For the front door of the array used dense woods: – Solid oak. Rugged, light yellow or reddish-brown, darkening with time, has high strength and hardness, and hence – longevity. If properly dried wood, made of solid oak doors will last very long, delighting your constancy of their characteristics. Quality oak doors – an elite product, affecting its natural beauty, living material. – Solid ash. Rich shades from light pink to dark-brown wood with a unique flexibility, toughness and elasticity (thus it is also widely used for the production of bentwood furniture). Hardness, this species surpasses even the oak. Ash is low-maintenance tree, he is able to maintain its performance even in case of very high quality of drying.

– Solid beech and walnut. Sturdy as an oak, a well-polished and evenly toning the texture of light pink color. – An array of cherry. Softer than oak, and takes all kinds of treatment! Doors in solid cherry wood – a pinkish-brown color with a nice, warm hue, darkening with time – can be equipped with any ornament, carved, giving the interior sophistication and uniqueness. – Solid pine. Due to a resinous framework, it does not react to changes in temperature and humidity, resulting in a considered to be quite practical and reliable timber. – Solid alder. Alder has almost smooth texture and a natural pinkish hue (for toning colors are especially interesting).

Entrance doors from solid alder suit any interior. The quality and durability of the doors of natural wood quality doors from the array is determined by: – drying time and technology – technology plywood array – the material and quality of coverage. Knowing what works is to manufacture the door of the array, is responsible approach to care for them. To clean a door should be applied only to specific material, forgetting the existence of common detergents and powders. When a minor coating defects such as scratches, special treatment (sanding and polishing wax rubbing) will return the old brilliance and homogeneity of the door surface. If handled properly and the doors of natural wood will stand you long and reliable service.