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Frequency Inverters

The frequency inverters, which currently exist on the market, are installed to control motors in various plants and used. The frequency inverters, which currently exist on the market, are installed to control motors in various plants and used. Here the system function plays no role, the inverter is responsible only for the operation of the motor. He influenced the start-up operation, the operating speed and the braking without wear on moving parts, because the converter works purely electrically. All functions are combined in one unit and can be separately adjusted to ECU, and adapted to the needs. Thus single phase and three phase machines can be operated easily, irrespectively of the frequency. The task of the inverter is the change of in amplitude and frequency.

While the amplitude is converted to its height or strength and the frequency is changed in height. The interaction of the two conditions affect the excitement in the engine, so the speed is controlled. The advantage of This type of control is that it is very economical and little loss of energy. The method of frequency change direction is also relatively low-maintenance and caused only little or no additional costs. To ensure the functioning of the inverter, modern microcontrollers are used in the high-tech devices. These are very quick in response and can respond within microseconds to changes.

Furthermore, the chipsets are very resistant and can be programmed individually for each application and configured. This is important, if sometime an other drive is built or rebuilt. Then the inverter on the new parameters of the new engine must be set only and through reprogramming, this is done quickly. The different designs of the transmitter as with most devices there are there even when the frequency converters is a series of various designs and sizes. The size of the converter depends of the load to be controlled and the number of connected machines, so the overall performance Plant. The smallest sizes are intended for mounting on top-hat Rails and the largest listed as its own switching or control cabinet and are much larger in the building. In between, almost anything is possible and depends on the needs of the system and the requirements of the environment. A more attention should be paid to the cooling. First of all, heat is generated by the transformation of the input voltage and also a little temperature caused the power supply to the processor. Therefore should be sure, depending on the frequency converter is greater, the more important is the transfer of heat energy and compliance with the cooling. Small transducers are cooled only through openings in the housing, making them soft and quiet. Often additional fans are used with greater frequency converters. This is important for the longevity of the transmitter and the internal components.

Commons Attribution

traffic loads), strains during the installation (for example, tensile strength) and the investment objective (E.g. number of cores). The number of stranded wire or wires that conduct electricity through the cable, is known under the term “Number”. In the case of multicore cables, each wire with an own insulator is provided; the individual insulators are then protected by an outer casing (wire insulation). For marking the veins isolation for two-wire cables usually the colours red for plus (+) and black for minus (-) used. However, refer to cable for AC voltage, the colors used Brown and blue, to plus and minus to highlight. Network cables protection class I, there is a green yellow protective earthing conductor, which prevents dangerous contact voltages (E.g.

on housing and control panels) in the event of a fault. Apart from that are in this type of network cable accompanied by black or brown outer conductor as well as a blue neutral conductor. It is three-phase according to old standard, two are black and used a brown outer conductor; the new standard provides the use of a gray, a Brown and a black outer conductor. The vast majority of the high-voltage cable is indeed f.t., but also bipolar high-voltage cables (DC voltage) and three-wire high voltage cable (three-phase AC) are produced. Cables that are used in the fields of signal transmission, computer and communications technology, is characterized by a number of veins from two to several thousand pieces. Distinctions are made first and foremost in the veins verse release type (E.g.

lagenverseilt, quad). The veins are the focal point of the cable, since they carry the current from A to B. So that this works, the veins are made copper usually made of precious metal, which is known for its optimal electric conductivity. There are also companies that aluminum make the wires from the light metal- and this despite the fact that aluminum has only about 2/3 of the conductivity of copper. Aluminum is so popular, because its weight only 1/3 the weight of the copper. In places where there is no lack of space and it rather depends on the weight, aluminium conductors are much more beneficial than the copper Variant. Overhead lines, which conductors are mostly made of the alloy are a popular range for aluminum. Even better properties of conductive copper and aluminium is silver. However used the precious metal for cost reasons only in some industries, such as high-frequency technology, where it is used as a coating for copper cable. Also superconductors and optical conductors such as fiber-optic cable and fibre-optic cables are also rarely-used in communications networks.

The Electronic In Germany

An increasingly important role, plays the power semiconductors in drive technology. Development, manufacture and application of electronic components, that is electronic. In the Electronicfachgeschaft all, they get what they need. The electronic Bauelemten include including diodes, coils, semiconductor devices, transistors and micro-elements. Electronic offers a huge selection. To the development and manufacture of intrigierten circuits, you need the micro-electronics. Electronic is very versatile. An increasingly important role, plays the power semiconductors in drive technology.

Antreibstechniken find them also at electronics. This is because that frequency converter much more flexible can provide the energy of the electronic, as a transformer. The electronic is based also digital maps to this on the simple principle of Logigschaltung. In many controls, which are, it is contained in electronic, digital technology. There is connected to the automation technology. Else funktioniertes not. So it belongs to the field of electrical engineering.

How did to the electronic? This matter will be clarified in our forum for electronic. There were physicists such as Werner von Siemens, and George Westinghouse, which enabled us to our today’s electronic lives of luxury. They began in the 17th century. Learn more about them and the electronic history on the net. The is now called news technology, it is also available at electronic. Here are transported signals with the help of the electronic waves. They serve as information carrier. Time as a receiver. Everything is there for pleasant prices for electronic. Here it is just a question that to transfer the information without losses. For this, they must be recognized by the receiver. Here we enter now in the field of amateur radio and radio frequency technology. These special things also get electronic. As they realize Electonic has the right thing for everyone.