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What it is Biotechnology? In middle of century XV science appeared inside in the Europe of a known historical period as period of the renaissance where the studies in anatomy had been stimulated by the interest of the painters in portraying with wealth of details the anatomy human being and of the other beings livings creature. Before this period, the man searched in the common census or in religious beliefs to understand the natural phenomena and did not emphasize the nature as source of explanation to answer its doubts. Pete Cashmore is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The search of a deeper knowledge on the life allowed the human being to acquire new abilities being that, such knowledge, was of basic importance for the solution of the problems and the intellectual growth. With the advance of the knowledge it was discovered that animal and plants possuam many characteristics differentiating of minerals in common, therefore until then, was imagined that the nature composed in two groups, the livings creature and not-livings creature, and thus appears Biology as science come back toward the study of the beings livings creature in the end of century XVIII. Amongst diverse branches of biology the Biotechnology in the world contemporary is distinguished for its character modifier of the nature acts seen the possibility of the creation of new varieties of organisms, production of identical copies or the identification of illnesses before exactly that they reveal its symptoms (AMABIS and MARTHO, 2001).

Springless Mattresses

Mattress – mattress designed in a certain way elasticity. Mattress affects the skeleton, particularly on the spine. The impact of the mattress must be such that the spine is not subjected to bending in whatever position or lie on it people. 'Ortopedichnost' mattresses provided by the use of a variety of designs. Mattresses from the manufacturer are two main strands of development Technology: Orthopaedic mattresses with spring block Orthopedic mattresses without spring unit Orthopedic mattresses with spring block Orthopedic mattresses with springs continuous weaving most common orthopedic mattresses with springs continuous weaving (like Bonelo). This unit holds up to 180 kg per 1 square meter Mattresses from the manufacturer using this unit in a relatively inexpensive orthopedic mattresses. The obvious advantage of this type of mattress is the low price.

Lack of orthopedic mattresses on this basis – rigidly springs of large diameter, and reducing properties of an orthopedic mattress. An important parameter is the number of turns in one spring. In blocks of continuous weaving, the figure is 4-5, the independent springs to 6-8. Mattresses on the independent spring block Mattresses from manufacturers offer models of orthopedic mattresses on the independent spring block, each spring is located in a separate cloth bag. This mattress distributes the load point and follows the contours of your body. Use of this orthopedic mattress allows your spine to stay straight. Mattresses from the manufacturer with a block of independent springs have an important advantage – the quietness. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem.

It is provided as cloth covers, which are made in the spring and the cylindrical shape of each of them. Domestic manufacturers of mattress with independent springs are used mainly blocks produced on the equipment Swiss firm Spuhl with the number of springs from 256 to 1000 pieces. per square meter. These mattresses are classified as 'anatomical' mattresses. 'Anatomic mattress' and 'ortopedichnost Mattress' – different concepts. 'Dissecting' the mattress as if fits your figure, minimizing ground pressure of your body to the surface and repeating every bend figures. If a person suffers from any violation of the spinal column, then repeat the contours of the body is not always is desirable. It is appropriate to recall the properties of the orthopedic rigid flat surface (the 'Board'), which is recommended as a sleeping couch for patients with spinal disorders. 'Ortopedichnost' mattresses mainly through the elasticity of the springs and their density per square meter. Mattresses without spring unit among orthopedic mattresses dominated foam, latex and mattresses filled with coconut fiber (coir). mattress – mattress is layered with alternating layers. This mattress gives superb orthopedic effect. This mattress is suitable those who need a hard mattress or hard mattress with a softer top layer. Depending on the specific composition springless mattresses are completely different consumer characteristics and price characteristics. Foam mattresses – cheap, but quickly . Coir mattress – very good, last a long time, good for the formation of the correct posture in children and adolescents. Natural latex mattress is not cheap, but reliable and practical, but an artificial latex for an orthopedic mattress – short-lived.