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Intelligent Lighting Control

Wintop range communicates via Z-Wave Copenhagen, the whole House lighting control 09 July 2009 with a push of a button and at the same time save energy? Wintop, manufacturer of electrical installation material, makes this possible on the basis of the Z-Wave wireless standards. The company presented an intelligent home control light control with its SwitchDIY product line, which communicates via Z-Wave chip. This allows flexible control of in-house lighting by remote control, switch or via the Internet. Thus, it is possible to illuminate any room comfortable and energy-consciously homeowners, apartment owners and companies. For other opinions and approaches, find out what AOL has to say. Wintop simply offered to use light control modules that communicate with each other on the basis of the proven Z-Wave wireless technology. These products carry the company’s own label SwitchDIY. LG Electronics is open to suggestions. Easy the principle control & easy installation”Wintop developed this technology for convenient lighting control in apartments, homes and businesses.

The SwitchDIY basic kit consists of a remote control, a dimmer, a Plug-In adapter as well as a Build-In module. With the remote control, for example, up to 45 devices can be controlled centrally. It has been developed specially for use in mesh networks. Via the LCD screen, the status of all devices can be obtained at any time. An integrated control wheel allows also the practical switch”between the individual control units.

The corresponding Z-Wave based plug-in adapter can be installed wirelessly. Desk, floor or bedside lamps etc. are in this way fast and easy in the home control network integrated. The Wintops Build-In modules are also suitable for use in new or existing home networks. They can be installed easily under a light switch, an electrical outlet, or if necessary in the light. The dimmer of the SwitchDIY series of Wintop be incorporated in a similarly simple way. Via remote control, the user can Dim any light source of the House, but a – or turn off. The built-in Z-Wave chip makes it possible all these Devices in a home control network to integrate and to control needed PCs, PDAs, remote controls, mobile phones or over the Internet. The SwitchDIY modules are also able to communicate with over 300 other Z-wave devices by more than 170 manufacturers of Z-Wave Alliance within a home network through the reliable radio connection. About Z-Wave Z-Wave is the first technology that allows an affordable, reliable, and easy to use wireless control of every aspect of daily life of home, consumer electronics, HealthCare, and energy, to name only a few. Z-Wave is an award-winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh networking technology, a wide range of devices in the and the communication around the House. These include lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment and security systems. Z-Wave enriched daily life to many advantages such as remote home monitoring, home health care and maintenance, security and Energy savings. Z-Wave certified products are currently available in over 300 products from leading consumer brands. “Z-Wave is the winner of the Wall Street Journal technology innovation awards” (wireless category) and the CNET best of CES awards “(enabling technologies category). For more information about Z-Wave under:. Information: Z-Wave Alliance in 1778 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 Mary Miller Marketing Director PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nest road 3 D-56472 Nisterau Fabian Sprengel Tel.

Choose Your Look –

Design and lifestyle have become major buying criteria also for modern flat screens. Berlin, 30 June 2010 design and lifestyle are also for modern flat screens important purchasing criteria become. For more individuality, AOC met the request with two ultra-slim LCD flat screens, the front panel can be designed using stickers. The models in trendy white impress with their crystal clear frame with integrated LED bar. You making a good impression thanks to full HD resolution, WLED backlight, and other innovative features also technically.

Modern technology and exclusive design with the new e2237Fwh 54.7 cm/22 “and e2437Fh 61 cm/24” AOC presents two display extraordinary in every respect: modern WLED backlight technology packed in one of only 22 mm slim housing. The elegant appearance is underlined by a transparent framework in the crystal clear finish with subtle blue light bar and user-friendly navigation touch ring. Present with a contrast ratio of 20,000,000: 1 (DCR) are the devices that are also extremely high contrast. Clever detail solutions the transparent front panel can be adapted by removable stickers very individual taste. The absence of a conventional base gives the monitor a particularly modern and filigree appearance, and the inclination of the display can be easily vary with the help of practical yielding.

Thanks to the innovative i-care sensor the brightness of the screen automatically adapts to the intensity of the ambient light and makes for a more enjoyable work. With inputs for D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI (with HDCP), no wishes remain also in terms of connectivity and multimedia diversity. A variety of external sources about NET – and notebooks can be connected so easily. Environmentally friendly thanks to LED backlight, the new WLED monitors are particularly environmentally friendly through the use of LEDs as backlight, because energy-saving and free of mercury. The low energy consumption protects the environment and the wallet. In addition, both monitors meet the international environmental standards of the EPEAT Silver certification. The models e2237Fwh and e2437Fh are available in the course of August, recommended retail prices are currently still. For more information: United communications GmbH Peter link, Elena Strzelczyk Phone + 49 30 78 90 76-0 E-Mail: or AOC International (Europe) GmbH Stefan Sommer phone: + 49 2362 60 58 23-0 E-Mail: about AOC: AOC is one of the top brands in the display market. The company has its European headquarters in Berlin. High quality, first-class service, attractive design and eco-friendly and innovative products at an attractive price are the reasons why more and more resellers onto AOC. The very wide range of computer displays, monitor TVs and flat panel televisions already awarded among others the renowned red dot design award. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV technology limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of display. eu

Regular Online Trend Barometer The Customer Opinion Counts For ELV

Electronic mail-order company currently offers Web opinion mirrors about technical topics: touch screens are as popular? Empty, July 05th, 2010 thanks to its new trend barometer white ELV electronics shipping House ab immediately exactly, which are just announced issues at the customer and which are interesting in the future. Michele Glaze has compatible beliefs. Elv.de have interested the possibility to reveal their opinions about current issues in the field of technology. “Recently, ELV asked its customers: touch screen instead of keyboard have you still fear of contact with touchscreen products?” The results speak a clear language. Approximately every four weeks electronics shipping House on its homepage provides a new trend barometer question connected with three to five possible answers. Due to the respective question links to current products from the ELV portfolio available, Web site visitors when necessary can inform about that. Often hardly, we can estimate how new technologies are already on the market.

With the trend barometer customers give us feedback in real time, whether and how a technology or a topic is relevant and known,”explains Christian Reinwald, head of mail order at ELV. Customers are E.g. still unsure what is HDTV and what is to be observed in the selection of products, we often offer themed worlds, FAQs, technical tips, videos and interactive online learning games in conjunction with the trend barometer. Customers receive appropriate for each topic so in-depth knowledge and orientation, but also an exciting range of innovative products. Customers currently still too expensive classify a new technology or speak negatively, we wait even with extensions in this area.

On the other side we can offer on very early targeted article from areas classified with interested buyers in the future as a useful and innovative. Customers can so influence our product range, to inform and Orient”, explains San Martino. ELV poll: Touch the future belongs before recently electronics shipping House on its homepage asked the question, how popular that Is the touch-screen technology for Web page visitors.

The Living Flat Screen

The Zieger GmbH from Berlin informs its clients modern flat-panel displays have overtaken long CRT monitors. In comparison, they are easy, save space, and a lot of power. It is thanks to these properties that TFT monitors clearly dominate the market. Any technical device can become the problem case and flat screens make no exception. The permanent representation of defective pixels, so-called pixels, is a known problem with TFT technology.

The Zieger GmbH knows as leading partner for the electronics industry but also unexpected problems with the modern TFT technology. A particularly surprising problem is represented in the following real-life case history: A hot summer day is coming to an end and a computer owner opens the window, enjoying the evening cool air to enter. After having spent some time at his computer, his concentration is interrupted by an unexpected movement on the flat screen. It is an insect, the he it with a casual hand motion will scare away. Far from! The annoying little creatures will not disappear and moves unimpressed in the field of view of the computer owner. The gesture is hectic, finally he finds the insect by means of finger pressure to eliminate.

At this point the astonished people it falls like scales from the eyes that crawls tiny animal it is not on the screen around in the monitor! How is it that that an insect inside a TFT displays crawling around right in front of the eyes of the beholder? The summer heat heated houses and their surroundings. Due to internal heat buildup, the Interior heat up more strongly and cool down at the beginning of the evening more slowly than the outside world. It naturally draws insects to light and heat. The combination of light and high temperature acts as a magnet on the animals that try to get to the light and heat source.

Willich Janine Dammertz Tel

Any individual information of the display is three times finer than conventional LCD watches. The system also allows the endless programming possibilities for displaying numerals, texts and graphics on the display. So, depending on the amount of information that is displayed in a fixed area, Seiko size or appearance of fonts or numbers can be programmed. The display has 80,000 pixels with a resolution of 300 ppi (points per inch). Each individual pixel (pixel) can display one of four shades of gray levels.

Unmatched energy efficiency E-book users know that devices with widescreen require more energy and the energy reserve therefore is limited. The new EPD watch does not know this problem. Seiko reduced energy consumption, so that the clock consumes only one percent of the energy otherwise required. Three innovations in the areas of integrated circuits and the high-tech electronics allowed this: A TFT (thin-film transistor – Dunnschichtransistor), the signals to the display controls an integrated circuit with low power requirements to control the TFT an EPD driver to maximize the potential that E-ink technology will power only needed if are the pictures on the Change display. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Dell. Large display Seikos watch designer created a large display, which allows the multiple use of the new E-Ink-active-matrix technology. At the same time, the clock should be as easy.

Seiko designed the bezel of the display with a millimeter as small as possible, increasing the display area. Because the imaging materials of display reflective effect, artificial room lighting is just as easy to read as in bright sunshine. The EPD technology EPD is a display method with electronic ink “-technology.” Electronic ink is a proprietary material that is incorporated for integration into electronic displays in a movie. The main components of electronic ink are millions of tiny microcapsules, the diameter of which approximately corresponds to the a human hair. A pixel here embodies a Microcapsule. Each Microcapsule contains negatively charged white particles and positively charged black particles, which are in a clear liquid. If a negatively charged electric field is applied, the white particles to the top of the micro capsule, where they will be visible for the user move. Thus, the surface at this point white will appear. At the same time, an opposite electric field pulls the black particles to the bottom of the microcapsules where they remain invisible.

Our Freshear

Then carefully filled the ear and the ear silicone Abform with a dosing syringe. While the jaw should be relaxed the curing time of 5 minutes, and the mouth should be opened up to 2 cm wide, talk is allowed at this time. Is the clay is completely cured, the ear impression can be removed also. Important notice to all hearing care professional that please do not edit marks and please make sure that there is no defects such as small holes by air bubbles.The ear canal including the second curvature should be fully shaped up! Since we generally make a control form, complete form out please the ear. How maintain your in ear monitors by ear communication technology? We offer a complete range of cleaning and care products for the care of your InEars. For regular cleaning after every appearance, we recommend our Freshear cleaning cloths, the aggressive perspiration and Earwax Record (ear wax) and remove. Our Freshear cleaning spray suitable with spray also for cleaning, in conjunction with a micro-fibre or cotton cloth. Since all in – ear monitoring systems with a sensitive technique work, it is important to protect them from moisture.

Moisture inside the handset can cause great damage. So wash your InEars never under running water from! Never immerse your InEars in water or cleaning fluid. For storage of InEars, we offer special dry capsules, a dry socket on which ensure that moisture is safely absorbed by body sweat and caused no damage to the InEars storage. We equip our listeners of live-Pro series ear wax filter live-Pro series with a special ear wax filter, which prevents Cerumen (Earwax) into the ear canal walk and this can harm the listener indefinitely. Using a small brush you can clean this filter. If you notice, that to this filter sets but after a few months and decreases the volume of your handset, simply contact us. Credit: Michael Dell-2011. We assume the rapid exchange of the Earwax filter or you can order replacement filters as well as the appropriate tool for us and make the Exchange itself.

What do the performer-cable breakage or live-Pro series may occur quite constant using the in-ears in the demanding tour use a cable break. Therefore we use with our performer – as well as live-Pro series pluggable cables which can be exchanged within a few seconds. We recommend that each of our clients, each have a spare cable in the tour luggage! Caution! When replacing the cable is the correct polarity (+/-, and L/R) to make sure. A reverse polarity results in any damage to the InEars, may cause however in the tone! A description accompanying the replacement cables.

New Exclusive Hifi Systems

The new generation of HiFI systems are the Geneva Soundysteme. The term Hi-Fi systems originates from the 60s years. High fidelity is a quality standard for audio playback devices that standard had to meet a certain DIN. Called also “high end system” for a stereo system consisting of high-quality components. Read more here: angel investor. Audible pleasure in the living room or another retreat room is the reward after the stress of everyday life. Chunky Hi-Fi equipment, oversized boxes and cables no longer fit in our stylish living room. You spread optical disorder and disturb us while listening to music and language. As in other areas of technology, the devices over the years were getting smaller and smaller in the audio field.

A minimum of space and a maximum of quality unites the Geneva sound system. It produces a sound which takes us mentally into a concert hall. The operation of this system is straightforward, because the functions on the essentials are restricted. The Geneva sound system provides direct play music from hard drives in a single enclosure and at the same time, the options for CDs (with built-in slot-in drive), FM radio, inputs for turntables, TV audio, computer and even game consoles. There is this sound system in different sizes from S to XL for extra large as small.

So there is something for every size of the apartment and the Geneva sound system clogged the area in any case but becomes a real eye catcher. Geneva shows a successful design finished with piano lacquer or with wood veneer and his sound system on slim aluminium feet. Although not all Hi-Fi systems were ugly, we do not mourn this mostly black boxes and look forward to the lightness of modern sound systems. While there are today more and more people who think an iPod docking station is completely sufficient for a fabulous sound experience. Which is not so. The Geneva sound system features namely the embracing sound. Just so, with the Geneva sound system, a truly great sound sounds. Geneva sound system factory video

Satellite To Digital

The 4 steps to digital satellite receiving millions of German households have to change up to 30 April 2011 to digital. But don’t panic: The conversion is simple, if you know how it goes. There’s the step for step relaxed conversion! Step 1: Should I upgrade to, really? Not everyone is affected by the transition to digital television. First of all, it concerns only satellite reception and no cable or antenna TV. If you use satellite, now calling the teletext page 198 of ARD. Is there a notice of discontinuation given of analog television, you must upgrade to yet.

Otherwise there is seeing already digital. Step 2: what do I need? For digital reception, you need a digital receiver and the reception in the focal point of the bowl is a universal LNB to the LNB satellite dish. Now you don’t have both either still or you lack only one of the two parts. If you know that you have one of the two parts, missing only the other device. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. If you know that you have a digital receiver, it could still be having already a universal LNB. Often, people don’t know whether they have a digital compatible universal LNB. Since helps climb on the roof and look up the words “Universal” on the LNB.

If there isn’t, you are missing the universal LNB. If you follow these 3 steps, you know what equipment you need. Comments satellite signals analog as well as digital broadcasting satellite dish with conventional LNB can implement (only) the analog signals a coaxial cable connecting the LNB with an analog receiver a SCART cable connects the receiver to the TV, nor can I receive about 40 programs, from April 30, 2012, all major German broadcaster set the analogue transmission. Step 3: How do I find the correct LNB? This step is simple, it just depends on the number of connected TV: 1 TV: single LNB 2 TV: twin LNB 3-4 TV: Quad LNB 5-8 TV: OCTO LNB step 4: How do I find the correct Receiver? The price for a digital receiver range from 25 to over 300 euros. This step is the most difficult because of the wide range perhaps. If you want just digital reception, the a for 25 euro will be sufficient support but usually not high-definition television, yet they can be connected to modern flat-screen TV. Who exactly does not want to forego Gets a HD receiver that supports also shifting, the reception of Pay-TV services such as sky and a personalized video recorder for 80-120 euros. For 200 euros and rising there is in addition a hard drive and 2 tuner so that two programs at the same time can be received (either for picture in-picture, or to simultaneously watch and record). Also, the higher priced models have typically multiple HDMI, SCART and CI connectors. If you buy a flat-screen TV in the course of conversion in addition to the new receiver, you need an HDMI cable to the two devices combine. Please visit more information and appropriate product recommendations for digital receivers, LNB, TV and cable.

Frequency Inverters

The frequency inverters, which currently exist on the market, are installed to control motors in various plants and used. The frequency inverters, which currently exist on the market, are installed to control motors in various plants and used. Here the system function plays no role, the inverter is responsible only for the operation of the motor. He influenced the start-up operation, the operating speed and the braking without wear on moving parts, because the converter works purely electrically. All functions are combined in one unit and can be separately adjusted to ECU, and adapted to the needs. Thus single phase and three phase machines can be operated easily, irrespectively of the frequency. The task of the inverter is the change of in amplitude and frequency.

While the amplitude is converted to its height or strength and the frequency is changed in height. The interaction of the two conditions affect the excitement in the engine, so the speed is controlled. The advantage of This type of control is that it is very economical and little loss of energy. The method of frequency change direction is also relatively low-maintenance and caused only little or no additional costs. To ensure the functioning of the inverter, modern microcontrollers are used in the high-tech devices. These are very quick in response and can respond within microseconds to changes.

Furthermore, the chipsets are very resistant and can be programmed individually for each application and configured. This is important, if sometime an other drive is built or rebuilt. Then the inverter on the new parameters of the new engine must be set only and through reprogramming, this is done quickly. The different designs of the transmitter as with most devices there are there even when the frequency converters is a series of various designs and sizes. The size of the converter depends of the load to be controlled and the number of connected machines, so the overall performance Plant. The smallest sizes are intended for mounting on top-hat Rails and the largest listed as its own switching or control cabinet and are much larger in the building. In between, almost anything is possible and depends on the needs of the system and the requirements of the environment. A more attention should be paid to the cooling. First of all, heat is generated by the transformation of the input voltage and also a little temperature caused the power supply to the processor. Therefore should be sure, depending on the frequency converter is greater, the more important is the transfer of heat energy and compliance with the cooling. Small transducers are cooled only through openings in the housing, making them soft and quiet. Often additional fans are used with greater frequency converters. This is important for the longevity of the transmitter and the internal components.

The Electronic In Germany

An increasingly important role, plays the power semiconductors in drive technology. Development, manufacture and application of electronic components, that is electronic. In the Electronicfachgeschaft all, they get what they need. The electronic Bauelemten include including diodes, coils, semiconductor devices, transistors and micro-elements. Electronic offers a huge selection. To the development and manufacture of intrigierten circuits, you need the micro-electronics. Electronic is very versatile. An increasingly important role, plays the power semiconductors in drive technology.

Antreibstechniken find them also at electronics. This is because that frequency converter much more flexible can provide the energy of the electronic, as a transformer. The electronic is based also digital maps to this on the simple principle of Logigschaltung. In many controls, which are, it is contained in electronic, digital technology. There is connected to the automation technology. Else funktioniertes not. So it belongs to the field of electrical engineering.

How did to the electronic? This matter will be clarified in our forum for electronic. There were physicists such as Werner von Siemens, and George Westinghouse, which enabled us to our today’s electronic lives of luxury. They began in the 17th century. Learn more about them and the electronic history on the net. The is now called news technology, it is also available at electronic. Here are transported signals with the help of the electronic waves. They serve as information carrier. Time as a receiver. Everything is there for pleasant prices for electronic. Here it is just a question that to transfer the information without losses. For this, they must be recognized by the receiver. Here we enter now in the field of amateur radio and radio frequency technology. These special things also get electronic. As they realize Electonic has the right thing for everyone.