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Andy Warhol

This art direction shaped a whole generation and is a real Renaissance by service providers such as ArtYourFace. Robert Bakish: the source for more info. ArtYourFace contributes, that the popularity of Warhol and Lichtenstein is not abating, but is increasing and the unique styles of these arts genius keep alive. The creators of ArtYourFace from Dortmund has become quite the modern pop art as art direction prescribed. The young graphic designers from the cultural capital of 2010 have become specialised in pop art styles in General and on Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein pop art in particular. The idea that behind it, is as simple as it is ingenious: from conventional photo portraits, pop art is modern photo. The experienced graphic designer pop bringing art on the canvas or pop art poster.

A conventional photo serves as a template. Depending on whether the customer decides style for example for the Andy Warhol or the Roy Lichtenstein, the photo is first hand illustrated and graphically via computer adapted the style to meet the right color combination. Then the Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein is linked to pop art in real hand work on the canvas, all facets that make up these styles and different. Andy Warhol’s pop art are the different color variations, with which a portrait – up before different backgrounds raising off – again countless times presents. Warhol was known on the effect of the reproduction. In this way, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Mao’s Chinese rulers were presented. Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art is used in technology of the characteristic Benday dot. A large area is filled with small points.

A comic book in very bright colours strongly reminiscent of the whole portrait. What a Roy Lichtenstein portrait differs from a comic book but is just this point technique in the faces. Had to Lichtenstein himself focused on commercial product images, ArtYourFace uses this technique for interesting portraits.

Choose Your Look –

Design and lifestyle have become major buying criteria also for modern flat screens. Berlin, 30 June 2010 design and lifestyle are also for modern flat screens important purchasing criteria become. For more individuality, AOC met the request with two ultra-slim LCD flat screens, the front panel can be designed using stickers. The models in trendy white impress with their crystal clear frame with integrated LED bar. You making a good impression thanks to full HD resolution, WLED backlight, and other innovative features also technically.

Modern technology and exclusive design with the new e2237Fwh 54.7 cm/22 “and e2437Fh 61 cm/24” AOC presents two display extraordinary in every respect: modern WLED backlight technology packed in one of only 22 mm slim housing. The elegant appearance is underlined by a transparent framework in the crystal clear finish with subtle blue light bar and user-friendly navigation touch ring. Present with a contrast ratio of 20,000,000: 1 (DCR) are the devices that are also extremely high contrast. Clever detail solutions the transparent front panel can be adapted by removable stickers very individual taste. The absence of a conventional base gives the monitor a particularly modern and filigree appearance, and the inclination of the display can be easily vary with the help of practical yielding.

Thanks to the innovative i-care sensor the brightness of the screen automatically adapts to the intensity of the ambient light and makes for a more enjoyable work. With inputs for D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI (with HDCP), no wishes remain also in terms of connectivity and multimedia diversity. A variety of external sources about NET – and notebooks can be connected so easily. Environmentally friendly thanks to LED backlight, the new WLED monitors are particularly environmentally friendly through the use of LEDs as backlight, because energy-saving and free of mercury. The low energy consumption protects the environment and the wallet. In addition, both monitors meet the international environmental standards of the EPEAT Silver certification. The models e2237Fwh and e2437Fh are available in the course of August, recommended retail prices are currently still. For more information: United communications GmbH Peter link, Elena Strzelczyk Phone + 49 30 78 90 76-0 E-Mail: or AOC International (Europe) GmbH Stefan Sommer phone: + 49 2362 60 58 23-0 E-Mail: about AOC: AOC is one of the top brands in the display market. The company has its European headquarters in Berlin. High quality, first-class service, attractive design and eco-friendly and innovative products at an attractive price are the reasons why more and more resellers onto AOC. The very wide range of computer displays, monitor TVs and flat panel televisions already awarded among others the renowned red dot design award. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV technology limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of display. eu


“Warhol offered there, because this style on canvas or poster is back in”. Alone in communities it is common to see Profile photos in the Warhol style. However, it is the simple change of a photo file in the filter of popular image editing programs. This has real art to do a little, but is merely a matter of sophisticated programming technology. ArtYourFace preferred because the hand work. Here is the Warhol style still art, not a result of the programming on the screen.

For real lovers of art, it is a special treat, if it a gift of photo on canvas in real Warhol pop art look get. After all, it is not graphical reprints, but genuine handcrafted, so paintings. Therein lies the challenge that turns ArtYourFace like. The designation of service”is there much too abstract and sober for making a handmade work of art, and still ArtYourFace sees itself as a service provider in the word deepest meaning. ArtYourFace is still on order and customer requirements of the own portrait as pop art art. The variant is the pop have exceeded a certain minimum size art artwork, is as Posters printed on.

It must be so for real connoisseurs don’t always hand painted. Enlarged reprints of great masterpieces are finally also heavily in demand. What is a right for Bruegel or Michelangelo, can be only cheap one for your own photo portrait as Warhol. A pop conjures up the artwork of the own picture art poster finally in large size on the wall. Pop know that fans appreciate art. Himself as a Warhol portrait or in the Lichtenstein style as a poster in an over life-size, has what. And a poster is also sought after as a photo gift. What you at ArtYourFace decides, one thing is certain: the art here is in the foreground.