When applied to a job through email, there are a couple of options. You can write your cover letter directly into an e-mail message and then write your resume and attach it (as a Microsoft Word attachment is the best option). Or as another option, you can attach your leaf life and cover letter as a separate e-mail address documents. It is good to send a copy to yourself (use the BCC field to this: in your email program). That way you’ll have a copy for your records. When you send your cover letter in the body of the email, be sure to include your contact information (address of your email address, phone number, etc.) in your signature, since so it is easier for the human resources director to get in touch with you.

Name of your resume keep a copy of your resume, including your name in the document, i.e. SuNombre.doc. In this way is easy to identify that the document belongs to you. Subject of the message must include the position you are applying for and your name. Example: Graphic designer / Alfonso Lopez. Signature includes your contact information (address of e-mail, phone number, etc) in your signature, so you is easy to the human resources director to get in touch with you. Online is very simple application apply to jobs on the internet through a page of employment such as Empleos.com.co, Monster, Careerbuilder, or directly on the website of the company.

All you have to do is follow the instructions. You will upload your resume or copy and paste the information from your resume online. You can also upload a cover letter. Once again, follow the instructions and this will guide you in the process. What to do (and what not to do) follow the instructions. Employers want you to do what they ask for and not have much tolerance for candidates who do not follow the rules. If the announcement of employment says send to send your resume as a PDF file, do not send a Word document. Convert the document to a PDF file, with tools like PrimoPDF. If the instructions say to include a cover letter, write one or not will be considered for the vacancy. Be very careful. The option of streams that is built into many email programs (where the program automatically fills the email address of who assumes you are writing) is dangerous. I know of many candidates that they were not paying attention and accidentally ended up sending his resume to his boss. This is one of the reasons why must dedicate an email account just for job search. Do not send a resume without a message. Several times I have received too many resumes attached to an e-mail message. In some cases, I have no idea what the person who is sending you want me to do with your resume. Make sure that in your message of email the why you are sending sheet of life and what is the job you are applying. And finally remember to not use a blocker of spam which requires that persons who are not in your address book please visit a site on the internet and fill out a form before that they can send you a message. No sense doing someone that wants it contact may need to go through this long process to send a message about an employment opportunity. We must seize all opportunities you have!

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