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Yandex Content

Design studio "Alter-West" has created a new site medical-diagnostic center "Penta-Clinic." "Penta-Clinic" – a multi-disciplinary diagnostic and treatment center operated for more than 15 destinations, including gynecology, obstetrics, urology, dentistry, internal medicine, neurology, endocrinology, functional diagnostics, and more. Visually, the site designers' Alter-West "on the basis of pre- Terms of Reference prepared according to the wishes and preferences of the customer. Site navigation is provided by several menus, which appear in links to the site. Total for the site created five menus: basic, upper basic, and additional path through the site. Such a variety of menu allows visitors to quickly and easily find relevant data on their clinical activities, physicians, etc.

Site map enables one view a complete list of sections of the site. The site is automatically generated and updated sitemap sitemap.xml, which facilitates accurate and timely indexing by search engines such as Yandex, Google, etc. Primary content of the site at the request of the customer carried out by specialists of "Alter-Vest." Content has been moved from the old site for several hours by one person. Almost every section of the site contains photos and illustrations to improve the perception visitors. Further creation, content and editing of sections (pages) the site is carried out independently by the site administrator with the content management system CMS UlterSuite. System simple and straightforward, working with her and does not cause difficulties when working with text and image manipulation. Working with images is greatly simplified by the fact that the control system can automatically or under control information blocks with pictures of patients receiving treatment at the clinic.

Bridging Science

When we learn to "observe" our reactions and do not act automatically, that model is broken. "Thus, learning to" see "these partnerships is the best way to avoid repetition: the key is awareness. Bridging Science and spirituality. quantum physics. The model of what we believe about the world, is built from what we feel within ourselves and our ideas.

Each piece of information we receive from outside is processed from the experiences we had and our emotional response should of these reports. So bad memories drive us to make the same mistakes. The reality is a number "n" of waves that coexist in space-time as possible, until one becomes Real: that is what which we live. It is we who we deal with our choices and, above all, our thoughts ("I I can "," I can not ") to lock ourselves in a really negative or limited in achieving the things we dream of. In other words, modern physics tells us that we can achieve all that we crave (within the range of -wave potential, of course). The atom is not a complete reality, but much more malleable than we thought. Who chooses from these possibilities to produce my current experience? The response of quantum physics is emphatic: Consciousness is involved, the observer can not be ignored. " Quantum mechanics is an accurate mathematical description of the behavior of fundamental particles that make up physical reality. One of the most striking findings is that the particles observed especially electrons behave in two ways: as both particles and waves.