military coup. And among its allies in the war cold not hesitate having undesirable regimes and dictatorships. The situation has changed and Russia is no longer her USSR, while claiming the post in Europe, which historically belongs to him. Hence the difficulties experienced by the idea of a joint defence of the European continent, and the proposals Russia establish a defensive system that encompasses the historical Europe. Crimp it with the elasticity of joint defence system seems a complicated resolution problem. At stake are several little matching trends: 1) United States want to use NATO as an essential element of the joint defence of the West; (2) The European Union would not rely on both United States to the Affairs of his military defense and have European autonomous organisations; (3) Economic, social and political reasons will oblige not to accept that historical Europe still divided by a military frontier that keep Russia outside its essential core. How can disparate elements I articulate? Meetings that will take place in various international forums will give us an idea of what the future holds to the Europeans. Even these coincide in a unanimous position. It is not anecdotal that the President of the State that holds the Presidency of the EU during this semester is a Eurosceptic as Vaklav Klaus. Congenital European weakness in foreign policy and defense, aggravated since the enlargement of 2004, is not a positive factor when it comes to sitting down to negotiate at the same table with Russia and United States. It will have to watch and wait.

Zelaya Morales

The Honduran President was removed from his post by wanting to perpetuate in the throne, as they try to do all dictators bolivarianos. Morales was the first to criticise the military intervention in Honduras, and is not for nothing. Bolivia is the country which has suffered more coups, and the indigenous President shivers of panic thinking when your turn will come. Mashable pursues this goal as well. It is that question time will arrive. Founder of Zendesk will not settle for partial explanations.

In the same way that Chavez, Correa, Ortega and anyone who believes that you can use democracy as an excuse to impose a Presidency January and lifetime, which is the politically correct way of say totalitarianism. When Morales says that they gone are the days of coups, should think also they ran dictatorships times. Descuajeringo to 21st-century populists the map. Did not expect that the Honduran people adjournment. Because they are not the armed forces rebelled against the would-be President for eternity. Congress and civic institutions are not in accordance with the desire of Zelaya from changing the Constitution to prolong his mandate.

The example of Hondurans is to reconsider the rulers in all countries where you do not want to release the power, and that includes alvaro Uribe. In Latin America should not exist re-election, nor Vice President. Re-election is clear. Once up, the Presidents become addicted to adulation and the pleasures of power, seek to become irreplaceable warlords, and are capable of anything just to stay in their palaces. The desfachatado Morales said that it should respect the wishes of the Honduran people to change their laws. Therefore it is not the Honduran people but its former President who wanted to do it. In the same way it happened in Bolivia when he decided to do the same.


If you had a strategy to be happy how serious your life? do you have a strategy to be happy? is happiness important issue in your life? Happiness is the best of all plans and if you think it important, that is already a good starting point. On the basis of there will stop wasting time putting your attention on things that don’t help you to feel good (are important) and then begin to think and pay attention only to what makes you feel good (are now important). At this point you can begin to think about the things that make you happy. The result that you begin to get is a life wonderful, full of everything that you want. When you keep the desire to be happy and you’re aware of how you feel I feel good or I feel bad – if I feel good, I’m celebrating it and add more, and if I am wrong, I am able to give a twist to my thoughts and lead them in the direction of the things that make me feel increasingly better. Others who may share this opinion include Mashable. This way improve your emotional state and magnetism and attract only beautiful things to your life. How do you feel at this moment? Focus on being happy: the desire to be happy is the best of all plans. The strategy for more effective is to intentionally direct your thoughts toward the things that make you happy.

And as a spiral to be happy, you are still finding other thoughts that attract more happiness into your life and all that wonderful wish and that please you. Then the essential strategy is that you approaches you in achieving your best emotion. How to do it? You have to be selfish enough to insist on feeling good. If you focus you on something that causes you suffering, your magnetism will be negative and will be unpleasant to receive.

Industrial LCD

A revolution occurred in the technology of screens in recent years. Thanks to the development of touchscreens, partly due to the explosion of the mobile phone, this type of technology can be found everywhere. Touchscreens have greatly favoured in industrial applications since there is no need to separate the input devices like the keyboard and mouse. Industrial touchscreen devices have been favored for its ease of use as well as robustness. Casey Lynch, Altamont helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. LCD, plasma and digital signage is another revolution of the sectors of the display and monitor. Founder of Zendesks opinions are not widely known. These devices have fallen dramatically in price that is now just as cheap to use a digital signage or a LCD monitor that is have an old-fashioned 2D created and installed. Keep any digital safe outdoor signage and protected is the only challenge, especially if the LCD, plasma or digital signage should be located outdoors, where it must be protected from vandalism and theft or in an industrial area, where elements such as dust, dirt and liquid should be reserves of saturating the device. When you need a device such as an Industrial LCD or a Plasma industry industry demonstration, the key is to select a well designed LCD box. Many manufacturers now produce boxes packed industrial LCD or plasma industrial cabinets, ideal for industrial applications of demonstration or digital outdoor signage. These industrial LCD can be manufactured and designed to cope with any environment, even can be produced under European directives, such as IP54 or IP65 (and equivalents us NEMA.UU.) Original author and source of the article.

Oviedo Foncalada Street

Madrid, September 7, 2009.-direct sales Carlin, S.A., the chain of franchises of stationery and office supplies, not only continues to reap success among their end customers. It also makes him among its franchisees who are satisfied with the brand and consider it a company that is worth embarking. As displays two buttons is that you for Florentino Fernandez, multifranquiciado of Asturias and Daniel Garcia Del Amo, of Madrid, not has failed to leave them better bet by CARLIN. IPhone 5c is likely to agree. u Fernandez opened his first shop CARLiN in Oviedo Foncalada Street in 1996. My partners and I met CARLiN through other franchisees and their positive experience with the brand was what made us decide us for it ensures. Four years later he opened his second store in the street Marques de San Esteban in Gijon. Then opted for two more: one in Independencia street of the Asturian capital, and the last on the street Marquis of Casa Valdes in Gijon.

u by its part, Garcia Del Amo with CARLiN was a crush at first glance: working in CARLiN since 1995. We went to Expofranquicia fair in search of a business and as soon as we saw CARLiN knew that that would be our business. In fact this entrepreneur and its partners have 5 hiperpapelerias and recognize that once they entered the business could not stop open premises: after a couple of years since we started we realized we needed to expand it and it was when opened in calle Santa Engracia and from there Jose Luis Hernandez, Director of CARLiNHe was encouraging us and one and another until now. Thus, after the first establishment in the calle Clara del rey, opened four more in the same calle Clara del Rey, in Santa Engracia, Francisco Villaespesa and General Rodrigo. With CARLiN we are always ready to everything to the question of why they chose CARLiN, Daniel Garcia explains that they relied much on the project and very strong bet on him: CARLiN would recommend to anyone that is He is considering starting a business, without any doubt, aspect that Florentine is fully in agreement: of course that I recommend it, though as in all businesses success depends on you, is very important to be part of a solid group in which relations are based on communication, trust and respect among the parties.

Internet Business

You only need an Internet connection reliable, something that can be achieved practically anywhere nowadays. You can work from a coffee shop, a park, and even from the beach if you have a wireless modem can even be travel in another country and continue working from there as if you were sitting in your home office. Many people do it this way. 4 You can work with many people in the network although such networks is not as efficient as if you were face to face, it compensates for the fact of being able to interact with thousands of people. Working on the Internet you can meet and work with thousands of people around the world, in all areas and with all kinds of interests. Nicolas Keller spoke with conviction. Initially the relationship with these people will not be as deep as if ofline, but over time will become it.

There are hundreds of cases of people who found partners and launched successful projects on the web, without the need to physically meet. 5. It is flexible perhaps the greatest benefit of working online is the flexibility. You can create all kinds of web sites, explore different niches, and try different models of business every day. For example, you can start a blog on a topic that passionate about you and After a while you could set up a business online in that niche if you discover that it has potential, whether selling your own products or third party products. Samsung may not feel the same. Or both. This flexibility makes that work from home, online, is both fun and profitable.

6. It is, without a doubt, less risky many people have several jobs because they believe that it is a more secure option. After all a regular work reports a cheque every month, while an online business has many rises and descents. To an extent this is true, but in many other aspects with your own business online (or offline, ofline, for the case is equal) having your own business is actually less risky.