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Knife In The Cs: Serious Weapon Or Childish Prank ?

Knife in Counter Strike – terrible weapons We know that players in Counter-Strike is mostly used guns, pistols and assault rifles. And quite undeservedly forgotten about this wonderful weapon like a knife. The reason is simple: Most players just do not know how to use it. In order that the knife has become a truly formidable weapon, not a useless piece of metal, you need skill and experience. Learning to use a knife is not easy, but if you suffer this science, then the knife might not just save your life in a tight battle.

Besides the ability to kill 'with a knife "can greatly enhance your credibility among the players in the cs. There are several ways to use a knife. First, the easiest – sneak up on lurking camper and kill him on the sly. With the second method can successfully destroy fighters singles. To do this on the map Locate a dark corner where you will not notice the opponents, and lay low. When past Your shelter will run through an unsuspecting enemy, be sure to check to see whether after him his friend. If everything is clean, it's time to act.

Go after the enemy, by repeating his movements. The enemy is moving – you're behind him, stopped – and you stop. Steal up as close as possible and put him two quick stab (alternative fire – right mouse button). After that, there are two versions of events. 1. The object of attack turns back – and sees you.

Wee Dee Dee

I hope that at least some of those people ever learn to distinguish between these two different things. So how do you distinguish pirated from licensed products? We must start with packaging. The first screening factor should serve as the appearance of the packaging itself (labels with pictures and a description of the disk). All letters on the packaging of the license. disk should be clear, even if there is a very small text, it is still will read the letter and will not merge with each other. Lazy and cheap pirates can print the scanned image with the loss of quality, etc.

But today, most of these pirates still trying to make a perfect package. The presence of a second disk holograms. At present, not at all license disks present a hologram, but if they have, then we have the very high quality. On the hologram usually indicate disc publisher. Special tags inaccessible to the naked eye. Ceramic badges, nameplates. Peel without breaking, impossible. Microtext visible only when fifteen times magnification.

Protection in the infrared range: contrast and without contrast areas. But check this information can only be by special devices, the inhabitant of reach. But pirates are trying to "zapudrit" brain buyer is stuck his hologram. Some if you look made of foil. More money, and pirates can be ordered similar logos, making them very similar to the originals. Third. On the license. drives always show a complete, truthful and reliable information. Copyrights manufacturing companies, bar code, table of specifications (screen, sound, language, region, sub-title, genre, duration, year, age restrictions), number and date of rental certificates, list of manufacturing plants (full name, license number and legal address). vaf number must be identical to the packaging and on the reverse side of the disc. Fourth. The image on the disk must be of high quality and reflect the contents of the disc. There should be no streaks, etc On the back party shall attend copyrights manufacturing companies (necessarily coincide with the copyrights on the cover), the name of the plant manufacturer (eg ooo Wee Dee Dee – Club ", etc.). May be present: the signature of "name movie year, "notches a bar code. Licensed discs are stamped on the plants, not cut, so the readable side of the disc should not be a band, though the disc was recorded, and the drive must have smooth edges, and the mirror surface. For everyday practices can be attributed to the beam on a keychain laser. If you send a beam on the surface of the license disk, we can see the point. Pirate same drive will add more to the point, and two highly visible parallel lines. Well, well not buy the disc, where sell discs (7-12 films and the like), it should immediately alert you. Well that's all, good luck with your purchases.

The Program Calculations SCS LANMASTER

Clients come from queries on the calculation of sca and not uncommon when the calculations required to perform yesterday and provide the customer with a specification that would have been well framed, and even be in it and no mistakes. Yes, and even a few options to provide! Time, as often happens, the engineer to calculate the scs or manager for the design specifications for materials and work is lacking. I have repeatedly faced with the fact that all the engineers are busy and congested therefore it was necessary to perform calculations on their own. A time for the calculation of a structured cabling system and design specifications for the scs to prostanovkoy price of even a small structured cabling system goes and a lot of lost time can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to return. Yes, if still know that your form as a provider of solutions, and that of several of the calculations and specifications furnished, and even a few tens, choose one, two! The client is not satisfied that its specification is prepared for a long time that the time to pre-sale spent a great deal and it can be understood. Especially if the client is a mediator. What can be done in order to accelerate the process of pre-sale, process the request quickly and accurately from the client and issue a beautifully designed specification, to provide his client a few options, so even skenomit your time? Should be used in its work program "Calculator scs lanmaster program costs quickly pay off time saved not only engineers, but also the project manager.