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Due to this silicones have a wider temperature range of operation. Chemical resistance silicone rubber resistant to solutions salt, boiling water, alcohols, phenols, various mineral oils, weak acids and alkalis, as well as hydrogen peroxide. Physiologically inert silicones physiologically inert, which allows the use of details from him in the medical industry, including within the human body as a prosthesis of various types. Resistance to weathering properties of silicone rubber do not change when exposed to light, oxygen from the air, precipitation, sea water of normal temperature ranges. Silicones are also resistant to ozone. Anti-adhesive properties of silicone rubber has a low adhesion to most other materials. At the same time because of the low adhesive properties of silicone rubber is bad is combined with other materials. application of silicone rubber above properties led to the possibility of using silicone.

Widely distributed rings, cuff and plates, cords, tubes and profiles a variety of silicone rubber, which are replacing traditional rubbers of the most critical areas. The special role played in the silicone rubber aircraft, as it requires exceptional performance both at high and low temperatures. Therefore, the silicones are preferred in the manufacture of gaskets and insulation. In Silicones are used as electrical insulation material, especially effective at high temperatures, as well as in the cases that are associated with exposure to moisture and ozone. This coating cables, insulating pipes, tapes fiber glass, etc. Special conductive silicone rubber used for the manufacture of special cables in the automotive industry, different electrodes in the medical industry as well as for keyboards switches in the electronic amplifiers, using the resistance change of pressure. In the engineering silicone rubber is often used as material for the manufacture of various sealing parts. In addition, produced heat-resistant silicone gaskets for furnaces for various purposes. For transmission pipelines hot or sticky products are designed conveyor belts with a silicone coating. Such tapes are mainly used in bakery and confectionery industries. In the same industry are increasingly used so-called soft baking – fiberglass covered with food-grade silicone.

New field of silicones has been manufacturing coatings for rolls and rollers used to feed and semi-finished products of high temperature, such as hot pieces of sheet glass. Physiological properties of silicone rubber used in medicine and food industry. In medicine, have been used drainage tubes, catheters and probes of silicone rubber. A huge advantage of silicone is the possibility of high-temperature sterilization. From the above given information shows that silicone rubber has the broadest application in virtually all industrial sectors. Grows and the variety of types of silicones – appear, in particular, rubber with high oil resistance, which will in the near future to expand the range of products offered. Promising material may be silicone rubber obtained by means of cold curing, which eliminates the need for heating obtaining rubber. But it’s already a topic for another article.

Technology Management

Why are most entrepreneurs, who came into the business, withdraw from the market? Why do so many businesses can not develop their business and their business is small and does not develop. Why do so many initiatives, projects, even those which had great potential and could be quite successful, and have not been implemented or completed their introduction to kaom any stage? The answer to these questions is obvious – the lack of proper organization and nevladenie management technology. That is the kind of entrepreneurs, businessmen or simply the initiators of any projects have failed because of lack of institutional and managerial know-how. This is not just proven in practice. Those who possesses the skills of organization and management and apply them in practice most often succeed and even bailout of the projects and businesses that are seemingly on the verge of death. Thus, ownership of technology, organization and management – one of the major successes of survival and prosperity in business and in general any activity. For more information on control technology is available at the website dedicated to Technology Management (link to the site and technology, see the Notes). There, under the control technology, you can find for yourself all that is necessary for the organization and management. I repeat to you, organize, organize and manage, and you dobetes success. Good luck!

Three Important Factors

The article emphasizes the importance of traders have a Web presence through the publication of its portal. Cites three important factors to be considered when designing a portal. "2010 If your business has a Web page, you should have no business." Bill Gates with this famous saying, Bill Gates recently emphasized the importance of the Web has become for retailers in the first decade of the 21st century. Today, anyone searching the Internet thinks about a trade. The development of portable devices has also increased the population segment that connects to the network to keep in touch and seek information.

Taking as a starting point this social reality is that it expects a boom in web design. How complex is to design a portal?, Do I mention all the possible topics on the main theme of the portal? o Web page design involves much or as little information published? That depends on several factors associated with portal functionality. But what is a reality, demand is increasing and we need people to design web pages. Important factors Simplicity Web design is not necessary to complicate the portal interface, colors, or access to information. Nor is it necessary to use all program features editor, for example Dreamweaver, to make a 'better' portal. The quality of a portal is not measured by the amount of special effects in mind, nor the immensity of the information. It is the quality of design in terms of functional and aesthetic, as well as the quality of information provided, which will determine the quality of a portal.


When film was invented it was thought that no one else could read it all to see and hear, without much effort from the audience. But the book survived. When television began the thought of an imminent end because of an environment where you can see, hear and feel passing, all at once. But the book survived. Later homes were flooded by videotape machines and the time that the book should become a museum item was fixed in a few years. But the book survived and have not even been ordered into exile multimedia, internet and all the technological advances. The question is: How long will resist? Not yet known but no one should be quick to issue a death certificate. It is likely that the format change as happened when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press: the world saw a dramatic change.

We went from an unwieldy book, manuscript and to which access could only a privileged few, to a better designed and diagrammed and, best of all, within reach of more people. We may have to prepare for another change and digital editions have a few years in which we can navigate without any difficulty and attention, because a difficulty, and rather large digital books currently on the market, visual fatigue produced by the reader. Fixed this problem we will have a new form of the book but not its replacement, let alone its disappearance. The books will be good travel companions, friends of all time, teachers who to trust; thesis which dissent.

John Barbour

Be yourself. If you are naturally funny, or their views, many readers will appreciate it. They want the information, but also want to be entertained. If you can combine the two, has a ready formula for success. Be brief. Blog readers are not looking to read a novel on his blog. Keep entries short and to the point.

A couple hundred words is more than enough. If you have more than splitting it into a series of entries, or write as an article and then somewhere, and then link to it from a lower entry in your blog. Indeed, this is a great way to use natural links to get both links and traffic to a website. Refresh often, but not burn out. Many of the blogs I've visited seem to contain a few entries, and then stalled for months. Others will have a series of entries, and then nothing.

In both cases, you will die. Need to be updated on a regular basis to keep your readers coming back. I think a couple of times a week you have to, but I have no knowledge of any studies that back that would be. Blog every day or every hour, and burn quickly. Do not post nonsense. If you have nothing new to say, keep your fingers off the keyboard! It is better to have some very brave of irregular form that you fill your blog with fluff and scare off his fans. Do not turn your blog into an obvious sales pitch. If you are using your blog as a vehicle marketing, is subtle. People hate the feeling of being subjected to a sales pitch. You can insert references to your product or affiliate links in solid content, informative, which is what people read your blog looking. Give them what they want! Happy Blogging! John Barbour, Ph.D. is the author of a new program that teaches people to promote any product or service online using blogs and RSS. John also maintains several educational websites Internet Marketing, and manages a new directory with the internal marketing. Visit and find an interesting blog, or submit yours for inclusion.


The Internet is the first community and much less in the stone age. Many times there are more out of Internet scams that the network itself and grow their security and reliability. Increase the number of Companies that establish standards of reliability for the user and to their own platforms appear trabajo.Y new mechanisms to control these unpleasant situations for everyone. And all these things have partly to blame each of us to reflect fear and insecurity, yet also be so trusting. These carry a balance and not fall into the extremes. On the other hand, there are scams that I would call the most "gross" or less "diplomatic" and an example of them are the emails we receive telling us that we won the lottery in a country and congratulate us and then a few days after we request the data to proceed with the appropriate "charge" of the alleged lottery .

Sometimes you'll encounter the case of social networks, which are mainly designed for friendships or relationships and you have a profile of someone, usually a physically graceful and some are animated and chat or exchange email with the alleged person Friendship begins, until it comes the usual request for money under any justification at best. Business on the Internet should be legal. And I must be legal because it is possible that some "daring" you can think to do otherwise. They are legal and are governed by the same regulations for Business "offline." In other words you must create an entity: corporation, company, company with the same tax obligations and other rules depending on the laws of each country.