Send your questions you can ask a specialist in the field of structured cabling systems that you encounter during the seminar or questions that you have not found the answers or the answers, but you are not sure and doubt the correctness of the responses received. The program curriculum + terms and definitions in the SDR + What is SCS administration in terms of standard + standard requirements and recommendations TIA/EIA-606A + Identification passive + id prefix in ACS and related systems + alphanumeric coding scheme of small SCS + alphanumeric coding scheme of SCS with a large number of buildings marking + passive + System + entries passive elements The system links to record + Document Management Administration SCS SCS specifically for the workshop author has prepared a new version of the manual on the "Administration of SCS ' version 1.14, revised and enlarged. The new version of the manual included additional information: the identification scheme telekommunikaitsonnyh premises, advice on the identification of trunk optical cables, when they are separated by the coupling, the identification scheme with a horizontal cable consolidation points, new drawings and diagrams that explain the better the material under study. Now you do not find an answer to the question: where to buy Standard TIA/EIA-606? It's just that you will now be on the desktop author guide, you'll use in their practical work. Guide Introduction to SCS, and that's not all … You will receive a new version of the manual "Introduction to the SKS 'version 1.15! This guide describes in detail the terms and definitions that are found in cable standards, literature, and in a professional environment, the model of cable lines (channel, fixed line) are circuit diagrams, structure and architecture of SDR, described functional elements and subsystems that are twisted-pair cabling information and fiber optics and other useful information.

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