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Distribution of broadband networks and the increasing number of Internet users in Russia have made the network a powerful tool with the public. In search of the necessary goods and services people are increasingly resorting to the network, because media with advertisements is at hand is not always the case. Principal office in the network without a doubt is the site of the company. Despite the introduction of contextual advertising opportunities direct communication between company representatives and potential clients such as "Context call" option on the runner and "address and phone number" in direct abandon a site should not be for the following reasons: 1. For even more opinions, read materials from Mikkel Svane. Saves time. On You can find a complete porfolio of the company, while his discussion in a telephone conversation takes much more time. 2. Visualization.

For construction and finishing as well as many other organizations is very important client the results of previous works. Organize images on the site will have no difficulty. 3. Convenient way to communicate. Some people experience psychological discomfort when communicating on phone, so prefer an impersonal way of communicating, such as e-mail or instant messaging software. Variants of the site is not much, in particular: 1.

Order from your local Developer's lone (most often they are students) 2. Order a professional freelance remotely 3. Site developed in-house (includes hiring staff profile) 4. Develop a professional Web studios consider the peculiarities of each option in more detail. The first and second have similar advantages and disadvantages, with the only difference being that in the first case, quality suffers, and the second finance, as Services professional freelancers are not cheap and sometimes comparable to the cost of services to small web studios.

The Internet Page

This is the most important thing to remember. What used to be "acceptable" in the eyes of the robots of search engines was that the content of the page had nothing to do with keywords and metatags that his words were filled without any regard to the content. However, this practice of keyword stuffing is now something that does not go unnoticed and will face a penalty for using this technique. Yes, keywords are important, but it must also provide a solid text and information for visitors. So, what is the correct density of keywords? Of course, this leads to the question of how to determine what constitutes spam and what is considered an acceptable level of keywords in your text over and over again this is an issue that leads to debate amongst SEO experts, webmasters and editors content. More info: Robotics expert . The general belief was that the inclusion of a keyword within your text with a range from 5% to 10% was the most acceptable. Certainly, it would not sanction, and would clearly evident that the site and the keywords are relevant to each other. However, some believe that this figure can take up to 20% without negative effects of search engines.

To err on the side of caution. While these high densities of around 20% have not generated sanctions, it is increasingly likely to be considered that websites should be directed mainly towards visitors. The search engines and we want to display the sites that are created with the sole purpose of obtaining a high traffic, your goal is to show web sites that are geared to visitors. .

Losing Potential Clients

The goal of any company or business is sell your merchandise, reach an audience, arouse interest in your products and/or services, to allow for the flow of trade, through the process of buying and selling. For all it is important to know your market, but is not enough to know it but that it is necessary to have a closeness, conquer it through advertising, because not enough to cover the real world, nor to the real consumer, the world changes, and consumer changes the step away from technology, business with vision of success, they know that they have to be where the consumer, and now the consumer is online, then have to go in search of the conquest of virtual markets. To make a good advertising is necessary to be in a site demonstrating your growth with figures, and be a place with a permanent and continuous flow of visits, is why it is necessary to find out where you as the owner of your business can invest in advertising space. Because there is no point that you spend a fortune on spaces advertise you site x, if they did not have constant visits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And not have you to view tangible results. I invite you to observe these figures. Active listings 63099 633 new today 388 users online these figures are a young but powerful free classifieds ads portal, the figures speak for themselves, people trust this site, there is always a good number of online users, users who are potential customers for your products or services. Promptly activate the advertising space for companies wishing to advertise in places of privilege in, is why that team almost nuevo.net, invites all those who want to encompass new markets and conquer new potential clients advertise their advertising on this site covering a hearing into a global showcase. Check out Steve Wozniak for additional information. Do you want to stop losing potential new clients?


Clever idea. I suppose, is a UDP sowed my mail … No way. Since TCP guarantees delivery of data (if the signal does not reach to the sender, the connection is simply terminated), and its use for the delivery of important information on the Internet – namely, web-traffic, mail, FTP, SSH and the like. In all these cases, the loss the smallest piece of data plunges into disrepair everything else – if you download the 100 MB file, and 1 KB of data has lost its UDP, then the file is useless! Stop … if TCP really so wonderful, why need UDP? Then, sometimes loss of a piece of information is irrelevant. For example, VoIP.

If we speak on the phone via the Internet, and the relationship was broken only for a moment, TCP stall and require a repeat cues, until everything is up to you to denounce its best. UDP just jump over that moment and will continue to own transmission. When listening to the radio TCP may close the connection at all, that's all. UDP is much simpler and perfectly suited for cases where the continuity of the connection is more important accuracy of translation. Imagine what would happen to the online reporting on all meetings of the presidents, if used instead of TCP UDP! However, all these TCP / UDP, it seems, is no longer news. Why talk about them today? Because of BitTorrent. Now this system uses TCP, which means that there is a check security of data sent.