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Assessment Of Damage Caused To Third Parties

Assessment of damage caused to third parties is not as difficult as many think. There are several means of recovering money from the defendant. For example you have flooded. What do you do? It knows not everyone is: 1. You need to call phone call or a telegram, housing department, hoa, management company and so on, that is, that the organization under whose management is currently a house.

They in turn act of writing (opinion) about the cause of flooding, whether it be a breakthrough battery heating, or clogged bathtub or toilet. Although there are options when the culprit was this same organization, then all a little different. Applications must be submitted in the form of telegrams, registered mail, or statements incoming number and seal of acceptance. 2. Next, we ring in the appraisal companies and negotiate the time and date of the assessment, for 3 days to send a telegram to the notification to the respondent (to the court he could not say that he was not notified properly.) 3. Collect all necessary documents for the arrival of the evaluation of the company, namely: the documents is confirmed ownership of the property inspection certificate apartments (from the management company), a passport holder or a trustee, plan or scheme with the estimated object size (if available, photocopy), telegram (copy). 4.

Usually the defendant does not come at the appointed inspection, and makes it huge mistake so she can not refute in court extent of flooding, but you are just at hand. If he does come for a visit, you do not need to push him and swear to avoid problems in court, just as you wish you can run not only the defendant but also his support group. 5. After the appraisal work you get a report on the calculation of the market value of the refurbishment which should be at its correct preparation contain the following items: * The cost of repair * Letter from the Head evaluation of punch list * * * Estimates based on the estimates for the work * The theoretical arguments appraiser * Photos are not color too small (in the photos should be visible figures numbering walls estimated object) * References * which was used inspection report evaluating company * inspection report operating company * Copy of license * Copy * A copy of the diploma appraiser Mandatory insurance policy is the responsibility of Appraisers All this must be numbered and sealed with the number of sheets 6. After you have collected the necessary documents may be contact such as orally or by registered mail to the defendant requesting payment on a voluntary basis (for reconsideration should be given not less than 10 days). 7. In case of refusal appeal to the court where the lawsuit indicate the amount damage costs to service an appraiser and mail, as well as legal costs which you pay when you apply. 8. Usually the defendant at the first hearing does not come and then assigned to the second, at the second hearing, the question of payment solved without the defendant (if not present), then the case is already a bailiff if the defendant does not intend to pay your damages.

Passenger Traffic

The security status of passenger transport in road transport, especially commercial, has long been a serious concern to the police. Rampant commercialization and care from private carriers State control is much exacerbated the situation with alarm and threatens the safety of passengers and pedestrians, said the press office of Internal Affairs of the Bryansk region. Two years back to ensure control over the work increased number of private carriers in the structure of the public security police atc field unit was established to detect and prevent crimes and administrative violations in the area Passenger road transport. The main task of this unit was the suppression of commercial passenger services without a license, without a contract with the administration and operation of commercial carriers without the technical and medical examinations. In the city of Bryansk was developed and opened 36 commercial route to carry out shuttle passenger cars more than 1,400, 900 of them – legally, accordance with the agreements concluded with the Bryansk city administration. More than 500 motor vehicles shall transport no contracts. In addition, intermunicipal on route Passenger transport is involved more than 500 vehicles, including 350 within the law in accordance with agreements concluded with the Department of Industry, Transport and Communications of the Bryansk region with the winners held earlier contests.

Within the 150 units of auto road passenger transport is carried out without contracts. Unlawfully engaged in passenger traffic as individual entrepreneurs and citizens who have no relevant documents and permits. Last year the Centre to combat offenses in the consumer market atc quadrupled initiate preventive operations on you phenomenon violations in the area of route passengers. These preventive operations officers participate ugibdd, Department of Industry, Transport and Communications Bryansk city administration, the Department of Industry, Transport and Communications of the Bryansk region, the Federal Migration Service of the Bryansk region, of the Bryansk region, the Federal Tax Service of the Bryansk region, management of state highway supervision of the Bryansk region.


It will take too much work time, and do not settle the conflict itself. The main challenge facing policy makers is not only to resolve the conflict, but also the ability to manage conflict and to address its causes. As a rule, the causes of conflict reflect inadequate production and management, and their elimination is essential for the solution to the conflict. Necessary to translate the conflict in a constructive direction, in order to neutralize its negative effects. Analyze the situation from all sides, determine its structure and dynamics of development, consider the impact and assess the implications of each option. The warring parties should also understand the reasons for their contradictions and differences, and the head should be of interest for each of the participants of the need to resolve disagreements. Look for any possible solution to the conflict, allow employees to choose the optimal solution, at different stages. Invite the parties to the joint search and use the available methods, rules and methods of conflict resolution.

Each conflict is unique. In every conflict has its reasons, its prehistory, the actors also individuals, and in each case there is any particular details that must be considered. Therefore, in each case use a variety of styles behavior: avoidance (the desire to avoid conflict), the adaptation (a way to smooth and soften the situation), confrontation (use more aggressive means to achieve their goals), cooperation (joint search settle disputes), compromise (the desire of all parties to resolve the conflict). The choice of styles of behavior determined by the type of conflict. For example, if you have a conflict situation, but it is unimportant itself, and not worthy of wasting time and effort, the best way to escape from this conflict, in order to use work time to deal with cases that do not require delay. But, confrontation, and sometimes even necessary, especially if the problem is of vital importance. In a situation of strong passions, you need a quiet fixture in order to reduce and pay off the controversy. And of course a compromise, very often it saves power and gain time to reach an agreement between opponents.

"We always go for a compromise – instead of" desired "agree on" possible "(Akutagawa Ryunosuke). And another important tip: sometimes, in order to prevent the looming conflict, it is enough time to pause, smile, a compliment the other party, or offer to walk, move an important conversation for another time. In the organization of its management consider the rights of delegation of authority and responsibility to create favorable conditions for the life of workers in the organization, timely inform them about all the changes in the team, Check the balance of rights and responsibilities in carrying out official duties, use a flexible form of remuneration of its employees. The head is worth remembering that the conflict is settled, if to him more do not return, while its members remained grievances. The author of the article: Circus A.