The credit card is a laminated card that consists of a magnetic stripe, a chip and a number in relief. It is issued by a financial institution or a bank that after investigation of credit card on display. This is used to make credit payments or payments on loan that will have to be covered then and subject to a percentage of interest depending on whether the full balance is paid or not. These cards also have limits on what the user can spend. As mentioned, the balance does not have to be paid in full but it is not paid earns interest. You can not only make payments but also withdraw money from ATMs only to have the pin. Another use of credit cards are online purchases.

To perform these, not is needed a pin but the last 3 or 4 digits of the number having the card back. When making credit card purchases usually only need sign a voucher or pagare committing themselves to debt at the same time submit identification that is identified as the owner of the card. Another thing to know about credit cards is that many times you have to pay annual membership to have her. The credit card was not born so long ago. Many say that it began in the early 20th century in Western Europe but that took rise in United States banks. The Bank that helped much this boom was the a bank in Manhattan that I think what they called him the professional card.

This card was granted to its staff and clients elite of the time. From there obtaining the card ceased to be a privilege only for the most important people. Be quickly prolifero that there are now millions of outside credit cards (there are people who have more than one card). Among the most important of the market are Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and others.

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