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Is Your Life In Motion ?

Since the Internet bubble and the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks, I have seen many people, including friends and relatives lose their jobs and / or personal fortunes overnight. The economy has been struggling without mercy in the labor market. It has affected all sectors at all levels, from line operators in manufacturing plants to the senior management of Fortune 500. He was confident then, that if they were thrown into a situation I would be willing. In late 2001, I had my own version of downsizing, when I sold my delivery and logistics business.

What really did was sell myself a job. After the sale was completed, I suddenly wonder what to do with my life. The sale provided enormous benefits, which give me the financial flexibility and time to actually put some real thought behind this decision. He was convinced that within 3-6 months of the sale, I would be happy and successful in my career path. I've always thought of myself as an active participant in my own life, never sit on the bench waiting for a chance to find me.

I have to admit, that was one of the most difficult, requiring enormous soul searching and reflection. And think, I asked for this and knew it was coming. During my first year of "planned unemployment", I tried day trading, business consulting, writing a script, produce a film school graduate and a variety of new hobbies. All these career choices were well thought out. I was waiting to see what would stay.

Call Management

While some people who are strictly professional interviews are others like to chat. Be prepared to discuss issues current, such as economic crisis or the current state of the market, and also base its views on real events. Do not let casual questions like “What are your passes times?” Take it off guard. An avid reader both stunned when his interviewer asked what books I had read recently, which was not able to remember a single title. Be alert and ready to with test, is your chance to “Shine.” Be prepared to re ponder these questions Could you tell me about yourself? “This is your chance. You can start relating to their professional background interlocutor tional and cultural, then mention your skills and special qualities. Sister To highlight those talents which you have ask yourself what are the things that others praise from you is that your balance in times of stress? “His brilliant deductions?, Is perhaps his impeccably organized workplace?, If these qualities make stand out from the others talk about them.

The way you answer the questions that begin with “Why?” Convey to your partner as you think and communicate their ideas. Why did you choose this job? Why do you want to work for our busi sa. Why did you leave school or university? Why did you leave your job after having been in six months? Be prepared to cover ment the decisions made. “What are your worst faults” Never say “I have none.” “I have so many who do not know where to begin.” This question deserves an answer difficult business, recounting an experience with a mistake that has recently been counted as they came forward and so do not affect its work in this company, and went ahead is what is most interesting, for example, “I used to have so much work I had to stay in the office until ten at night, but I have ing a course on time management and I can now Plani Ficaro my time more effectively, “or,” I hate having to type long lists of numbers.

Minneapolis Convention Center

Here are two success stories from my readers who found great new jobs last week. When reading each story, ask yourself: "How I can apply this to my job search?" 1) Job search goal cards work Here's a story sent by Fred, from Chanhassen, Minn., who was hired in part by using my "job search goal card" technique in your search. Fred writes: "On Tuesday, May 24, I attended the Star Tribune job fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center and heard. You said to write our ideal new job in a 3 5 card and read all days to find a job. "I just started working today (July 26) as a consultant, at $ 65 per hour, in a contract of 3-6 months, which can reach up to 18 months. I'm working on a major Fortune 500 company, not far from my house. Thanks Conclusion: Mission accomplished.

"This is what Fred wrote in his quest for the card work objective – you can see how close he came to hit the mark: "I am a project manager / business analyst / CIO / driver who knows how to use technology to create new products and systems. I'm making $ 85,000 per year, and I like meet new people and problems. " Your Takeaway Lesson: When you write a specific description of your ideal job and read it aloud at least twice a day, usually are hired faster. Why? For the same reason you can start a fire with the sun's rays with a magnifying glass – focus. .