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A agroflorestal system is not developed in the office, but yes in the field. An attitude must be adopted to hear the producer, to learn as if to use of the popular culture, to establish a communication fluency. The agriculturists must be seen as co-authors of the work, as agents of the process. The term agroflorestais systems is relatively new, but it corresponds practical the old ones, carried through for traditional populations of entire world, as much in tropical climate as subtropical. What it rescues is the necessity of a new model of development, with a new philosophy? the sustainable development. This development must have base in the potentialities of the proper system, go in favor of the nature and not against it. The used technologies must be simple, practical, of low cost of investment. The systems must be economically and socially viable.

The economic and social support estimates in its inclusion the diversification economic, local industrialization, participation of the local population and improvement of the quality of life. In terms of ecological support the following aspects are vital: the conservation of the natural resources and the intensive use of trees, being that these last ones have basic paper in the ciclagem of nutrients, the hdrico balance and the control of the erosion. Therefore to establish agroflorestal system it is necessary to know the physical unit to be worked and to identify to all its potentialities, especially biodiversity. The espaamento must be questioned which and when to plant, therefore a very great density of plantation will cause minor productivity due to competition for water, light and nutrients. On the other hand, a very great espaamento will be space wastefulness, what it will make the productivity for area also to be low. To determine when plantar it must be led in account will have fire use, what it can make impracticable the simultaneous plantation of others species.

Another factor if to consider is that species exist that need sombreamento. In such a way, the complexity of the agroflorestais systems makes with that advantages and disadvantage in its adoption exist. As advantage it can be mentioned: compensatory action (bigger efficiency in the use of the production factors? water, light and nutrients), minor incidence of harmful plants, greater ecological stability, better feeding for the agriculturist, greater protection of the ground against erosion, greater productivity, better distribution of man power throughout the year, minor variability in the production and minor economic risk. As disadvantage, it can be cited: difficulty of handling of the cultures, difficulty in the planning (bigger complexity due the interactions of the system), eventual greater incidence of plagues and illnesses and lack of research in agroflorestais systems in Brazil. For the consideraes it is observed that the agroflorestais systems are not the magical formulas stop to correct all males of the farming sector of the Amaznia, but represents an instrument importantssimo and a significant advance in direction to the sustainable development. What it is clear, in function of the current knowledge, however, is perhaps that this form of exploration of the land, more than what another one, must be boarded with extreme caution for each region where will occur its adoption. Emanuel Searching Cavalcante- of the Embrapa Amap

Earn Money By Typing

Internet has become a rage, and there are several opportunities available to earn money through this powerful resource. There are number of companies online that offer wonderful opportunities to work from home. People may charge a monthly rent for work as a typist at home. Writer jobs are offered by online companies and consists of writing and placing ads on the Internet. The best part about this work is that it does not require experience in advertising. The companies that offer these jobs give them training and training required, as well as the essential tools and resources to begin work.

Along with a monthly income, companies also pay to attract referrals. Referrals include individuals recommended by the typists to enroll in the services used. The nature of the work of writing absolutely does not imply any kind of pressure or workload. Ads are provided by the companies and typists have to write just the listings in the Web sites, forums, classified ads sites and other places. Pays writers by each type of ad that, without taking into account results, sales or any kind of response associated with those ads. Therefore, even if there is no response, either way it will be paid.

A job as a writer in line can be considered as a work without tension. Pressures of sales, recruitment and employment of marketing does not imply, nor is based on goals or commissions. Although some companies do not offer incentives to typists for ads that get a significant response.

Tips To Attract Money

Since money was invented began to develop a series of forms, strategies, tricks, ideas, etc., to achieve this. There are those who spend a lifetime with ideas in head of how to make money and how to get him, however, it may be that the formula for making money is not very far from us, perhaps who puts away the map of fortune and money are our beliefs and attitudes in front of him, because if in this world there is more money that we think what is what prevents us from having it? Powerful beliefs: A belief is a way of seeing and understanding life. Already discusses much of them in workshops, books and conferences of personal development. Beliefs underpin the way of life and they attract all kinds of experiences. There we can say that there are two types of beliefs: the limitations and non-limiting. A limiting belief is one that limits us to receive, be experiencing or have something we want.

Are examples of limiting beliefs to attract the money: is difficult to have money do not there is No work there is money around It is very expensive life is difficult if I buy what I want, I’m going to run out of money have to endure many things unpleasant for money have to compromise the values to get money I have to be a little liar to have good relations and money have to endure this work although I don’t like the list could be very long, but these examples give an idea of everything that some US broadcast adults who raised us and accept us as truth. So then we grew up and we repeat behavior, although they are not as optimal for our lives. A very effective way to begin to attract money to life, is to begin to get rid of all the beliefs that don’t serve us but to limit us.