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Today's most popular and affordable means of organization of telecommunications remains a channel E1 / G.703 (2,048 Mbit / s), which, among other things, can be used to deliver the sound from the studio to the transmitter. To do this you must convert the audio signal into digital form and to "pack" it into a stream of El, and then do the reverse conversion. In E1 channel can accommodate stereo sound without compression of audio data, it takes about 1.5 Mbit / sec. Also via E1 can send multiple stereo program: for compression in the ISO / MPEG 111 723 (Layer 2) is sufficient to have 256 kbit / s for the program. In the channel remains valid for more information RDS-encoder, command and data management transmitter complex. To transfer audio broadcasting programs and additional data communication channels in E1 by Digiton SYSTEMS (St. Petersburg) has been developed and successfully put into operation equipment DIGILINE.

These simple to use and ready-to-work units provide the audio signal compression standard MPEG ISO / IEC 11 723 Layer 2 or no compression. Equipment is DIGILINE highly specialized equipment, it was developed specifically for audio, but because today is the standard in the construction of lines of STL (Studio Transmitting Link), as it provides the highest quality sound and minimal distortion in the conversion. 13 Depending on the modification of equipment DIGILINE it can be used to organize the transfer from one to four stereo signals. In this case the transmission of a signal from the user have the choice to pass it in uncompressed or compressed. 13 of the first case, the signal will take about 1,5 Mbit / s, the second from 256 kbit / s and higher for the program. To connect sources and consumers of sound signals is symmetric DIGILINE analog and digital inputs and outputs AES/E13U. When you pass one or two signals codecs work in full duplex mode, and with more to give to work a couple of encoder / decoder.

Creating Images For Mobile Phone

So, if we decided to undertake an independent selection of skins for mobile, we need to find something pleasing to the eye and soul. The easiest way to do it on the internet (use search engines, which have image search service on the site). To work with images you can use the program Adobe Photoshop. Of course, you can use any other program (Paint, Corel Draw, Painter, Fireworks), but using Photoshop with a picture can be very, very much. The first and most important – is the size of a picture that will show off the phone. Many phones can automatically scale the image, but some devices do not support this feature.

Know what namely the size of the picture must be reading the specification of the phone or just copy it to your computer one of the preset pictures in the tube. Here are the most popular resolution screens of mobile phones: 128×128, 128×160, 132×176, 176×208, 176×220, 240×320. Given this important information, we take the source file and begin to create. After the completion of 'draw' pictures for a phone, it must be stored in a format supported by your mobile device. Most current phone supports popular image formats such as gif, jpeg, png. Once we have created a mobile picture and save it on your computer, we need to move it to the phone. To do this, connect your phone to computer. Connect your phone to a computer can be a variety of ways, using data-cable, infrared port, Bluetooth, everything depends on the technical capabilities of your phone. Now (after the picture was on the phone) you have left only to find this picture in my phone and set it as background (wallpaper) or a screen saver.

Cell Phone Samsung

Description and review of Samsung S5620 Montev online store SoMarkets.narod.ru Best capacitive touch phone comes tachfonov era – touchscreen phones not just in fashion, they are really much more convenient to their classic predecessors. You just press wherever necessary, without having the cursor to the desired location. And that was pressed as accurate as possible and easy, requiring no effort on forcing through the resistive layer has been developed capacitive technology sensor was first used on the iPhone. James Dondero is likely to agree. Now, more tachfonov moving to this approach and the Samsung S5620 Monte is no exception. It used 3-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240×400 pixels, which demonstrates the excellent color reproduction and vivid image in virtually any environment. Improved interface TouchWiz 2.0 Plus and manage the device a pleasure, TouchWiz UI is confined to work with your fingers, light touch and device implicitly carries your team. Samsung S 5620 works on its own operating system with a wide range of additional applications that covers all the typical needs – work with documents (PDF, MS Office), email, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.), viewing of multimedia files, and more. Enjoy the new progressive browser full Internet surfing without any restrictions. In the Samsung S5620 Monte, a new browser based on Webkit Samsung mobile 1.5 (Dolfin) with full support for Flash, JavScript, and full-text search built-in filter banners. Now, right from your browser you can view RSS feeds, and apart from textual information, can be downloaded here and the media content – video and audio files.