Hillary wanted to be the first woman who reaches the US Presidency although you may now want to limit to ask be the first Vice-Chairperson of this power. His persistence in the Democrat lid is a way of pressuring Obama to this make concessions to its proposals and its leadership. She claims have agglutinated almost half of the 35 million voters who participated in the internal democratic and have a social base resting on the traditional electorate his party and the white workers and latinos. Many of these sectors declared polling they would rather vote for McCain before that for African American. A presidential usually opt for a vice which comes from a different region, but Clinton and Obama come from the same industry and liberal Northeast. For this reason and to avoid having someone who tread heels Obama could seek another running mate that would perhaps be better to be a target of the South or West. However, if he puts the Clinton as his vice would consolidate the unity of his splinter party and prevent it from being tempted to torpedo him for that he fails against the 72nd McCain and then she wants to assume the Democratic nomination in the 2,012. Original author and source of the article.

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