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The different occupations of the territory indicate a problem occurred since the beginning of the capitalism, brought next to the advent of industrialization and to the idea to become the dwelling a merchandise, being installed themselves a question to be faced. On what Engels (1979) affirms to have certain disinterest on the part of the ruling class in deciding it, as strategy to make the laboring classroom pressured by the constant necessity of sales of the force-of-work and subordinated by the masters in the habitacional field. One high number of habitations constructed of the formal market is perceived outside, what it demonstrates the recklessness on the part of the public politics front to this question. It affirms Maricato (2001, P. 131): ‘ ‘ The autoconstruo in illegal land divisions in the urban peripheries and the domiciles in slum quarters had become priority for the habitation of the workers and the poor population in a general way from 1930.’ ‘ The Laisseferiano style predominated in the use and occupation of the ground in the majority of the cities during successive decades, due to absence of the urban planning, what it is defined for the rentistas and lucrative private interests and for the ignorance in relation to the nesting of most of the population.

Maricato (2007, P. 123) alleges that: The illegality is, therefore functional? for the relations archaic politics, a restricted and speculative real estate market, for arbitrary application of the law, in accordance with the favor relation. … the territorial segregation and all the corollaries follow that it? lack of ambient sanitation, risks of collapses, flood risks, violence? it is tied. RECIFE AND ITS CONTRASTS In the city of Recife, according to IBGE, the living population of slum quarters arrive 40%. The data show that the illegal land occupation is almost more rule of what exception in the great cities, and Recife is not exception.


What it is Biotechnology? In middle of century XV science appeared inside in the Europe of a known historical period as period of the renaissance where the studies in anatomy had been stimulated by the interest of the painters in portraying with wealth of details the anatomy human being and of the other beings livings creature. Before this period, the man searched in the common census or in religious beliefs to understand the natural phenomena and did not emphasize the nature as source of explanation to answer its doubts. Pete Cashmore is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The search of a deeper knowledge on the life allowed the human being to acquire new abilities being that, such knowledge, was of basic importance for the solution of the problems and the intellectual growth. With the advance of the knowledge it was discovered that animal and plants possuam many characteristics differentiating of minerals in common, therefore until then, was imagined that the nature composed in two groups, the livings creature and not-livings creature, and thus appears Biology as science come back toward the study of the beings livings creature in the end of century XVIII. Amongst diverse branches of biology the Biotechnology in the world contemporary is distinguished for its character modifier of the nature acts seen the possibility of the creation of new varieties of organisms, production of identical copies or the identification of illnesses before exactly that they reveal its symptoms (AMABIS and MARTHO, 2001).

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2 – OBJECTIVE To present through the metalogrfico assay and of its micrographical analysis with the aid of the microscope the morphology and structure of the material in study, being determined the micron-constituent compose that it. that these micron-constituent vary the type of analyzed league in accordance with and in accordance with the thermal, mechanical treatments, processes of manufacture and other processes the one that the material has been submitted. The importance of this examination elapses of the fact of the mechanical properties of a metal not only to depend on its chemical composition as well as of its texture. With effect, exactly material one can become malleable, dctil, fragile, elastic, tenacious, etc., as the texture that to present and that can be given by means of mechanical works or adjusted thermal treatments to it. 3 – USED MATERIALS AND METHODS? Body of test: STEEL 1020. Figure 1? Body of Test? Metalogrfica cutting Manufacturer: Teclago Industry and Commerce Model CM-40 Voltage: 220V Frequency: 60Hz Power: 1,5 C.V. Rotation: 8420 rpm Figure 2 – Cutting metalogrfica? Manual sander Figure 3 – Manual Sander? Sandpapers d? water (220/260/360) Figure 4 – Sandpapers d? water (220/260/360)? Felt Appears 5 – Felt? Diamantada folder Figure 6? Diamantada folder? Politriz sander Model: 02 PL Series: 2032 Voltage: 220V Frequency: 60Hz Power: 1,4 C.V. Rotation: 600 pulley of 300 rpm and another one of rpm 7 Figure – Politriz Sander? Embutidora Model: M30 Voltage: 220V Frequency: 60Hz Power: 500W Figure 8 – Embutidora? Bakelite Appears 9 – Bakelite? (Nital) nitric acid 2% and, Chemical reagent 98% of etlico alcohol. Figure 10 – Chemical reagent (Nital)? Microscope Samsung SDC-312 Voltage: 100/110/120V Current: 0,8 the Frequency: 50-60 Digital Hz color camera NIKON E200 ECLIPSE Figure 11 – Microscope 4? EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES 1 Passo – Cut Depending on the size or the format of one has asked for, it can need to be parted.

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So that the use of these resources happens successfully, if it makes necessary the existence of a previous planning, enabled professors to guide the pupils, and that it shows to which the objectives to them established for the accomplishment of the activities, searching to explore to the maximum the potential of learning of these pupils. The difficulties that some educators are facing to make use of the resources of technology and the new forms of to construct to the learning the pupil together with, they are consequences of the way as that these resources had arrived at the schools, fast and without it had qualification in order to instruct them and to show them the advantage to have these resources as its ally in the educational process. However, this is not reason so that excessively involved professors and are of are of these changes, in the truth, are we who we must construct to the ways for this innovative form of education, formatting together, professors and pupils the possibilities of construction of the knowledge that more will be adjusted to the conditions where they are contextualizados. .