Due to this silicones have a wider temperature range of operation. Chemical resistance silicone rubber resistant to solutions salt, boiling water, alcohols, phenols, various mineral oils, weak acids and alkalis, as well as hydrogen peroxide. Physiologically inert silicones physiologically inert, which allows the use of details from him in the medical industry, including within the human body as a prosthesis of various types. Resistance to weathering properties of silicone rubber do not change when exposed to light, oxygen from the air, precipitation, sea water of normal temperature ranges. Silicones are also resistant to ozone. Anti-adhesive properties of silicone rubber has a low adhesion to most other materials. At the same time because of the low adhesive properties of silicone rubber is bad is combined with other materials. application of silicone rubber above properties led to the possibility of using silicone.

Widely distributed rings, cuff and plates, cords, tubes and profiles a variety of silicone rubber, which are replacing traditional rubbers of the most critical areas. The special role played in the silicone rubber aircraft, as it requires exceptional performance both at high and low temperatures. Therefore, the silicones are preferred in the manufacture of gaskets and insulation. In Silicones are used as electrical insulation material, especially effective at high temperatures, as well as in the cases that are associated with exposure to moisture and ozone. This coating cables, insulating pipes, tapes fiber glass, etc. Special conductive silicone rubber used for the manufacture of special cables in the automotive industry, different electrodes in the medical industry as well as for keyboards switches in the electronic amplifiers, using the resistance change of pressure. In the engineering silicone rubber is often used as material for the manufacture of various sealing parts. In addition, produced heat-resistant silicone gaskets for furnaces for various purposes. For transmission pipelines hot or sticky products are designed conveyor belts with a silicone coating. Such tapes are mainly used in bakery and confectionery industries. In the same industry are increasingly used so-called soft baking – fiberglass covered with food-grade silicone.

New field of silicones has been manufacturing coatings for rolls and rollers used to feed and semi-finished products of high temperature, such as hot pieces of sheet glass. Physiological properties of silicone rubber used in medicine and food industry. In medicine, have been used drainage tubes, catheters and probes of silicone rubber. A huge advantage of silicone is the possibility of high-temperature sterilization. From the above given information shows that silicone rubber has the broadest application in virtually all industrial sectors. Grows and the variety of types of silicones – appear, in particular, rubber with high oil resistance, which will in the near future to expand the range of products offered. Promising material may be silicone rubber obtained by means of cold curing, which eliminates the need for heating obtaining rubber. But it’s already a topic for another article.

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