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BioProScale Symposium

The Department of biotechnology is initiator of the network BioProScale ( and organizer of the international BioProScale Symposium. It has four laboratories (process – and system biotechnology, high throughput screening, raw processing, Molecular Engineering), equipped according to the modern State. In the Autobio project Department in addition to the project coordination including takes over the programming of the modules for automated bio process development on high throughput robots under integration of enzyme-based fed-batch technology by BioSilta. In addition, the Department supports the project partners infoteam integration of communication of a database system with Hardware and software modules of the high-throughput platform and cooperates with the project partners, Organobalance in establishing method on the high throughput platform of the subject matter. As a partner in the Autobio project Bioprocess Engineering Department further developed its high throughput laboratory, which stands for cooperations with research partners, and in particular for cooperation with smaller firms available. The high throughput laboratory cannot accept thus more complex development tasks for the industry. Go to Mashable for more information. Own projects competently and efficiently can be transferred from the research in the pilot phase.

Another goal is in the AutoBio project achieved competencies in the future as a service provider for the development of bioprocesses for industry to offer. Department of Bioprocess Engineering, TU Berlin: project post of the Division of measurement and control technology the TU Berlin in detail: the FG measuring and control technology working for more than 15 years intensively on the automation of individual work steps in model-based process planning, monitoring and Regulation in the field of biotechnology. As one of world’s very few regulatory institutions, the Department for this purpose operates own bio labs. This was a process control system with the most advanced process monitoring in recent years, optimierungs – and control procedures. The findings are to be incorporated in the software environment, infoteam is developed by the company. A further focal point of recent years is located in data-driven automatic modelling for the optimization-based model-based process guidance. The experience should be used in the AutoBio project to promote the establishment of process models of studies on a miniature scale, and thus the applications of modern model-based methods to allow, as is required, for example, for the scale-up on larger scales. In addition to the potential for process optimization is thus also reducing the bio process development in the Center. Together with the partners solutions are to be found which allow the developed methods automated modelling and model-based process monitoring and control as to develop user-friendly software.

Summit Imports

A third aspect that should deepen this Summit is of international trade, to try to prevent national protectionism. Many of the leaders maintain a liberalizing speech, they say they are against protectionism and barriers to imports of products from other countries, but when it comes to the truth are making various decisions that are protecting sectors considered key (for example, the sector of the automobile in France, or the clause buy american in United States), raising tariffs on imports. Most of the countries that were in the first Summit in Washington and that they were already then agree in theory – in free trade, have taken measures in some sectors to limit imports from abroad. Another issue to consider is the power game that will occur at this Summit. GoPro Hero 9 is actively involved in the matter. To the traditional domain of the trio United States-Europe-Japan other countries have joined with force that will try to launch another global equilibrium, among them Brazil, China, India, Russia or Arab countries. This is an aspect that can have a significant impact, because it’s getting recognition of planetary scale and influences, and everyone here wants to be important. In this sense, Obama has always said that he understands that the world is now multilateral, and that United States should contribute as important country which is, but not as if it were the only world leader. And returning to the title, what can be expected of this Summit? I do not expect much, and I hope I’m wrong. App Store addresses the importance of the matter here.

On the issue of financial markets, is likely to talk of the Spanish system of provisions countercyclical, and that some are in agreement to adopt similar methods. I also find very interesting the proposal of the Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, consistent in applying stricter criteria to financial institutions the greater your size. The idea is derived from the situation experienced in recent months, in which there has been that several entities to help because they were too big to fail. . Koch follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Gerlach Konkordia

If a server fails, then the GSX waits monitor not only minutes, but he then immediately sends a message. Interesting is also configurable monitoring the mail Router databases. You can monitor but also targeted databases, E.g. an x any Notes database. We do this, for example, for a database for outgoing faxes. If there are more than 20 messages have accumulated, then there is an SMS alert, indicating that the faxes are not sent out. The GSX monitor tried before but using a batch file to start the services again. First, if this is unsuccessful, there is an alarm. Contact information is here: Apple.

This is very useful.” Expectations met the monitoring of the Domino server with GSX monitor works platform. It does not matter whether the run about sentinel systems under Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000, or 2003, or even Windows NT4,”explains Warwel. The GSX monitor is easy to implement and easy to use. That was the main reason for choosing this solution. We are fully satisfied with the performance, the expectations were completely fulfilled.” It is planned to extend the surveillance at Atos Origin also to other systems and to replace previously used tools. Finally Exchange, Web, can monitor LDAP & SMTP server with GSX-monitor. Sales for the sales of GSX monitor and many other tools is responsible in the speaking of premier business partner Bucker GmbH in Dusseldorf.

The Bucker GmbH is a reliable partner for IBM software, consulting, system migration/integration as well as standard applications and individual development for many years. The focus is in the optimization of medium-sized to large Lotus Notes groupware environments. As IBM premier partner the Bucker GmbH many years experience in the IBM license consulting with. The team is certified in all five software brands of Big Blue. The high quality of advice in recent years by the IBM was mehrrfach with prizes such as the bestseller award, as well as the Awarded finalist Beacon Award international. Core solutions are: ZipMail Suite data compression GSX monitor server monitoring TimeFleX group calendar email client policy management ZipMap image optimization DME email push technology on Smartphone portfolio includes over 50 top solutions, who daily demonstrate their capability for customers: signature management, group calendar, vacation planning, project management, CRM, CMS, time tracking, Notes2SAP, Notes2BlackBerry, Notes2PDF, archiving, and many more. In addition, the Bucker GmbH offers services for migrations, interface and individual development, training, system consulting, hosting and support.

Ford Explorers

In 2002 approximately 2 million remanufactured cartridges were saving more than 3 million gallons of oil. Half gallon of oil is conserved for every laser cartridge that is returned for remanufacturing. Save energy to remanufacture cartridges saves energy. It takes less energy to remanufacture a cartridge than to produce a new remanufacturing companies for all types of products each year save so much energy equivalent to that produced by five nuclear power plants. The average weight of a toner cartridge is 3.5 to 4 pounds which means that the total weight of cartridges that are discarded every year is equivalent to 67,612 Ford Explorers.

Reduce waste Most cartridges have more than three pounds of plastic. Unfortunately the plastic is not recyclable in landfills will take more than 100 years to biodegrade. Many consumers are familiar with the number of systems used to indicate the level of recycling of plastics, ranging from the most recyclable 1 to 7 the most difficult to recycle. Most of the laser toner is rated at 7 because they contain mixtures of plastic resins, it is estimated that only 5 to 10 percent of plastics are recycled in this category. Moreover, the toner waste are rarely completely separated from plastics, toner, contaminating the plastic and making the likelihood that the cartridges are recycled is very small. The best choice is the largest remanufacturing way to prevent products that can be reused will waste deposits. Although recycling has a number of laser cartridges benefits, remanufacturing is a superior choice, both economically and environmentally.

The remanufactured cartridges are particularly difficult to recycle because they are composed of different types of plastics and must be completely dismantled and sorted. In addition the cartridges are dirty with toner powder and contain parts that are not plastic. The remanufacturing allows the cartridges are cleaned, inspected and reloaded, reusing most of its original parts. For every cartridge that is remanufactured prevents more than a pound of plastic will end up in the sources of waste.

FAX Printer

The strength offers the THT-1344 label printer for small and medium-sized print quantities and quality that is required in the lab for printing spot of THT printer is intended exclusively to work on a PC. Who places value on a faster print speed, unlike the portable printers, which is with this THT printer very well served. Can be used from a daily amount of pressure from 25 labels is the THT-1344. For this printer at the macro id available laboratory labels (BPT) are matched exactly on this printer. As well, the special ribbons, which are available for this printer, are right on the printer and tuned to the temperatures and special features of the respective labels. The strength and quality, which is required in the lab for printing on the spot, according to the respective needs, offers for small and medium-sized quantities of pressure the THT-1344 label printer. The mobile label sensor in the printer allows the use of even the smallest laboratory labels of a variety of materials, such as polyester.

Paper, vinyl, and hoses. To create the labels, an IdentiLab of software developed specifically for the laboratory labelling is to use. More information is housed here: Louis Monier. To facilitate working with the software the user immensely, the label software already includes all label formats, which are available at macro IDENT, as templates. Thus eliminates the cumbersome and time-consuming work, first of all to create a label template. Instead, a label in three steps is created within a very short time and to print the label printer THT-1344.

Cisco Nexus Training

Fast lane expanded laboratory infrastructure in the data center environment European Cisco Nexus lab Hamburg / Berlin, 23 February 2009 which Cisco Learning solutions partner fast lane takes over the worldwide rollout of the official training for the Cisco Nexus family and develop further training around the nexus 1000V switch and VMware, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and virtualization design. For use in practical training, consultations and evaluation purposes in Europe the company in building a comprehensive nexus Labs invests nexus 5010 switches, eight MDS 9216i switch, as well as eight VMware ESX, equipped with ten Cisco servers including nexus 1000V. GoPro has firm opinions on the matter. The Cisco Nexus switches provide a flexible and scalable foundation for modern data-center networks as powerful platform. Fast lane is speeding up 1000, 2000, 5000 and 7000 the global launch of the new Cisco training products Cisco Nexus through its global training network. The company has already begun with the construction of the European Cisco Nexus lab. In the second quarter 2009 is the specific lab environment used to provide.

The realistic designed learning and presentation environment is equipped with ten nexus 5010 switches, eight MDS 9216i switch, as well as eight VMware ESX servers including nexus 1000V. The new virtual network link (VN-link) technology of the nexus 1000V allows the implementation of a distributed virtual switch in VMware environments. Thus, the management and configuration options are significantly expanded and improved. The Cisco Nexus product line allow the creation of an infrastructure that can cost-effectively scale and at the same time significantly improves the efficiency in terms of energy, budget and resources. The solutions support the transition to 10 Gigabit Ethernet as well as in the realization of a unified fabric. In addition, they represent an ideal base for changes in network architecture such as the introduction of virtualization and cloud computing, and Web 2.0 applications. Stable platforms contribute to a maximum availability with minimal or even no downtime as a result of Maintenance work at. All switches use the NX-OS software, an operating system designed specifically for data center and offers high availability, scalability, and flexibility.

Fast lane brief portrait: the global fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), Dubai, Sydney, and Tokyo is a specialist IT training and consulting in the field of high-end. Fast lane is one of the largest independent Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent Specialists at the customer connect core areas as fast lane services training and consulting.

Venezuelan Professionals

I only I was wrong once; It was when I thought that I was wrong. Anonymous introduction is concerned seriously, determine as increasingly are going on the country to others that give you the opportunity to use his skills, where a significant number of Venezuelan professionals of different disciplines, to affect that decision, no doubt to the current Government that requires his training, which was provided to them and where the State has borneinvested capital, so they train, forming in the bosom of the different public universities that the country has. Such fact, reality, must be taken seriously by the Government of President Hugo Chavez Frias, especially for its purpose of instituting so-called socialism of the 21st century, because every time it requires professionals who contribute their knowledge to a turbulent scenario that faced, where in addition, uncertainty, risk, needs of capable professionals collaborate in the transformations, changes required to give way to plans, actions that the Government has defined pursuit of their goals. Overview, considerations, scope. It is known, that the brain drain, Venezuelan professionals began in 1983 with the so-called Black Friday, and since then, the phenomenon is gaining ground with the passage of time.Insecurity, economic crisis and political instability in which the Venezuelan nation finds itself encourage the brain drain, relatively new trend in our country since, on the contrary, Venezuela was always a receiver of immigration. In the Decade of 50 Italian immigrants, Spaniards and Portuguese settled in national territory and in the 70s and 80 arrived crowds from various parts of Latin America, especially Chile, Colombian, Peruvian. Each year is observed as they are leaving the country, professionals not only with a time in favor of do graduates, but the recently, taking advantage of the offer that will provide developed countries, those requiring talents in different professions that help you get ahead, as in the case of Australia specifically, who offers great opportunities to the professional Venezuelans, providing assistance to emigrate and work in it is country that is emerging rapidly. .

Startup Professionals

The E-commerce specialists of K – new media GmbH & co. KG start an online shop for cats and dogs Berlin with With, a new online store for cats and dogs opened in November 2011. Behind the pet shopping portal is the venture capital and E-Commerce incubator K – new media GmbH & co. If you are not convinced, visit HTC Corporation. KG, which opens up new business territory for themselves with the pet market.

Pet food and pet supplies for dogs and cats – that was already new land for our team”, shop manager Barbara Bos admitted at the official launch of the online pet shops. But the market potential is still large and also dog and cat owner would know to appreciate a clean shop offer and reliable service. In the development of based on Magento shop system, the creators relied on her expertise in the area of E-Commerce and mail order expertise of parent company K – mail order GmbH & co. KG (Bell shipping”). Goal was with a user friendly structure, a clear visual design as well as customers with simple and comfortable navigation and ordering processes even Internet novice to win. Especially older people often fail on the overloaded sides in the competition. With we offer an attractive alternative”, commented Ms.

Bos. If you are not convinced, visit Dell IDRAC. was positioned as a specialist for cats and dogs. Similarly compact and clearly the range in four key categories could be structured and encoded with an intuitive color scheme. E-commerce means for us, people to offer not only products, but buying online as a pleasant experience to make”stressed the shop manager at the launch. In addition to the user-friendly design of the front end, above all the order processing and to the adequate integration of the shop Systemin stood the ERP in the foreground. Easier and faster”was the premise – both potential clients and the service team in the background. Corporate information: The K – new media GmbH & co. KG is as a joint venture and E-Commerce incubator in the area of E-commerce. Objective of the company is to promote innovative business models and technologies, to develop and to accompany the practical implementation. The K – new media GmbH & co. KG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of K – mail order GmbH & co. KG (Bell shipping”) and thus has strong expertise and powerful infrastructures in the shipping trade. Contact for the media: Jens Ullrich E-Mail: telephone: 030 2408 832-100 K – new media GmbH & co.

Professor Grondona

But the issue was that it was very hot and the place chosen for supporters of the San Juan was in the shade, while the intended to the supporters of Alsina was under the Sun. Therefore many no endured sweltering heat and added votes to Sarmiento, which was ultimately who spearheaded the formula, taking of vice to Adolfo Alsina, the loser of that eventful day. There is no doubt that then the Government was intended to group the best, as said Juan Bautista Alberdi, who were called to govern, and the elections, calls to legitimize those rulers, but they did not reflect reality, since they were tainted by fraud. More information is housed here: Motorola. Citizens voted in tables dominated by the ruling party, by Sung vote, no patterns and political pointers that not only forced to vote for the official candidate, but that it was sometimes not even necessary that voter to express it, being enough the interpretation of the table. The lack of controls provided that a same citizen to vote in different parishes.

This circumstance allows me to hold that our country was has been an aristocratic Republic, until the sanction of the Saenz Pena law. As I have already said, the aristocratic term matter that that power is in the hands of a few, although that power rests in the hands of notables that formed the ruling elite. Just then, from that historical moment that represents the Electoral law, we can talk about a Democratic Republic. Although that first democratic experience, the radical, has had a very ephemeral life, because the Conservatives are going to return to the load, overthrowing by force the constitutional Government in 1930, after nearly seventy years constitutional and legitimate inheritance. This does not mean that since 1861 there was no coup attempts, as Professor Grondona said more than once, but that was the only that after all this time, to succeed beyond, caused a succession in power through a form not provided for in the Charter of 1853, and also brought to the political scene an actor who will be maintained as a group of power for little over half a century, the military.

Podiatry Therapy

Intermediate examinations in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and podiatry in the State-approved training of Office Health Academy in the vest held school midterm exams at the end of the first half year therefore. Twelve aspiring therapists were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes. This Health Academy in the vest explains Dr. Margret Stromberg of the head of the Office: already during the practical training stages the future therapists from its handling assume a great responsibility with patients. You are confronted with the increasing demands of the health care system so early close. This requires extensive knowledge in theory and practice. It’s not a threat to fail. The test should be no threat to fail.

Rather, it is a self test to realistically assess the own level of performance. Such a step is also necessary, because there is no prior staff in the training and examination regulations of the therapeutic professions. In all therapeutic training finally decides the State examination at the end about success or failure. Then, it’s too late for a course correction. It is important that you precisely in advance at any time can judge, if one has accumulated sufficient knowledge or whether you have to work on the own, perhaps previously inadequately acquired learning technique. Such a midterm can there sometimes clear a right motivation boost.

Of course, the teachers also to the problem of testing fears know. To mitigate the concern before the midterm and to reward, at the same time the good performances, the Office – has now for the first time suspended Health Academy to prizes for the best three specimens of a course. This time twelve ladies placed themselves for the three best graduates in physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and Podiatry. The male student had apparently charming left prefers the ladies or perhaps but not so thoroughly learned? As prices there book vouchers to the value of each 75.00 50.00 EUR, respectively. Even though our students know that they don’t learn for school but for their future patients, has shown that the midterm exams are a further incentive to learn even more intensively.