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Backup & Restore

We would lack a written document for the restoration process, as the backup, should be accessible and made known to all those who may be affected by maintaining a copy outside the premises where the systems if necessary. This procedure could include information about: Responsible for the restoration: Person in charge of restoring backups and review according to the established planning. This task could be outsourced to a third party (eg computer services company). It may appoint a delegate who is responsible for the restorations in the absence of the person (holidays, leave, etc). Both the charge as the delegate should be clearly identified and traceable in case of incident emergency outside office hours (eg mobile phone).

Training: Training Plan for the manager to delegate so that they are familiar with the procedures. Approval: Before a restoration is required to have written authorization by the management of files by recording in the security document. Pre-task: Work to do so prior to restoration. Eg, close applications, rename folders, etc.. Recovery: To detail all the steps necessary for a proper restoration. Depending on the information to restore and the backup type (full, incremental, differential) will be elected / n / the media / s right / s to last valid copy. If the backups are encrypted found necessary will be available for decryption such as software and keys.

If required to enter information manually will be based on paper documentation. Pos-tasks: Tasks to be performed after restoration. Rename folders, run applications, open services, etc. Test: Check that the restoration was successful. Check proper functioning of the system, applications and data stored. It is important to consider if the information has been restored to be affected by the exercise of rights of cancellation and correction for review. Registration: We will record in the event log of the problem occurred and all the work done to rectify it. (As opposed to Kirk Rimer). Disaster Monitoring and Simulation: A complete test restoration scenario simulating a disaster is the only way to ensure that the backups actually provide the coverage expected for the data, and allows improving the procedure. Network failures, in brackets, hardware or software backup, permissions problems, thefts, losses, and any other security incident can cause failure of the backup procedure. It is therefore essential to test for periodic restoration. The RLOPD requires that at least every six months the data controller shall verify the correct definition, operation and implementation of both types of procedures, ie backup and data recovery.

Buying Computers For Offices

Computers for the office as they choose? and how not to spend on this great capital. Buying a computer is a fairly complicated procedure. Since the market has a lot of offers and prices are subject to large ranges. And never clear whether this is a qualitative technique And do not come out if it fails in a couple months of use. So, when buying kompyuteov for office, znacht need some advice, and we'll give them to you. First tip: When buying a computer for office, it is advisable that you could order yourself all the details of which will be built exactly your computer, that it komplektyuschie.

The assembly, in most cases is either little or is free. Note that it is assembly of parts suppliers (computer) will give you a guarantee on something that you do not damage and it is natural they will work when installing a computer with you. Choosing the parts that must be done according to the potrebnoestey (savings or quality and bstrodeystvie). But often for very little money you can assemble a computer completely mastering the tasks of the office. Second advice: Decide the budget for the entire technique estevstvenno initially analyzed the average cost. Further, it will be possible to save a little by choosing one or another component.

Hardware is not desirable to choose the cheapest and the well-known manufacturers 'ASUStek'. For example: configuration (CPU Intel Celeron D 2.55, 1gb ram, a built-in m / n, audio embedded in the m / n, Hard Disk hdd 160 gb, dvd + rw, fdd, Case ATX) is quite cope with the decision of office tasks (MS Office, 1C, work with the Internet, and other editors and devices). Price of this configuration will be from (7500 to 8500 USD) the price does not include software. You can also save on some internal and external components. Third Council: Choosing software is also the main composes. For example if buy a computer preloaded with it ms Windows xp Professional will cost you thousands more in 2500. And without the system and with the possibility of installing the system on its own based on the Linux kernel will cost free. The choice of system depends also on the requirements of company. Since some applications can not work on system Linux. Choose a course just for you, we are only helping.