To alpine garden always look decorative and pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to choose the right plants that will make it a green base. Flower design rock garden – very specific kind of gardening, and justify the costs (both labor and materials) may only its decorative high throughout the season. Before you choose a type of floral arrangements and pick up range, you need to comprehensively evaluate The territory allotted for rock garden. Plants alpine garden alpine garden plants have a special charm. The peculiarity lies in the fact that a relatively small area of land you will be able to put a huge variety of plants. All the plants are alpine gorkinizkoroslye and compact and at the correct location and they take care of them, your alpine garden will be a true jewel of your garden.

Starting Planning alpine garden, decide for yourself two things: which plants will be planted and how to organize their placement on the site. Identify plants as alpine gorkimozhno growing in mountainous areas. Homeland of such plants – Alps, Himalayas, etc. Apennines mountains. But in fact, the alpine gorkahili alpinariyahvyraschivayut plants, mainly grown on the coast and some of the 'flat' plants. Some sources propose to refer to the alpine plants that can thrive on rocky soils. But the correct choice of plants dlyaalpinariyavy do, if you open the relevant section of the garden directory. Here you will find an impressive assortment of perennials, dwarf shrubs, dwarf conifers, as well as a variety of colors alpine garden.

Alpine slide, just like any other area of your garden, has its own secrets to care, selection of plants and their cultivation. For example, when selecting plants to avoid unpretentious, but very active in influencing the 'neighbors' plants, such as obrieta, rezuha, yaskolka, mylnyanka and the like. Not my accent attention to the whimsical, demanding winter shelter plants. Looks great and does not need special care atsena, yarrow, columbine, cat paws, asters and many other ordinary, whose list is big enough. A what about the beauty of the mountain pine, dwarf shrubs varied, such as azaleas, some bulbous plants. Accommodation Alpine rasteniyne less important. Wherever you have organized the alpine slide, remember that Plants need a well drained soil with the addition of gravel, periodic pruning and weeding of weeds.

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